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  1. Can I bring up Emerson LAKE again?
  2. Just picked this up at Access. Second Life Maps | ACCESS I think it is cute. 2 Prims. Gift from Your dreams. (YD)
  3. Vicy going at 5 am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Effing Parade/56/220/28
  4. Sooo, since it quiet here. I just grabbed this. Letting it go at 5.20. West facing, open view. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tern Key/96/184/15
  5. @Mercedes AvonOh wow...
  6. Emerson LAKE, The region with NO LAKE. I will never forget this one!
  7. Idk, I was wishing Maybe put the superduper people on a region with less houses?
  8. - Rotate the house. - All Linden items used in a theme in the pack. (Palm trees, stones, wall trims, etc) - Superduper Premium, for double prims. - The option to switch a Linden home from an alt to your main. Lost one again this weekend, still sick of it. (I would pay for this!) - The option that if I derrender something on my parcel, that visitors also don't see it. (or be able to make Linden stuff transparent)
  9. Hahaha, I had exactly the same. Found all, but no stones!
  10. I been exploring a lot of stilt regions, old and new and for some weird reason many have the front doors facing the great view. I can't help but wondering why... The sliding doors are made to capture the view, imo. Ontopic: Boat, camper, stilt on land and chalet on page.
  11. Oh man, I wish I didn't saw this...
  12. Thanks, for next time. I got annoyed and deleted the whole thing. Problem solved too.
  13. Off topic... Am I the only one who can't rez any furniture in my Linden home? No, I am not on an alt or in the wrong house. Nvm, it was the floor shell...🤔
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