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  1. im not exactly sure what this guy is going on about,its like those videos on youtube of squirrels chasing cats.there are so many things that dont add up you wonder what it is your supposed to be seeing
  2. quite a number maybe yes.but not by a logical count at all even a cursory glance,taking in things as a whole,indicates that the number of starting,or low level scripters,or just plain bad scripters far outweighs the number of people with enough expertise to be able to use this which coincidentally leads me to agree with your assertion "thats abit much for a normal wiki page" because basically my assertion,and that one you made,could be construed to say the same thing really im not saying this stuff isnt useful,or that experimenters arent useful,come to think of it,i was agreeing with that p
  3. youve already said that.you said that during the last time this happened on my other thread. we both reported each other now as we did in the last thread. and while im not entirely sure what happened behind the scenes.basically you lost in the previous thread,due to everything trumpeting your position being struck out in the great cleave
  4. very odd behaviour,yes but youve made one critical mistake culture is not law,culture will never be law.and as such your "culture" and what you feel and think is about as relevant to the way this forum exists as mine,or anyone's culture,thoughts,and feeling are. and as such,as i promised earlier,since you have come,disrupting an until you started up your inexplicable hostility again perfectly functional thread,your being reported,for the same thing you were last time,and we both know quite well what happened last time,what i wanted,which is your posts trying to degrade the thread,and min
  5. also,after this whole mess with the particle rotation is fixed,i have a plan to cut down on scripts line in the missile script,and object contents for some reason i cant fathom,whoever made the original missile script that you called garbage,ive been tearing apart (and now it pretty much looking almost nothing like it did before i started monkeying with it) has 4 or 5 different sound effects for two different functions,with the second function,the explode one,repeating one sound 3 or 4 times so i plan to cut it down to one sound for launch,one for explode,and most importantly,one script l
  6. read down two the fourth two line paragraph in my rant,thats the part where i switch to talking to you and by quoting the last bit of my statement,i do beleive it worked as it was designed to. "a confused person usually isnt an enemy,atleast for the duration of the confusion" which is good,as i have even more bizarre ideas in the coming days for my missile launcher all of which youll love in there glorious nonsensical gibberish,yes,cats will walk on ceiling,republicans will become homeopathic medicine favoriting philosophers,and people will finally realize we are all sith by the time im do
  7. it does what i want basically.which is it confines the rotation to algebraic stuff.why?neither of us knows why.infact this has happened to me more than once in time,i find if by accident or unsure shot in the dark,i get a bonus,its generally best not to ask that many questions though i have some insight on this,in my experience with computers,if they get two "program compatible" statements at the same time,both referring to the same thing in different ways the computers will always go for what makes sense over what doesnt.so its likely that the internals of second life LSL is somehow getting
  8. 16 years,half of my life spent on the internet. alot of that spent on MMos,and other types of simulator stuff,virtual worlds,and so on never really had a good experience with clans/groups/squads/partys. that may not be the case here,but this is generally how i go about things.plus its good for the forum contents,visitors to the scripting forum can look and see,plus it makes the foru msearch way more effective for specific questions
  9. ah very much thanks,as for the problems: 1.missiles bounces really badly on impact i had abit of an epiphany after completing that fix you gave me,turns out the answer was to add llDie(); after every explode(); in the collision event inside the missile collision(integer num_detected) { if (llDetectedName(0) == "Alien Plasma Launcher") { } if (llDetectedType(0) & ACTIVE) { explode(); llDie(); } if (llDetectedType(0) & SCRIPTED) { explode(); llDie(); } if (llD
  10. i dont know if its possible or not. but perhaps if someone gave permission for one of those experience things. did this freind try de-activating all experiences?
  11. online life is pretty much all i do >.> i go outside once a month to get money orders to pay the bills with,and to take out the garbage,and occasionally to check me mailbox,thats it
  12. ironically enough i solved atleast one problem, turns out the model's rotation was off when i converted it to .dae format so what i did was i re-did the upload,except this time in the .obj to .dae file conversion i rotated the thing 90 degrees on the z axis,took me 8 seperate trys to figure out which axis SL was having a problem with,but it worked now i just need to solve these: placement in the main launcher still doesnt work,llSleep(0.2); works as a bypass,but it forces the thing to have a minimum range need to rotate particle effects in missile so it looks like its an impact (i dont
  13. i sure didnt expect to have that asked,as this isnt the forum section for it,but never the less integer is for alot of different things,names of items,spin properties,and so on. it helps tell the script what something does here is a line for example's sake from a script im working on,it helps show some of what integer does vector placement = <45.0, 0.0, 10.0>;vector velocity = ZERO_VECTOR; rotation spin; integer startParam = 10;integer listen_handle;
  14. well thats abit much.its there in it's current form simply on the off chance someone would need to consult it projects with the LSL stuff rarely reach the kind of complexity that such things would be required,as there arent that many people capable of coding something that complex on here.
  15. also,the missile isnt based on a tube,its a sphere,reason for that was mainly due to looks,i wanted it to look like a burning ball of light when it fires (i cant help myself,i love starwars and alot of well,sci fi movies on the sci fi channel) also one more thing,while i highly doubt the possibility due to how piddly my scripting skills are by comparison to you guys,feel free to use any of these bits ive been posting for whatever if you want.
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