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  1. We don't know, so far they did one. Chances are there will be traditionals, if there another release.
  2. You better drop down in the menu, they still there.
  3. I swear by Firefox in my daily life, BUT for the refreshing I did switched to Chrome and the Chrome page monitor. IMO it just works better. Maybe worth a try? And HEY:D Edit... Mhmm, seems @Marianne Little agrees.
  4. Pretty sure you caught a boat there in the big boat release, top right corner. You hated it LOL.
  5. Maybe this has more to do with SL itself for you? Either way, if I don't like a place and feel cramped or bothered I move. Rather homeless than feeling not happy in a house/boat. Good luck ♥
  6. I think @Chic Aeon means that it didn't worked OK for owner, since I also had that. I landed, tried to open the door of MY camper, got a doors are locked message in chat. Rezzed another, same story. Then I rezzed another model, same. Because I was in a hurry I just set the camper control panel on acces to all, then the door opened, so I didnt tried lists and all that yet.
  7. Right... Anyways, nice Patch. I will try this later
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