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  1. Frankly it has finally occurred to me that BOM is totally optional. Maybe the market will tolerate its quirks or maybe they won't. A great deal of effort has been expended by Genus, Lelutka and others in providing creative control over applied layers, in the form of tinting and opacity. I use a very light skin and it is important to tint and have low opacity to go with my light skin tone (I use Enfer Sombre Albino). I lose these features in BOM, totally. All I can do if I use BOM -- is it try to find ready made light colors I like, or try to make my own brows for instance. I only use layers for tattoos. I don't need 60 layers of makeup, but I am aware there are those who desire it. But I like a simple modern fashionable look of almost no evidence of makeup. So BOM does not serve me at all as a user, appliers are much more useful - for me personally. And At least one BOM body exists where alpha cuts have been removed. Some creators have put a lot of energy into making alpha cut huds really useful for quickly fitting clothes. I do not want to make my own alphas, and many clothes have none. So I am not likely to love a body without them. Some who enjoy making tech may in fact find making alphas fun -- but I equate photoshop with work. And I don't come to SL -- to work or make a living. However probably 90% of clothing can slide by with sloppy ready made alphas just fine (I have tried it). So I hope we are a at a moment of divergence -- two systems. And yes I know that BOM may reduce the server load by as much as 5% but we all know computer horsepower will increase constantly - so maybe "meh." I want the market to sort this out.
  2. Yeah usually you can tell if there are system skins included. But you are right -- at 500L and up you want to know for sure.
  3. She made some for Fifty Linden Friday, maybe a month ago. There was a Genus applier included.
  4. Yes I tried Blueberry's alpha for their stockings, and it was too tight and left "air" showing, however the boot Alpha from Slink was enough. Frankly however I want alpha cuts which works for everything I own -- because I demo everything I buy, and I look closely. And I own a lot of clothes - thousands of dresses.
  5. I spent a lot of time with Slink Redux (BOM) tonight -- using a combination their ready-made alphas, and some that came with clothes I had, and the results were pretty good. However many times I could not fix a tiny clip that I could have easily caught with a hud. I am so good with Alpha cut huds I can change clothes on a dance floor. But the process of dressing with alphas is glacial, I had to search for alphas try them etc. Now of course this would speed up, but frankly it took all the fun out of fashion. I know programmers who would love the puzzle of it, but not be able to describe the clothes they made fit. Some clothing from designers fit without alphas. But it is a crapshoot. And honestly I know from being on the group help chats I am pretty good at this. As I gather up more alphas, and sort them, and make a few, more and more clothes would fit. Making an alpha using Slink's instructions is easy, but take 10 minutes and is not something I would suggest for someone who is new to Photoshop (medium skill). And having Photoshop adds $20 a month, but there are free alternatives. A newbie could simply only buy clothes with matching alphas, and demo them carefully for clipping - to avoid most of the above. But they would miss out on a lot of clothes. Or they can do what many have always done -- clip a lot. On the other hand the skins and tattoos are a breeze. I was using some new Glam Affair BOM skins -- and it was so much fun to see a skin go on head and body without a neck line. Tattoos went everywhere, body, hands, neck, and head. But bottom line this is still work. but maybe fun work for some. For me it is a busman's holiday. Matching skins, or even just explaining it to new users has always been difficult but BOM makes skin trivial. So it is what it is.
  6. I tried about 50 mainline clothes from Erratic and Addams mostly, and a few pants worked, but not one top! A number of users on forums tell me they have no need for alpha cuts for the clothes they own, and I don't doubt them. They most likely try clothes on and if they clip don't buy them. But if like me, and buy a lot of clothes more for style than fit, it is not so easy. "Sean Heavy" I have been told now by several other creators of bodies that in fact you are correct --- BOM is fully compatible with Alpha cuts -- at a price in complexity. I ended up trying the Maitreya BOM hud and it works well. And was assured that alpha cuts will be available in the next update while clothes are updated. Slink is super-efficient, but depends on sellers providing thousands of alphas which they might do in time. And finally it is indeed a long way off from being the only option, as "Shnurui Troughton" points out. Slink will most likely be the final solution. Buyers will simply not buy clothes without proper alphas. Alphas mean however, that every piece of clothing is in fact two pieces, which must be removed. Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
  7. Well today I loaded a BOM body, Slink and a BOM head Lelutka, and used new Glam Affair skins, and Bolson tattoos. It all went easy as could be -- https://gyazo.com/60c28d6cffd72c29a7bcbf33f0bb1508. UNTIL -- I tried to use my clothes. Almost nothing worked!! 3years of making mesh clothes which rely on Alpha cuts left me with nothing but a huge mess. I would literally have to open Photoshop and make thousands of alphas, months of WORK not game play. What I do not personally understand -- is it completely impossible to have an alpha HUD? Is Slink's solution to build thousands of Alphas in Photoshop the only way? If so I will not be using BOM, I am simply not willing to give up all my mesh clothing (I rough guess is only about 10% of my clothes have alphas) . I don't think Photoshop should be part of the SL experience for every user. If BOM becomes the only way -- is there a solution other than trashing many thousands of clothes?
  8. Just for the record there are Glam Affair skins for Legacy. It really opens up using the body with a lot of heads. But no matter how much I looked at the Legacy demo, I could not convince myself to put up with it. The upper body and arms are beautiful, so close, but so expensive.
  9. This is an old thread but for anyone still interested there is a much better solution, which Callum Meriman is on to. Use a female head with a male omega skin. It will then apply to the head, vtech, and Maitreya body. I personally use Lelutka head and a Seven Deadly Skins omega skin. The Catwa works, but the neck is very oddly shaped in my opinion, but it is a pretty head.
  10. Sadly none of this appears to work if the URL is just random characters.
  11. For myself the raise in premium seems a huge increase. With the stipend -- a premium account was about $12 a year, now it will be close to $40. I wonder if there is any thought of raising the stipend to 350 or so?
  12. The new homes are great -- but are so out of whack scale-wise it is almost comical. The doors feel about 15 feet tall.
  13. "cash-flow-positive alts are a bit less smug about it." Yep -- alts used to cost about $12 a year, now they will cost about $39 a year unless they raise the stipends. At $12 it was worth having a couple for a land group, at $39 better to just pay the full tier. We get a year more to sort it all out, anything could happen. "What me worry?"
  14. Today it is even worse, I just had a TP which threw me back two locations -- and as usual ripped my Avi to pieces. I may just leave SL for a few weeks, it is really useless right now.
  15. Just got the worst one yet, got the "message" then a frozen screen, had to do a force quit. And the worst damage to my avatar I have had. Skin, old tats, hair color, all changed. As far as I am concerned Second Life no longer works. What a mess.
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