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  1. I also wish Trads, but with the streets and landscaping of Vics. When I went back to the Trad areas after being in a Vic the landscaping felt bare.
  2. Lol... I would derender all the furniture, the boat itself AND the neighbour and then I would enjoy the view from the first row.
  3. This. x100 My fave LH on a empty alt. Downgrated my main last week, since I want to go back to one premium only.
  4. This tells me it is probably what Chic says. There usually a gap between the stairs and the sidewalk, belongs to Linden
  5. I had that one before they even build the camper areas, there wasn't even any landscaping on the hills infront of you either, just bare empty high hills. What I remember most is how HUGE the parcel looked, based on how it situated. It truely is a lovely location.
  6. I wish... That some of the amazing trads I had in the past didn't had high hedges blocking the great views. Yes, I know I can derrender them, but but but I know they there... So a feature you can delete Linden landscaping within your own plot. Ofc it magically appears back when you abandon.
  7. Nope, they not in library. I know we SADLY can't delete those. I will restart now. Thanks Edit* The restart worked 😮 Thanks @Fritigern Gothly
  8. So I am finally cleaning out my inventory again and this time I managed to get far. Now I working on furniture items and I have a few I can't delete. I am not using them in a home or anything, but when I right click the delete option is not available. I tried delete the folder, the items in it one by one, all don't work. The only thing they all have in common is that when I click properties I get a teststring please ignore message (See pic) Why is that? How I delete them?
  9. The name is iBrat and no display name. I dislike people who use a display name to write a book above their head. I also dislike people with names I can't read because of all the signs, weird fonts or whatever you call that mess. Never met those ranting ones, but I am sure I dislike them too.
  10. Hahaha. Mine sets the houses to home here. He finds out WE moved when he enter and finds random people inside the house...
  11. I have caught countless great abandons. I have caught countless great new releases. I have caught countless plots that were not right for me. I abandoned countless plots too. (Main acc and new alts.) Good luck...
  12. Loved it, but at some point I had to go back to one premium account... So I picked my favo I don't know about clones.
  13. Blah, now I am curious and too lazy to fly ALL THE WAY back.
  14. Last one... For the woodsy, river loghome lovers going at 8.20...11.20 SLT https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hardly There/204/88/0
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