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  1. I have read lost lots of questions lik ethis getting answered in the Answers section of this website with useful bits from wikis and whatever else linden Labs use to help people so you might try there. Teri ((I lurked a lot before making this forum avatar so I did not look too stupid when |I started posting)) (((Well I hope I don't.)))
  2. I thought that was the entire point of a virtual world. Teri ((Why would I want to waste my time playing another copy of me?)) (((I might just as well talk to muself in a mirror.)) ((((I just noticed I did one too many ooc brackets last time so maybe I will make it a thihg.))))
  3. How can you actually tell in a virtual world whethere someone is a transvestite? Teri ((I am new here, so maybe there is a secret, or not so secret sign?))
  4. From what I have seen so far, about 23. Teri ((I just realised, I should have made my avatar surname Bull))
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