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  1. Right... Anyways, nice Patch. I will try this later
  2. Ugh... I came on today and found my asset blacklist empty. Since I am a huge derender freak, there was alot. Like houses and the complete deco inside. I watched my firefox settings and all is still to my personal preference, so that not it. I also cleared cache and relogged. Still empty, how I get this fixed? If possible...
  3. Very annoying indeed. Personally I would keep them, they are great. My LOD rule is that I have to see all what i have on my plot (from corner to corner), because some stuff even breaks if you a inch away... Drives me nuts. I don't care about what others see. With that said, I do sometimes derender bad LOD stuff my neighbours have, simply because that mess annoys me.
  4. Thank you ♥ On my main account too, what a luck.
  5. Totally not helpful, but this is really a weird thing 😮 It would seriously annoy me to find a person/bot in my kitchen every day...
  6. Took me LONG, like 20 minutes to find... I knew I seen your boat. Posted by Prudence. (Scroll down a bit) Guess they always been there
  7. Yes, Cause I caught it Then came here to say I release
  8. Gangway, I will release. Enjoy whoever gets it ♥
  9. Haha yes. I was talking about some of the familiar faces here yesterday to @Shield Markus and faces, places, pictures and names all stored somewhere in the blurrisness. I do have you very clear though and so does Shield, with your lovely location. I think I do have a pretty good idea where your right eye is aiming for right now though ^^ Would love you as my neighbour there
  10. In my memory, could be wrong lol. Wasn't it @tootsiepop1 who had that suprise catch?
  11. I am not sure, it is late...if you mean manually, but I refresh manually and also only get 8 tries ( always been like that.) I am used to it and just live with it. Don't know if there a reason for it.
  12. This thread will miss you. Enjoy your break, relax and do lots of fun stuff. See you when you back
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