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  1. Today it is even worse, I just had a TP which threw me back two locations -- and as usual ripped my Avi to pieces. I may just leave SL for a few weeks, it is really useless right now.
  2. Just got the worst one yet, got the "message" then a frozen screen, had to do a force quit. And the worst damage to my avatar I have had. Skin, old tats, hair color, all changed. As far as I am concerned Second Life no longer works. What a mess.
  3. I am not paying enough attention as if I was actually testing a database for one of my coders. Sadly I have not been that orderly. But I am getting a lot of total closes without going through any dialog boxes or quit buttons. I have never had it bring down the OS. I keep hoping it will get better. 🙂
  4. All I can say is it really tears up my avatar. And- i can almost always tell when it is about to happen, my TP progress bar stops, and even if I cancel the app closes.
  5. Most of the time I get a notice usually followed quickly by a close of the app without use of the "quit" button -- so yes it mostly closes on it's own. Mac OS does not report it as a crash most of the time. Always my Avi reverts back a couple of saves. But there is a delay between the notice and the app closing -- during which if I do nothing the app does not close. Only if if I try to move does the app close instantly. So perhaps technically the app is being spontaneously closed, not crashing? I would have to talk to someone much more Apple OS knowledgeable to really understand what is happening.
  6. Thanks Cindy -- I have just become so disheartened by this crashing I am no longer moving on SL between sims much -- it is so bad. I realize now the post is redundant.
  7. Some people just insist on being right. OK you are so right, no question about it. You are the smartest man on SL.
  8. Seems everyone is aware of this, but it is getting worse for me, crashing more often than when it first started.
  9. Solar Legion surely knows full well a file is created on the Mac called "conversation.log," which is a LIST of all the text files created during conversations. When conversation.log is lost the new conversation.log starts a LIST from the date it is created (it omits all older files from its list). Only the list is lost, all the transcripts are still on the local hard drive. My question was -- can a complete list be created which includes all of the files from the beginning? The answer is NO. However a backup copy of conversation.log will have all of the entries, of course. And as a side note -- missing entries can be added to the list, by simply opening a conversation with that member. Why Solar is confusing a list with a transcript is beyond me. But duh -- the file "conversation.log" is just a list not a transcript.
  10. Just grabbed the Valentina for an alt, and it is pretty great, especially for a linden. The alphas are very nice, better than most bodies, and I was able to fit system mesh on her very quickly and easily (I tested with Carla's clothes). The only weakness really is the skin, rather bland. Still she is much better than a default system body and head, and there is a lot of free stuff for her. Or shop on 50 Linden Fridays, she seems to take Maitreya pretty well. I used freebie mesh eyes I had. But there is now an alpha for system eyes. IMO this is a great first Avi, really easy to set up, just open a Ruth and delete everything in outfit, and mount everything in the new body folder. It does not come with hair. I used a 1 Linden Rez hair.
  11. Cedric you are correct it does seem to be the sim edge. If I put the above water linked prim very near the edge the platform again fails. Putting it back in the middle and all is well.
  12. Oddly all three that I mentioned above were on sim borders. But one which works is over 4k in size. The one that fails 2k.
  13. I have all water-land in two different sims. I like to build a platform and set it just below the water line so that I can walk everywhere in shallow water. On one sim I can transport to the area and walk normally -- but on the other sim I cannot, I fall through the platform to the ocean bottom when I transport, but not when I walk. This happens in any TP, from outside the sim or within the platform. On the sim where I fall through I have to have a prim or land above water to land on, and then I can walk on the submerged platform normally. This happened on another sim which I no longer have, but the became normal one day. I have changed every setting I can and still I fall through. Also I cannot select the platform for "edit" without going below the water line. On the one that is working I can. So this must be a sim setting that is causing this, which I cannot change. Currently my only solutions are an invisible platform above the water line, which is not great since I appear to be on the surface of the water, or linking to a prim that is always above the water line which does actually solve the problem, but does not explain it to me. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  14. I have just given up - I will come back to SL later in the week, the system is just a mess for now. No login, no Marketplace purchases.
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