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  1. I changed house from Continental style to Winchester because it's bigger but i'm on the corner in region Rothacker. I just met my neighbor who lives two doors down but in San Jocoso region. He has a sign in front of his house to join San Jocoso group. I wonder if every region has it's own group now? Here are some pics of my new place It's not the best location as I prefer home with stream running by but i'm too afraid to give it up.
  2. Thank you everyone for the congrats and cheers, appreciate it 😁
  3. Omg! the people in group chat (Bellisseria Citizens) are talking non stop, can barely keep up...lol
  4. Ok the way I got it was...after I accepted, it went to the page that says, Sold Out, so I hit my back button and accepted it again, it went to Sold Out page again, so I repeated it like three times and I got it!!!!
  5. It's located on the corner in Rothacker interior, not by water: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rothacker/32/80/24
  6. I feel like singing this now...lol Wheels On The Bus (R&B Remix)
  7. Tyries to do calculations on that...How many is that on Mon, Wed, Fri a week?
  8. If there are people from around the world working on this project, then what is taking them so long? and yeah, I get they work on their own time schedule but geesh! 😕
  9. I don't think so because a lot of people posted simultaneously that they got one.😕
  10. I feel like I'm at a strip club getting tease with this one house flying by once every hour...lol
  11. One flew by but my alarm didn't sound so I missed it, did anyone get it?
  12. Marianne Little said: Both empty. I think Sweetmarsh goes today. It has one of the best locations I've seen, but no house, only a mailbox. Whoever gets it, hold on to it and have a Mole reset the mailbox. This is a beautiful spot. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweetmarsh/221/73/26 Checks on map to see what's what 🤓
  13. Wow a Mole is talking to us 😀 any word on which area maybe release today and/or when? 🤩
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