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  1. As Bob Ross said: "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents" ...Or something like that
  2. .... that like to mic up! Barely any of my friends on my list like voice chat, and some can’t for various reasons (I respect that!). So if you’re chatty, and like to mic up, hit me up! Obligatory these are my hobbies section: shopping, sailing, exploring sims/mainland, gaming, greedy, shooting the *****, crashing, buying ***** I can’t afford, etc, etc... edit: did not realize the forums that would censor me LMAO. I said what I said
  3. My eyelashes (the alpha, I think) are cutting through all my hairs! Anything I can do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance! xx
  4. Hiya~ Are you still looking? I'd love to chat with you all some time!ღ I considered reaching out directly on FB, but thought that might be weird? I dunno. Excuse my crippling awkwardness please~ lol paige152 In-World, Paige Hopsen on FB
  5. I'm kinda boring, but if you wanna be boring together, IM me in world!
  6. Hiya~~~ You seem super nice, and we have a lot of similar interests! Message me in world (paige152) if you'd like to chat! p.s. you give me Uraraka vibes from BNHA for some reason o.o
  7. I’ve never used BeYou, but I’ve heard good things about it. I’d love to connect with someone who could show me all the ins and outs !
  8. If you're looking for friends still, IM me! I'm always looking for people to hang out with. SL is so boring when you're alone. 😭 Things I Like To Do: 1. explore 2. shop 3. sail 4. dance 5. rp! *Generic, IK* hehe~
  9. Yessssss! Bring back the flexi hair!! ❤️ MH Unique Design Fabrixsquare (you already mentioned it but it's my fav) Tutys (Hit or Miss for me) Belle Boutique Really just check out the MP, but these are some of my personal favorites. Happy Hunting!
  10. Hey, I'm interested in possibly rping with you! I usually only semipara rp but I can adjust accordingly. IM me in world if you wanna chat. 🙂
  11. I don't speak German, but I'd be open to roleplaying with you! What kind of rp do you do? SIM preferences?
  12. Also looking for friends! IM in world if you wanna chat.
  13. You had me at video games! Message me IW if you want to talk. ღ
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