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  1. Ok seriously, create a JIRA to ask for this as a new feature. That's how things get done around here. Might have to wait a decade or so and even then it still won't get done but that's the process.
  2. Right, that's it! No Valentine's Day card for you either.
  3. You're welcome, you wouldn't be here without our contribution.
  4. Remind me to go and report every other thread that goes off topic. I'll expect all off topic posts to be removed from those too! Precedent set.
  5. The bottom line is that it is more likely that the LL staff member didn't bother checking or activating a brain cell because as you rightly suggest, few people would complain about extra permissions and especially for a demo.
  6. Go to any of the role play sims, they'll tell you how it's done
  7. In which case the entirely factual answer would be yes.
  8. Well it begs the question as to what love is and how each defines it, i.e. how do you know when you're in love versus infatuation or lust. So if we want to go by song references, I'll call upon Haddaway who asked "What is love?"
  9. The question is ambiguous. Life after love while still in love or life after love ends? Or that after love, one route should be death, the alternate being to remain alive?
  10. Nothing, however, I'd suggest that if you have to believe rather than just have it hit you, perhaps it's not love after all?
  11. They just want your money. In their catalogue you'll probably find also the following:- "To my dear future ex-wife/husband" And Valentine's Day gifts to children????? Nonononono I'm going to go and print some "Wishing you a happy bacon sandwich day" cards
  12. Yeah, there was also the well known Welsh Electronic Engineer who wrote poetry. His name was Di Ode.
  13. Did you hear about the electrician's daughter? None of the boys could resistor. (It was as corny when I first heard it too)
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