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  1. i was busy texturing a house object im working on. then for the specular map i used a background-less screenshot rendered in sculptris then something very unexpected and amazing happened that i cant explain the entire surface of my hosue object became alive with the bright parts of the image in question,little symbols in repetition that would light up only when i get close to the surface as i mvoed around the object it made it seem alive,with beautiful 3d symbols coming on and off id like to know how this happened so i can repeat it in the future
  2. i never thought of using a timer instead of a poke on/poke off state change is it possible to program both a timer and a touch response?
  3. my scripting expertise in lsl only goes about as far as gingerly reprogramming some algebraic coordinates for rotation and changing what animation was used by the script in a bed. this is why i asked on here about this sort of on touch forcefield the thing i had in mind was very similar to how the glowing door functions on some of the "wizard" themed linden homes though onstenibly with some differences.my idea was,poke for passthrough,shutoff of glow, then once your inside the structure that the door is blocking the entrance too,you could poke the general door location again to turn it into solid,glow on the translucensy factor would be 100% in both cases due to wanting a sort of energy field like appearence (relying mainly on the glow function for appearence) and above all the primary reason for this is that the structure im trying to make the door for has an extremely..how do i say this in english "non-newtonian" shape.basically very little in recognizeable geometry,so the entrance look abit like an onion if you cut a chunk out of it with a serrated knife,so no door nor door function that exists for other homes (except maybe spaceship hangar bays) would work by my estimation. it would be easy for me to make the mesh for the door shape but the programming is something i only jsut recently got into (interesintg luck i have,being experienced in most other aspects of developement except for programming)
  4. awww.dont worry about it it may seem mysterious but it means the exact same thing as "compatible with" for example: a program might work on windows but not on mac same thing here you have this belleza body and a peice of clothing says "belleza" then that only means that its compatible with belleza
  5. how all is sansar supposed to be different from sl? i just started getting settled into sl >.>
  6. ok,im having abit of sucess (and in some cases bizarre and wonderous results) by combining alot of art assets i made for different things in the past i just have a question,is 205 prim ok for a relatively large and complicated living quarters mesh thats just a little bit smaller than 4096 sqm in size? and whats the usual prim count for houses of that size that border on the unusual?
  7. very nice,i can see how it switches from one state to the other,even where to input the information for the state switching this will be very fun to tinker with
  8. oh i know about making an object passthrough,i just wasnt sure of how to rig that to happen on touch,and then to changeback again on touch
  9. well im finaly making some headway in constructing a house as it were. i had this idea for a door that would look more like a force field but for this application the door would need to go from solid to passthrough on touch and while this isnt entirely needed,but would be appreciated,id also like to know if it's possible to have the translucent factor or glow amount change at the same time the primary reason why im trying for a forcefield style door is,due to the odd shape of the house,a normal door would be virtually impossible
  10. no need to worry about that.thats just the system telling you your land tier needs to be bumped up i know it sounds funny but land tier and sub fee are dif things.(btw the tier fee is billed on the same day of the month you got your subscript) so,the way it works is that you hit the accept button and it bumps up your land tier fee to accomodate the larger land holdings.if you ever forget what it says,ive found the easiest way to check is to google "second life my account" click the first link and login it will let you get land right away after subscribing btw,i know this cause i did so >.> btw you have to upgrade cause of that linden home thing,if you want that 512 you have your eye on youll have to abandon the linden home,easiest way to do this is to teleport to your linden home,click the world tab,click about land,and then the abandon land button should be under the general tab in that window
  11. one thing i wish to illustrate something being old and rare doesnt make it anymore valuable,at all (unless we are talking wine which physically changes taste with age) these peices of land never change there function or there structure (aside from maybe parcel division) overtime the only reason why humans equate "old and rare" with high priced is because of the unfortunate phenomenon of "status symbol" which is to say a minor ego boost due to owning something no one else can have,while the particular usefullness of something never actually changed and before the likely response to this post ill llustrate something else "a rock is still a rock,whether it came from mars,a comet,your backyard or the depths of the ocean floor.none of that makes it special at all.people turn it from useless into grandure with there vain aspirations,luck yfor us the human animal is a fickle thing and will lose interest quite quickly after this "rock" is aquired"
  12. >.> thats your opinion you know.i happen to like registry cleaners,they work fine for me
  13. ah,the indian death goddess. this will bear some interesting studies
  14. reinstall,registry cleaner (i reccomend wise registry cleaner,it will pick up even the smallest things).optimize drives,disk cleanup the source of the error is something to do with how the stuff is rendered. see in my experience things are rendered in the general location first as there basic shape,then are more fully rendered and put into place (ive done quite abit of 3d graphics work in the past) if a computer is encountering sufficient lag youll actually see this process,normally it happens too fast for the human eye to notice. then of course if the problem reaches critical mass the process may become stuck since this is happening across more than one computer,each with different hardware,logic says that it is an external factor,or perhaps a systemic internal one that is effecting this odd happening. we require further information 1.when did this start happening?recently or has it always been like this, if recently,was there anything special or unusual you did? 2.what is your internet connection speed and your isp?also,are your drivers up to date?sometimes this can even be caused by a malfunctioning ethernet card. if its a wifi connection,there is a good chance the problem is down to interference,which can be generated by everything from cellphones to microwaves 3.what is your maintenance routine?and how often do you maintenance?also,do you have anti virus software and what is your firewall status?do you ahve sl set to run as admin?all of these things in different states can lag out your connection 4.many other things such as browser addons,social media widgets,background apps,etc. can uneccesarily alg out your bandwidth
  15. ah,it seems to have worked this time,thanks be to those lindens for highlighting my bizarre typing style as the agitant
  16. ok.to start off,yes this is a thread about "avatar flavoring" as it were.an extremely complicated one see,to properly "feel" my avatar as it were,i need help to identify a certain sort of mythological creature that i have very little info about. (analogy indices: making your ava look like your favorite pop culture hero) (analogy indices 2: im very good at retaining info but terrible at names,or to be more precise,something which ive studied but forgotten the name of) (point of order 1: i feel it neccesary to highlight that picks from any and all mythologies are good,im going for the character,not the particular set) the creature in question is a sort of mythological demon of sorts. though in actuality it couldnt really be classified as good or evil,more or less predisposed to a sort of "chaos" motif in spirit it is very similar to the elemental basis of "human", though with some notable differences. it is generally regarded as female, or feminine in aspect but cares little for such things given the vast power it was vested with. to classify its relation to humanity, i guess you could say that it was a sort of "human ancestor", or to be more precise for the topic "fresh off of creation's hot anvil". with every emotion and quality in far too great an abundance. it does not regard itself as the supreme being as it were, not even close, it considers itself subordinate to the supreme being. yet it likes to think of itself as sort of a "mother" "protector" figure to those that follow it. the kind of devotion it requires isnt what one could actually classify as "worship". more like what one would give to a very close family member. on the other hand.to those that dont follow it, it has the appearence of "a demon of lust". though that isnt actually accurate, the closest term in english would be "bloodlust". it revels in the art of combat, not in deception, but in very direct combat. it also happens to be very mischevious, almost in a malevolent way. sometimes very violent, but for the most part for entertainment purposes. as for it's appearence. that generally depends on what it's doing at the given time. When speaking to it's "followers" or "family" as it were. it has a relatively humanoid appearence, save for the distinction of a third eye in the middle of the forehead, dressed in robes of white linen etched with bizarre symbols. when perceived by non-followers, or not in combat as it were. it is dressed in a lightweight set of armor, girded by the same robes as before. in this form it has two additional though less prominent eyes on the sides of the head, implying as vast, all seeing sort of sight. seeing it in this form, or being in close proximity, generally produces a sense of "profundity" , (i admit,im not entirely sure of the english language term to describe this sort of phenomenon, its like fear in a way , but to the aboition of other sensations, it produces a calming sort of "dark peace" as it were, very restful" ) when in combat proper ,or when engaging in said activity. its form bears the least resemblance to the other two. a very ornate suit of heavy armor, made from wrought iron, with it's skin being an ash color, and its eyes being a glowing red. its normally long , jeweled black hair , becomes wild and splayed without ornamentation . it's weapon being a massive sword that has a triangular cross section , with the blood groove replacing edge being impacted on either side ( abit like an anvil shape ) in general its form is extremely feminine , getting less feminine the more towards combat it gets . it frequently speaks to it's followers in dreams , when they close there eyes , often with a very nonsensical series of imagry , experiences , and events , but very compelling . the more intelligent of her followers can sometimes figure future events based on decoding these things now with that in mind , the reason why i went on at length for this description is because i need help with the name of this as it were . i need to study it more so i can base my ava off of it . ( im also working on creating a series of statues ingame to commemorate parts of it's essence ) and seeing as this is a very old memory of mine , i gave the info i remember , and hope minds less forgetfull than mine can dig through the mythologies to find what i speak of . ( and please,pardon my rather nonsensical and stilted english . its not my strongsuit )
  17. i shouldve made it clear.im mean no mercy for people who are confirmed to have greifed maliciously.the investigatory process should reveal who is guilty,plausibly guilty,or tricked. the mechanism for data is not meant to be automated,its meant as a divine hammer.smash all of the bads at once. the appeals process is for the occasional but still possible erroneous ban. i meant to say the ones who maliciously greifed should not be given mercy nor allowed to appeal no matter the length of time since and as for outside of company candidates,i dont mean users.i mean different executive types,ceo's,etc.but not from inside the company we would get to choose from people with vast business experience.and we could decide upon there track record meritocracy by democracy,i like it
  18. also another thing,i have a relatively straightfoward answer to greifing greifers: enable a new set of data tools that in particular tracks each users whereabouts and there item use in a straightfoward way.greifing often involves a pattern of massive repetition against another to effect the greif.thus,this would make such people easy to spot.and the course of action is simple,destroy & ban them without mercy,without chance for appeal.if it happens to be a long chain of greif and counter greif,the law of vengeance would dictate that the person who took the first greifing action would be held responsible and thus be publicly destroyed.if the actions of counter greifing effected the group the first greifer belonged too,those who did not participate in the greifing would be compensated according to the amount of damage inflicted by the counter greifing
  19. illogical,and ill explain why the system of SL admin ,the company that is,is whole.everyoen of the employees no matter how innocuous on there own,contributes to the whole,which we can agree has some large flaws. thereby,it also logically follows that if there were such a thing,electing a part of said system to lead said system in the hopes for change would only produce the same,a.k.a. "right back to square one" we would need a selection of non-company candidates in order to effect any real change
  20. ah this was in a future reference,i have yet to make these things
  21. ill have to take this slow since modern english semantics is hard for me. im talking of alien looking things,not violent or perverted.but not what one would think of when they here the word "alien". things like sculptures or statues,or even framed artworks,which have a recognizeable shape,in so much as you can discern there body and outline,but are completely unbound from all geometry,physics (not the object behaviour in sl but more like form) and recognizeable substance. i am at a complete loss of phrase to explain what i mean by this notion (not very good at english).but the closest thing i could say is.a sense of inexplicable profundity and wonderment,at seeing something that cannot be,yet is. another line that helps me explain what i mean (and do forgive me for using a bible quote,i dont mean to offend by it at all given everyone has there own beleifs,but it demonstrates the concept im after) "and they that dwell on earth shall wonder at the beast that was,and is not,yet is" so.two things i ask do people liek this sort of thing on here enough to buy? and what do better english speakers than me call this in formal language? one more thing.i have alot of this on my youtube channel.bits of animation and art ive done (ostenibly from long past while i was at different game).so,i will post the one vid that is all my rights because its a song and video i made as a side project to explain this notion (im very good at stop motion animation.btw,dont mind the pixelation in this one,i had alot of trouble with that during the making of it due to the sheer quantity of image slides)
  22. im really in abit of a sore spot due to an as-of-yet unexplained forum glitch that keeps axing my innocuous post 5 seconds after its made. so with that in mind ill try and keep this short.i need someone with a fair whack of knowledge about different mythologys to pm me,as im having a hard time identifying a favorite of mine that i sadly forgot the name of.and yes i do intend to base my ava off of it
  23. agreed,most people live so far removed from the glitzy money politic that it makes little difference who rules as long as there is food,hearth,home and my family,i really dont care who rules (also as a sidenote i dont own a firearm,not allowed to due to schizoid personality disorder)
  24. there is an inate problem with all forms of democracy that im sure i havent been the first one to note: 1.persons can vote,they feel they have rights and/or power,while this goes over well for alot of people a small microcasm of manipulative and uncouth sorts realizes what this implys 2.persons make elections to elect those same manipulative folk.these manipulative folk go for the path of least resistence,playing to the majortiy's base primitive emotions,even if said emotions or there desires are illegal,questionable,or would entail warcrimes (like wanting to banish or malign someone for there race,creed,or religion.or in some cases outright extermination,that actually happened once,a.k.a why we had world war 2) 3.the elected manipulators are voted into power - these people made all the right promises to charge the emotions of the electorate.even technically illegal promises sometimes.but most often what happens is those promises meet reality and the mighty system itself.and so those promises become poison to both there supports and opponents.they harm the supports because those promises are not held up,thus betrayal.they harm the opponents because not only did it not happen,thus the predictions of doom were not rendered,but the status quo itself is carried on,which is even more infuriating 4.this cycle rinses and repeats for quite some time,everytime both the supports and opponents get even more enraged and emboldened.then eventually it reaches critical mass,there is a breakdown and revolution,putting something else in its place.and then this new system falls into the same disrepair as the other ones. 5.this is unfortunately the cycle of human history from beggining up until now.even before the technical "democracy" was made,people got essentially "voted" into power by one way or another.always by the support of others.what needs to actually be fixed is the human beings themselves.(i had a theory once that i could do this with an adenovirus genetically altered to increase the particular genetic factors that raise intellect to the point where the behaviours that lead to this problem would self abolish)
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