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  1. Hello Hello 👋 all my wonderful people today I will be doing open Interviews all day🥰. Yes you want to be a dancer please contact me(dynamite87)for an interview! Excepting all avatars male, femboy,female whatever we don't discriminate. Requirements 18+ Mesh body 3+ Months Rez Date Experienced Must have good outfits Know how to emote for tips(small,medium,large) Keep the crowd going(big or small) Be friendly, sexy, drama free Ready to show me what your sexy self can do Be available SL times Now for all of you who don't know how to be a dancer but want to learn I will teach the right candidate. I will charge a very small fee to teach you less the 50L due to the fact I am very busy helping and have other jobs. Upon that you will also have a job. Thank you for your time Manager- Dynamite87
  2. That would be great actually would love to hang out sometimes maybe you can show me some really cool places
  3. Hey looking for friends that I can connect with from time to time hang out go shopping stuff like that. I'm a chill person kind of shy but I love to get to meet people.
  4. Ok thank you I will stay posted
  5. What are the requirements if any and can u train? Would not mind working in a hospital or police station.
  6. Well first you can look for jobs on here to see who is hiring and if they have application fill it out. Or just visit different clubs talk with the managers or people that are there. It's not a hard job to do as far as clothes go whatever body you have go to the store. If the club wants certain clothes then ask it's all about just asking questions. Just check out different clubs.
  7. Hello my name is Dynamite87 and I'm looking for a new job due to the club I was working at has closed. I currently do have a mesh body working on getting money for my mesh head. Account is more then 30 days old don't have much experience but I'm a go getter and fast learner. Looking for an opportunity to thrive and grow. Really enjoyed dancing and would love to continue.
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