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Found 7 results

  1. ** CLASSIFIED - In Character information ** =^= U.S.S. Sentinel - NCC-22502 =^= The U.S.S. Sentinel was the third Crossfield Class starship to be manufactured by Starfleet following the Federation-Klingon War. It shares the same design as it's predecessors, including it's classified Displacement-Activated Spore Hub Drive. It was deliberately isolated and shrouded in secrecy from the U.S.S. Glenn and U.S.S. Discovery by Section 31. The Sentinel had learned from the mistakes of the Glenn and utilised the same means of Tardigrade DNA as was used on the U.S.S. Discovery to achieve full Spore Jump capability. The current stardate is 2257. Throughout the grueling months of the ongoing Federation-Klingon War, the Sentinel jumped to and engaged countless Klingon attacks to Federation outposts and bases. After the U.S.S. Glenn was destroyed, it became one of two ships with an active Spore Hub Drive. Whilst the U.S.S. Discovery was on their way back to Earth with the algorithm that would neutralise the Klingon cloaking capability, they entered the Mirror Universe, swapping places with their mirror universe counterpart: the I.S.S. Discovery. The I.S.S. Discovery was destroyed by Klingons after their arrival, which led Starfleet to believe the U.S.S. Discovery had been destroyed in the attack. The Sentinel was dispatched to investigate, however for some unknown reason the Spore Hub Drive was no longer working. The Science and Engineering teams aboard worked hard to understand why this had happened but to no avail. The U.S.S. Sentinel resorted to more traditional forms of propulsion using its Warp Drive. Unfortunately, this meant that its usefulness had become limited. The Sentinel was assigned to work with Section 31 to attempt to diagnose and fix the Spore Hub Drive and work on other projects to aid in the War. Without the algorithm to detect cloaked Klingon vessels, the Federation suffered greatly and Federation space had been all but pushed back to the Sol System. It wasn't until the U.S.S. Discovery returned that the Spore Hub Drive came back online again. It was revealed that the Discovery's crew had thwarted the Terran Empire's hold on and decimation of the Mycelium Network and had removed the blockage to the network. The Sentinel had Spore Drive capability once again. The Sentinel continued to work closely with Section 31 and worked on a series of classified research projects towards the end of the war and although an official armistice was declared following the appointment of the Klingon Chancellor L'Rell, there were still pockets of Klingon groups that needed to be dealt with. The Sentinel continues its mission of protecting the Federation at all costs from threats. ====================================== ** Out of Character Information ** =^= The Sentinel Needs You =^= We are now looking for crew members to join the crew of the U.S.S. Sentinel. We are currently reviewing our RP times so we are pretty flexible right now and open to suggested times. We will be aiming to conduct at least one 2hr RP session per week. As a full crew member you will be provided with a Star Trek Discovery era uniform and equipment. You will also have access to the full ship 24hrs a day. On the ship you will be assigned a fully furnished quarters. You can use this as your home point should you wish and you will have a limited number of prim allocation to display some items in your quarters. This environment is a 24/7 RP experience. If you are on the sim you will be expected to act "In Character" even outside of scheduled RPs. Should you wish to speak "Out of Character" please do so through private IMs. =^= Available Roles =^= We have roles available in the following areas: - Command (limited subject to extensive vetting) - Operations - Security & Section 31 - Engineering - Science - Medical We are not accepting Civilian roles at this time. To apply please fill out this form here and we will get back to you: APPLY HERE To visit the ship, beam up here: BEAM ME UP *=Disclaimer=* This Roleplay experience is unaffiliated with any other Star Trek RP within Second Life and is intended as a non-for-profit live action roleplay group. We are not endorsed by Bad Robot, Viacom, Paramount Pictures or CBS and is intended for entertainment and group roleplay only. Star Trek®, in all its various forms, is a trademark of CBS and/or Paramount Pictures and any other Star Trek related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective trademark and copyright holders.
  2. Are there any adult sci-fi RP sims left? There used to be quite a few, there were superhero sims, apocalypse sims, and space stations with aliens and robots but now all I seem to find are empty cyberpunk sims. Are there any Adult or even Mature sci-fi role play sims left where someone can get their Trek on or play robots or aliens or anything like that?
  3. Heyas! Were looking for any trekkie fans out there! We are looking for crew members for the U.S.S. Arizona! Positions needed: Helmsman Engineering Medical Officers Security Science Officer Here is the link if you want to check out the Surface and the ship: for the surface -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Community 16/63/121/22 for the Arizona bridge -. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Community 16/63/121/22 This is to my online board aboard the Arizona - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Community 16/64/193/1155 You can drop a message here or in my online box aboard ship! come on down and have fun with and make new friends! Commander Kathy Granger
  4. United Federation Starfleet, or UFS for short, started as a dream.....a dream to realize and bring about the vision of Gene Roddenberry to life within the realms of a Metaverse community. In this 3D environment we envisioned an opportunity where you could become a Federation Citizen, Starfleet Crewman, or a Commissioned Officer within one of the most respected, most organized, and most active Star Trek organizations available. So far we've been able to accomplish this, as 10 years after we began our dream, UFS has become one of the premiere Star Trek sims within Secondlife. The year within UFS is currently 2416. With exploration underway within the Delta Quadrant, UFS continues to boldly go where no man has gone before. UFS offers a highly organized and renowned Academy which includes a vast selection of courses. These courses will help you to learn a variety of skills and information that will get you started as a contributing member within United Federation Starfleet after graduation. You even get Free Uniforms. UFS offers a wide variety of postings that you can choose from. You can: Serve at Headquarters and help with the growth and development of UFS through your chosen Branch. Take a posting on a station, facility, or outpost and partake in the day-to-day responsibilities of an officer assigned to one of these locations. Be assigned to one of our Starships of the Line, where you explore the vast reaches of the Galaxy, discover new life and new civilizations, and defend our home from those that would not choose freedom as a way of life. In addition to these postings, UFS is also involved in multiple charitable foundations, as well as planning social events for members. To begin participating you can: Assist United Federation Starfleet Events Management with the creation and running of fun and charitable events. Attend promotion ceremonies and other official functions. Participate in regular social events. Contribute or be a part of special events, like the Starfleet Beauty Pageant or our Burning Life celebration. And much, much more! So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this opportunity to live the life of a Starfleet officer pass you by! Reach for the stars, and help make the dream possible with UFS – by becoming UF Starfleet strong! Be Strong, Be Proud, Be Starfleet Visit us in SL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GEL Community 21/39/112/3938 Check out our Website - http://www.ufstarfleet.org/main/ Commodore Kermie Mistwallow Chief of UF Starfleet Communications
  5. Starfleet Azure: June Meadows, Is a unique sim which has 2 elements to it which offers diversity among the range of roleplay, The Surface offers you the Chance to Roleplay in the 21st Century set in a small island town surrounded by wonderful scenery. The Surface offers a fully developed environment which has many unique experiences in Roleplay. Our Police and Fire Department offer a training and will teach you what you need to know! No experience needed. Is The City side of roleplay not your forte get involved in the criminal element and prepare drugs and other criminal acts. The Sim has allot to see and even boasts a arcade with 100+ Games which is free to play and open to everyone to enjoy. Coming soon to the arcade is select and special Gacha's along with Lazer Tag and party events by reservation! This arcade is not to be missed as it in size is almost 1/5 in the size of the sim and 5 Stories Tall! If 21st Century isn't for you Check out the Sky which has the only Full Scale K-Series TOS Space Station in Second Life. Use the Transporter Pad in the Welcome Center to Beam to Excitement and Exploration aboard Deep Space Station K-10! Join Starfleet Azure on a 25th Century Adventure in the Star Trek Online Universe!! Join the Workforce of June Meadows today and Start a Exciting Future Check us out Today SLURL:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eagle Skye/107/140/22 Website: https://www.junemeadowssecond.life Questions? Reply to this post or Message Me!
  6. Backgroundstory: (so far ; open to suggestions) Following an unofficial request, the USS Titania under the command of Thorin II. escorted an Orion freighter to a mine planet within the Demilitarized Zone between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Out of boredom, the ship’s science officer, Dr. Alexandra Actor, scanned the cargo room of the Orions' ship, and found several human lifeforms in there. She informed her captain who then ordered to repeat the scan. Again it was positive on signals of human lifeforms. Captain Thorin then called the Orion crew, and asked them why there are humans in their cargo room. Instead of an explanation, he got an angry answer: “Our cargo is none of your business.” After a short debate with his crew, Thorin II. made a landmark decision: He ordered to teleport all the cargo from the Orion ship on board the Titania, and absconded the freighter with maximum speed, Warp 5. During their flight to a hiding spot, Thorin and his engineer T‘Nar opened the bigger containers – and found female humans in there, held in stasis, totally encased in some rubber-like material. Thorin II. and his crew unanimously dissociated themselves from the Federation. They established their own independent colony, the "Free Republic of Titania", on Thorin's property on "Emotions", a class M planet on the outskirts of the Badlands. Thorin's house there was renamed in "House Titania" and serves as headquarter. His crew and the so-called “Drones” they woke up (= these women who had been abducted and kept in their rubber-like encasement as slaves) live there relatively unaffected. Yet they know that they're now wanted by both, Star Fleet and the Orion Syndicate. The "USS Titania" mostly is in a stationary orbit above the planet. She still is used for the acquisition of information and goods, and generally as trading place. =========================================================================================================================== Me among my crew, aboard the USS Titania. From left to right: T'Nar (Engineer, Half-Vulcan), Bernd Teardrop (Navigator and Security), Thorin II. (me, Captain), Dr. Alexandra Actor (Physician and Science Officer) Headquarter: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emotions/220/179/23 Time: Since most of us are Europeans, usually nobody will be there between 13:00/13:30 SLT and 21:00/21:30 SLT. So it will be rather inconvenient RP-times for most Americans, sorry.
  7. Hi Hi! If your interested in some kicked back, relaxed Star Trek rp then come check us out at Taskforce Republic! We have Four Ships, the USS Republic, USS Endeavor, USS Arizona & USS Quest and a Space Station New Alexandria We are looking for crew for the Endeavor, Arizona & the Quest. If you are interested come on down to the Space Station and look around. You can contact me KathySultana my mailbox is in the Welcome area if I am not around on the Station Here is the SURL for the Welcome Area ....... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legions Cove/176/96/1099 Have and Awesome Time! ^__^
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