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  1. IMPS & PIMPS What is Imps & Pimps?: Imps & Pimps is a brand new club to Second Life featuring erotic dancing elves, demon girls, goth girls, vampire girls & monster girls!! It is also a club to hangout in, which includes voice chatting and live DJs. What are we looking for?: We are looking to hire DANCERS, ESCORTS, DJS Dancers & Escorts must have a high quality avatar. They must fit the aesthetic of the club. Want to visit Imps & Pimps before applying?: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neko City/223/31/3602
  2. Why do people kinkshame? If he wants that type of stuff, then so what.
  3. Hi there, I'm pretty new to SL, about a month old now. I'm looking to join an RP community that is ACTIVE, maybe multiple communities. I am interested in cyberpunk, post apocalyptic, fantasy medieval, and anime (like Naruto-esque *****). I'm experienced, an RPing is a hobby of mine! So I definitely want to join one that is active, accepting, and not clique-y. I am not interested in erotic roleplay, but I do not mind joining a community that has it, but I personally will not be apart of it (Do not recommend any that are mainly sex). I am looking for serious RP! Slice of life, adventure, crime,
  4. Shoot me a message on SL if you're interested in chatting. I'll respond when I'm online, and atm I am online.
  5. Based on my observations the CATWA Catya head seems to be the most popular of the pickings. I personally use the Lona head, but I'll probably cave and buy the Catya eventually for more options.
  6. Hi, I'm new to Second Life. I joined it simply because of being interested in a new world. This is not my first rodeo with virtual worlds. I come from Playstation Home (8 years) and Final Fantasy 14 (4 years). I'm just looking to chat with down to earth people, who aren't easily offended, like dark humor, and don't mind the occasional trolling. I'm not interested in sex, or flirting. I am happily in a relationship, and he also plays Second Life with me. I love fashion and creating new avatars/outfits. I'm big on anime and video games. I am a female, and do have a mic to prove it. However, if y
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