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  1. I have removed all text from a listing and I still get the same error message. I have no idea what this means: "You can verify this by viewing the Product Listing Sate on the Manage Listings entry for the item on the Marketplace web site." What am I supposed to look at? I just type normally using an Apple keyboard, I am not entering any non-ASCII that I would have any way to identify. I reported this ages ago. #1629120
  2. Ah yes the room itself was not a cloud, the room was (filled with) a cloud. Fixed the typo. lol
  3. Yes Solar that indeed does the trick -- back to friends as a pile of pieces. You win the free paid vacation for two, to beautiful Second Life. Thanks!!!
  4. Well thanks everyone. It amazing that no one I talked to at Firestorm or Linden was social enough to have regularly entered rooms which were (edit: filled with) an enormous orange cloud. But I have been involved with beta testing long enough to have known that coders were not likely to find themselves testing at crowded events. So the orange clouds are in a fact a feature which actually works pretty well -- if they were not bright orange. Light gray perhaps with less density? So until Firestorm gets tired of looking like the viewer has released orange smoke grenades -- I
  5. Yes possibly this is a "feature," although the clouds seem to be white in the Linden viewer. I find it odd since the orange cloud was always a sign of trouble previously. What confuses me is that the "feature" does not seem to be widely known about -- among the firestorm reps. I mostly posted to hear from people like you who have seen it in groups. So, Thanks Cindy and Little me.
  6. Anytime I go to a crowded place on SL I see a storm of orange clouds. https://gyazo.com/f4bbeb465b46329b1f720d68dad3077d I am using the latest version of Firestorm 6.4.12 (63831), have a fast i7 Mac, with an external Radeon RX560, and a 300+mps cable connection. My avatar is always fine, but those around me are orange clouds as the rez. Once they rez -- everything looks normal, but any new visitors are the same orange cloud for a minute or so, depending on the size of the crowd -and the lag. Everyone from Linden, to helpers at Firestorm, have implied that there is something wr
  7. Oddly I am never personally an orange cloud, only others. But my guess is you are right, this is a Linden issue.
  8. Using version I am surrounded by orange cloud avatars. They finally clear, but it is awful to look at until they do. I have reverted back to, and all is well. I have never seen other avi's as clouds before (not old enough?) but it is really awful in a laggy sim. Is this Linden or Firestorm?
  9. When I try to edit listing I keep getting "The folder name failed to load. Refresh the page to try again." The app fills in the item title correctly. I have tried multiple browsers and the built in browser in Firestorm with no luck. I did submit a ticket. But did not find anyone else reporting this. Could it be something I am suddenly doing? Thanks for any thoughts....
  10. @Rolig Loon I think you are right just start using my teleporter more. thanks!
  11. @ RowanMinx Right now it is a skybox with the ability to change colors, if I remove the scripts I can TP to it. Using a rug is great idea since I will be able to see my target.
  12. LOL, I am thinking on a much simpler version then you. I am talking about using firestorm's setting under "movement" > "double click on land" > "teleport to a clicked point." If that point is on a scripted surface it does not work. The only solution I have come up with is to cover the scripted surface with an unscripted transparent prim. This kind of TP is what one might use to enter a skybox that has no door. (edit) And yes I could of course create a landmark for the skybox once I am inside it. How to get in is the question.
  13. This sounds like I should know -- but is there any way to TP to a surface that is scripted? In particular skyboxes and building that are scripted for color change etc -- do not give me a pointer so I can TP. I usually put down a transparent prim floor set at 99 percent.
  14. I have a couple of premium accounts and they have not paid at 1:30 EST. That is extremely unusual to be so late. And there has been no mention on Grid Status. But I am sure it will be taken care of, just think of it as a savings account you can't spend yet.
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