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  1. indeed.the OP here highlights the mythical holy grail of MMO game balancing see,there aretwo ways companies can go 1.highly prefab - that is,alot of things are inbuilt into the system.the advantages of this is that it seems alot more natural and free flowing,swim,fight,and other activities etc.the disadvantages of this approach is that it is both extremely costly,and difficult to add on to.its like an art peice that everyone loves.its beautiful and can inspire alot of people,but good luck if you want to put your own flavoring on it,or upgrade it in a meaningful fashion.also requires alot of maintenance 2.no prefab - this is the way linden labs chose.this is more like handing a person a big empty box where nothing exists,and giving them roughly the same power as a developer.with all of the same requirements of knowledge and training.working on a sort of hypervisor system,where the player is the dev and the company folk are above that,this is no prefab,so it is very brutal in its learning curve,which will repel alot of people.but on the other hand,this approach is literally unmatched in the freedom it gives to those who are willing to fight for it (beat the learning curve as it were).another big advantage over the other approach is that its comparitively lower cost to run,requires alot less maint,and less manpower to run. approach 1 is going to mcdonalds approach 2 is making your own meal at home.alot more difficult and requires alot more skill,but capable in the end of far superior things than approach 1 the only reason why second life might appear to have those difficultys that people occasionally notice is because someone hasnt invented the mechanism yet take heed.the "hands off" approach of second life hypervisor devs is what gives us the power and might to make our own universe.that might be your thing or no,but you wont find this kind of freedom elsewhere
  2. i had this problem a while ago with a bed i was trying to make,everything from getting turned to weird directions all the way too "no room to sit here". the system couldnt find the sit target right,that was the problem i know enough about basic algebra that i was able to program vector target on my own with relative ease.but the target rot coordinates messed me up.so i posted a thread for help,and then a generoussaint-like soul made code for me which converted targetrot into algebraic rotation numbers,which i was able to program and fix.and in the spirit of love and giving,ill pass along that beautiful code to you to help (mine is set for a bed but you can use it for whatever,just adjust the vector target and xyz rotation coordinates to your liking) // Dhyana Writer 2009integer broadcast = 20;// Left Side Sleeping Position//vector target = <-1.06585, 0.71774, 0.18293>;//rotation targetRot = <0.50028, -0.49972, -0.50028, 0.49972>;// A More relaxed sleeping positionvector target = <0.200, 0.16328, -0.23000>;rotation targetRot;integer debugRotation = FALSE;key sitAgent = NULL_KEY;integer gotPermission = FALSE;integer time = 0;default{ state_entry(){ rotation targetRot = llEuler2Rot(<90,90,10>*DEG_TO_RAD);//in z,y,z axis llSetSitText( "Sleep" ); llSitTarget( target, targetRot ); if ( debugRotation ) { llListen( 1977, "Rotation Broadcaster", NULL_KEY, "" ); llListen( 1978, "Rotation Broadcaster", NULL_KEY, "" ); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message ) { if ( channel == 1977 ) targetRot = (rotation) message; else target = (vector) message; llSitTarget( target, targetRot ); if ( time == 0 ) llSay(0, (string) targetRot + ", " + (string)target ); time = (time +1) % 50; } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key agent = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if ( sitAgent == NULL_KEY && agent != NULL_KEY ) { // Someone new sitting down sitAgent = agent; llRequestPermissions(sitAgent,PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } else if ( sitAgent != NULL_KEY && agent == NULL_KEY) { // sitting down person got up - wake up Smiley Happy if ( gotPermission ) llStopAnimation("sleep"); // Reset the script because we don't have a way of releasing permissions Smiley Happy llResetScript(); } } } run_time_permissions(integer parm) { if(parm == PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { gotPermission = TRUE; llStartAnimation("sleep pose 6"); } } }
  3. well im spost to bill on the 7th,as thats my premium upgrade date.slight problem,i keep checking my card statements and the land tier fee hasnt billed yet. havent even received any email yet regarding the thing.i got billed for my premium monthly but thats it so now its the 8th,as far as i can tell from the my account controls i still have all my land,yet the land tier thing hasnt billed yet to my card.is this some kind of joke? if its trying to bill some different kind of funding source than my paypal (which is my card in essence) that would be not only a bad idea but a big mistake.i was led to beleive by this whole process that it would only bill the funding source i gave to it.and my "budget" as it were requires everything regarding bills to be tightly controlled (i.e.,sending all the bills to one source) also,before anyone gets any wrong ideas.take this (also no,the land tier fee hasnt billed yet to the pre agreed upon billing source) (and another thing,my bill date is the 7th,it is now the 8th.i dont know where linden labs is precisely,but the laws of the state of missouri in the united states require all billing dates in billing contracts to be honored without exception or derivation unless prior derivation is allwoed for by either written or verbal agreement between both parties involved in said contract.and i ,being the secondary party involved in this contract,have not been notified of any alternate billing dates other than whats been stated on my account.and that billing date has passsed without me being charged with the prior agreed funding source.so therefore this raises a legal quandry,and yes i do have more than enough funding in my card which is represented on here by paypal) 
  4. lucky me that i dont have depth perception then i dont get motion sickness,vertigo,or any other kind of balance glitch related sickness for me,looking at anything irl is roughly the same as a normal person looking at a print magazine with a monocle over one eye,or perhaps a crude poto without all the modern fx. youd think this would be a hinderance,but its not.the advantages being the lack of motion sickness,vertigo (etc.),also i can stare at a very high fps strobelight vid for as long as i want with no ill effects if you normal people out there have problems related to depth perception,there is an easy fix,get a mildly curved glass lens to fit over one eye.it will distort the curvate of your visual field enough to disable depth perception.handy for high motion stuff
  5. yeah pretty much. i jsut thought that perhaps it might be slightly more efficient to say "file a bug report" and then outline the jira process. >.> new people come in all the time,and the sub cultures are always the more difficult to learn i recognize that the one guy might been being humurous by mentioning the "gojira" thing,but really misleading people who dont know doesnt help anyone in the end
  6. my time zone is cst,so about gmt-6 i think im usually on in the daytime but i had been off recently due to an ear infection >.> but im back on now
  7. perhaps,but.there is a significant difference see,ive been floating around different games for the past 16 years.and only here in secondlife has this term cropped up. so logically this follows: im willing to take what yo usay as true about jira being a widely used peice of bug reporting software.thus ,if that is true,then very likely considering the sheer number of places ive been,this "jira" was also in use in atleast some of those places. and considering that this is the first place ive encountered that terminology.the name of the software itself being used here rather than simply the phrase "debug" or similar phrase/process constraints logically leads to again,the usage of the term being specific to SL sub-culture you cant beleive that everyone is using the same terminology just because its popular in your area of expertise then again i suppose its relatively pointless to debate about the technicalitys of such a thing.if using the name of it is more suitable for some then that is ok i guess
  8. ah yes,you are very intelligent sir,you guessed the statement of my speech without it being too clear i do consider the people who work for the company to be a sub culture.SL is obviously different from other games,and continues to do so.so therefore its quite logically sound,especially considering SL's immense age,to consider the devs a sub culture
  9. tracking bugs is often part of the support process. for the purposes of this discussion support ticket is used in the colloqial format,referring "to any and all activitys exclusively used for the purposes of support,which may or may not be limited to bug fixing,and data collection for said bug fixing" the fact that it is a proprietary peice of software doesnt disuade the fact that since not everyone uses said thing,and not everyone is familiar with the term,it is infact logically a term exclusive to a sub- community who uses such a thing.again likely that it is an injoke much like how several of the second life main servers are named after "looks" used by the title character in the zoolander movies.that is the essence of an injoke,something unique to a particular community that has relatively little signifigance other than the fact that its used as a form of society-lvl encryption.a deliberate attempt,perhaps on a subconcious level,to obfuscate the true purpose and or nature of something. this is infact quite common when a large grouping of people without there own unique culture coalesce around a single point,they have no identity so they create there own,using the simplest and most efficienct method possible,the aforementioned injoke (sidenote: i did once win the title of "font of useless knowledge)
  10. its likely that given the context this "jira/jara" is a sub-community specific byword for a support ticket the fact that it uses the japanese phrase to refer to "godzilla" is very likely a sub-community specific injoke with relatively little signifigance
  11. forgive my lack of terminology compatibility.but im unfamiliar with "channel pasting"
  12. anywho.being a graphic artist/3d mesh designer,i quite commonly use sculptris's great graphical quality and effects (along with screen capture) to aid in making the art peices. but ive been wondering something.sculptris has a fair whack of options for exporting the texture maps,bump maps,normals and so on. can any of these texture items be uploaded into SL and applied to a model? i also ask this because i have alot of textures that i custom designed for sculptris using my wacom tablet.which is awesome for me as it looks great and i dont have to worrie much about usage rights.(seeing as i made the textures) for examples sake ill toss onto here afew of my really old sculptris screengrabs from earlier work 
  13. its to due with the curvature of one of my eyes,atleast thats how i remember the eye doctor saying it. truth be told i only have depth perception within about 3 to 5 inches of my eyes.and considering i sit about 3.5 feet away from my monitor (which happens to be a discontinued smart tv),i usually dont get any depth perception induced anything i was thinking about a tablet or something that i can hold closer to my face,but i get bad headaches if i crane my neck for too long. makes it quite nightmarish though if a fly buzzes in my face
  14. not sure what to say,i cant get motion sickness due to a minor visual impairment,i.e. lack of depth perception
  15. im not sure about sansar going in the logical direction posited in the above post. ive been across many mmo's (or there similys) over the past 16 years.and ive seen many close or fall into obliteration,or the infamous "zombie state" the logical direction is almost never taken,especialy when a successor product is involved.blame it on human error,logistics,circumstance. whatever the case,it seems that the most common thing that happens at this point is literally the least probable possibilitys.in these confusing times chaos is the new order. and once more whats troubling about this is sometinmes absolutely beautiful things can emerge from the chaos,but always after aperiod of massive tumult and upheaval
  16. all of my posts,regardless of content,seem to be getting deleted automatically.this started roughly this morning at my third topic creation,and has continued ever since im not even sure if it will let this post stay up,*crossing fingers*
  17. eh,blender is fine.its complexity is way over my rather limited attention span but that has to get a good thing,i hope some day to be pro enough for it one time afew years ago,i was in a spot for a commisioned art peice i was making,so i downloaded blender out of desperation.and i still forget what i did.but it worked beaitfully.made 15 usd that day
  18. ill have to look at that instant mesh thing. and its funny you should mention that because i do have a ton of high poly art assets left over from a past project(it didnt go so well because of a certain "dissagreement" with the management where i was at the time,so i ended up with alot more experience,a ton of art assets with full rights to them,and they wound up with nothing.mostly bad timing on there part as it hadnt yet reached the part where they would get any rights to it)
  19. :< im not to keen on blender. i mainly use sculptris alpha 6.and still it took me over a year to learn 3d modeling and graphics in a sort of ad-hoc internet college setting (basically learning from freinds) sculptris only exports to .obj but thats all you need for SL.as long as you can stomach sculptri's weird texture coordinates,and the fact that it crashes sometimes (no worries it constantly saves backups),sculptris has a much better learning curve. i tryed blender more than once but could never fathom why they didnt give it the market standard type of interface,which is to say,huamn translateable without years of experience
  20. oh one more thing i forgot to mention,perhaps the unusualness of the program im using is stilting the uploader a tad not using maya,nor blender,nor 3ds or even milkshape im using sculptris alpha 6,with a little converter to turn the obj files to dae files
  21. i suppose in the end its rather foolish of me to complain.seeing as the end result is the same manipulating the controls to make the game extract a collision map based on a low detail version of the object's surface patterns worked great,didnt even need to upload the extra file,and ive got a decent sized house at 88 prims while thats a little much on the prim count ill probably be making better shapes i nthe future,seeing as a majority of the graphics work ive done in the past,including commisioned art peices.was pretty much only ever about what was best looking and when thats the case,vert counts i nthe millions arent entirely unusual but it all depends on how fast its wanted,with alot of time (maybe a month or more) a nice commisioned art peice can be made with care,either drawing it for stitching it together in a photo editor with love if its needed fast,i usually use a graphics program to speed things up i still have around 20 gbs of material left over from my other graphics ventures,trying to adapt it for secondlife use is perplexing though seeing as most of it is beauty oriented
  22. ah yes.well luck us we arent dealing with a rosetta stone here knifes,boulders,dirt and sticks are extremely antiquated,and usually have a complete lack of user freindliness upfront but there solutions do come remarkably quick. so.do we know why other games use collision surface extracted maps?
  23. mmmm.also interesting,i fixed it. turns out there were afew extra options in the physics tabs,and afew extra needed steps that you failed to mention or didnt consider so despite the fact that i came here in this forum looking for a nice helpful answer like i had gotten with my scripting question about the bed script,someone decided to be rude and opinionated without thinking about each of a limtied set of possibilitys so i decided to respond in kind with slightly more eloquence. so you may infact stop responding,this has been answered by me,as seeing your forgetfullness regarding the entirety of the upload process and lack of tact.this motivates me to figure it out myself happy hunting mr opinionated 
  24. interesting..could you please tell me how on earth you ever reached the generalization of "all of my experince comes from the n64" from "i havent seen problems like this sense the n64" never the less,here is a treat for you,i followed your exacting instructions,and the thing becomes passthrough without being phantom. here is a picture for proof (by the way,did i say i actually cared how well said object preforms for other people?no i didnt,and when someone doesnt specify something like that too you,its extremely rude of you to not assume personal use) 
  25. famous does not equate good,not even remotely (look up the word infamous) here is an idea then.explain why other games using the havoc engine almost always have exacting surface mapping collision by default. honestly i havent seen these sorts of problems since they were still making cartridge games for the n64.either the engine is garbage,or the game coding outside of the engine doesnt work well with the engine
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