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  1. I still can't log in, is it happening world wide or?
  2. we are an actual mc, rally's, rideouts, etc
  3. WE ARE BACK DLMC 1% Devils Legion MC 1% now re-opening after a time of smoke n flames once saw from the hilltops. We are opening our doors to all check out our website, learn and educate yourself on who we are as a club come talk to our prez DJ Indian Dagger ( wildman2 steamer) inworld as well as on discord and we'll see you at the first business meeting. http://nightmareburt.wix.com/devilslegion https://discord.gg/8MXDH
  4. Id love to be apart if something like this, maybe if rl plays nice i can be on soon lol. Id be ok with being personnel and co-owner js.
  5. count me in, i'm from ny irl so mafia lifestyle is in my blood a bit
  6. * pushes a piano out of his attic and then tears his shirt off as it contains dirt and filth * Here ya go Madelaine, it's heavy but some pulley's and idk some heavy duty naval rope should do with the hoisting.
  7. I'm naked 24/7 inworld at my home and maybe at a beach if I'm feeling froggy ^.^
  8. Yes stay away from acer, I went with a dell and an asus laptop just under a grand and both run sl really well now a days so long as you keep your machine cleaned up and have been doing regular update checks and also some viewer fresh installs as well. <3
  9. Well, my thoughts on this are that in SL, you have options on how to approach sex and its emotional and or non emotional but rather fun and stimulating experience for both party's involved. To pay or not to pay, that's up to said party's and or people involved. Personally, if I'm with someone that say has been with me as far as relationships go for maybe a good 2 or 3 years and we pixel bump our avi's for photo's or what not, then sure it could be a fun but maybe or maybe not emotional part of that relationship sl wise. It really just depends on how your partner feels about that topic and w
  10. OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit) CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 Quad Core (3.6GHz base clock & 4.0GHz Turbo Boost) GPU: EVGA GTX 770 SuperClocked with ACX 2.0 Cooling (can be upgraded to a 4GB GTX 980) RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 (can upgrade to 24GB or 32GB) SSD: 240GB OCZ Trion 100 PSU: Corsair CX600M (modular & 80-plus Bronze efficiency) Case Cooling: 3x Thermaltake Riing Green LED 120mm fans, 1x Thermaltake Riing Green LED 140mm fan just a question, with these base stats being ints on a desktop build, would those stats qualify as yay or nay for sl to run on max and be able to stay logged on even
  11. well im not banned from the sim, but I am actively pursuing a support ticket atm, but ty everyone for suggesting about filing a support ticket, hope that helps.
  12. hi all, so quick question, tried to enter a skill gaming place, i don't live in a prohibited state, my payment info is well on file and im way over the young age of 19, christ im almost in my 30's, trying to figure out why its not letting me in, i have a free account as well no premium. im a bit confused, i've even made sure the card is used to buy myself some lindens and buy land too in the billing page of my account. any help would be great, thx.
  13. been logged into sl all day, still a freaking cloud! don't understand what it could be, my pc or sl being a pain in my ass, it was fine yesterday all day till after the maintenance happened, now? im a damn cloud, come on sl, FIX WHAT YOU BROKE AND STOP TOUCHING THE DAMN SERVERS!!!!!! :matte-motes-mad: :matte-motes-mad: :matte-motes-mad:
  14. then cumberland is what youre looking for, I can attest and back up my experiences from living in that community. everyone is super friendly, lots to do, very active rp, and love the views of all the lakes they have and boardwalk views.
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