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  1. I still can't log in, is it happening world wide or?
  2. we are an actual mc, rally's, rideouts, etc
  3. WE ARE BACK DLMC 1% Devils Legion MC 1% now re-opening after a time of smoke n flames once saw from the hilltops. We are opening our doors to all check out our website, learn and educate yourself on who we are as a club come talk to our prez DJ Indian Dagger ( wildman2 steamer) inworld as well as on discord and we'll see you at the first business meeting. http://nightmareburt.wix.com/devilslegion https://discord.gg/8MXDH
  4. Id love to be apart if something like this, maybe if rl plays nice i can be on soon lol. Id be ok with being personnel and co-owner js.
  5. count me in, i'm from ny irl so mafia lifestyle is in my blood a bit
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