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  1. If you're looking for friends still, IM me! I'm always looking for people to hang out with. SL is so boring when you're alone. 😭 Things I Like To Do: 1. explore 2. shop 3. sail 4. dance 5. rp! *Generic, IK* hehe~
  2. Yessssss! Bring back the flexi hair!! ❤️ MH Unique Design Fabrixsquare (you already mentioned it but it's my fav) Tutys (Hit or Miss for me) Belle Boutique Really just check out the MP, but these are some of my personal favorites. Happy Hunting!
  3. I don't speak German, but I'd be open to roleplaying with you! What kind of rp do you do? SIM preferences?
  4. paige152


    Also looking for friends! IM in world if you wanna chat.
  5. You had me at video games! Message me IW if you want to talk. ღ
  6. Hello! Fellow Trekkie here. Do you have a CMO already?? I want to channel my inner Bones
  7. Partner in crime you say?? *evilly cackles* Message me IW!!
  8. Hello people! After a long hiatus, I've decided to come back to SL as a cutie "little" pooch. I would really like to RP as a police dog but, unfortunately, I'm having issues finding sims that support that. Any help? *Edit* If not an active PD department maybe a FD?
  9. No, you do not neeed to buy the yearly membership to get lindens. You have to wait a week to get paid your first 300 lindens. Every tuesday is payday!. 。◕‿◕。
  10. paige152

    Police Dog

    Hello people! So I'm a bit new to being a dog on sl but I would really like to RP as a police dog. Unfortunantly, I'm having issues finding a sims that supports that or even an officer for that matter. Any help?
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