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  1. Heh, as I have Real Life, Second Life and events in a Second Life Roleplay to keep track of.....I end up taking notes on the important stuff :-)
  2. I -just- made the Bento-jump and I really love it. The idea of using gestures to "express myself" with my fingers is probably going to get me in trouble :-)
  3. Well, there are a lot of folks using gestures to spam emoji-like stuff into the ether in SL; but that's a lot of trouble to go to :-) I'm of a generation that -generally- does not include emojii in text based conversation (excepting the occasional smiley), but I do understand that we have a growing population of folks who consider emojii "normal punctuation". There is probably some generational commentary there :-) SL skews "older" in many ways, meaning the emojii significance would be largely lost on people like me, (I have a hard time deciphering non-standard titler-fonts some folks like to use too; but I'm OLD) Overall, my thought is this, if enabling emojii-capability makes a significant population happy; why not? However; speaking as SL roleplayer and echoing another Poster's concern - folks participating in "Literary Parapost Roleplay" where conventiaonal literary expression is the "thing" and the "whole point" would probably still be expected to post in non-Emojii text by many private-sim moderators.
  4. I have more than one avatar. They are diverse..... The more of them I make, da verse I get at coming up with names for them..... :-D /me rings the gong
  5. If you want Club Work (Hosting, DJing, Dancing, Escorting), you're probably going to need to spend money on your avatar in order to make money - and if you're DJing you'll need several DJ-specific things like a very reliable internet connection and hardware (everybody cries when the DJ crashes) in addition to a piece of software like SAM and some music.... -PERSONALLY- I look at stuff like that as a way to have fun and incidentally recover *some* of the money I spend on SL, and not as an actual source-of-income. If you're a gifted builder or scripter, you can create and sell Stuff, but as I'm neither - I have to make do with my music library and snarky personality ;-)
  6. Gender in Second Life has a wrinkle that First Life lacks; Gender Paranoia :-) If a female avatar acts "differently" than someone's perceived stereotype of "feminine" (maybe you told some gropey "come to my sexball" guy where to stuff his balls....), you can be immediately be hit with the accusation; "O! U R a guy IRL?". Usually followed by a demand to voice-verify to "prove" your gender. Don't get me wrong, First Life is catching up on this one - but in SL its pretty much an everyday thing if you're "overly assertive" (by someone else's standard).
  7. You may just have to accept that somehow; you've turned your Landlord on.......... That can have benefits, but in the long run it can leave you just feeling used......not that -I- know....maybe :-) You might try this; When they first log on and hit you up, start replying with; "Do you have a translator on? I'm seeing all your IMs in Portuguese or something..."
  8. I think I've seen that happen when I rezzed right on a seam where two large prims joined; but thats been a LONG time ago. Like; "Torley was not yet a Linden" long-ago....
  9. Probably a mesh artifact? Either that or my ex is stalking you, he blocked me from a lot of stuff too.......
  10. Ceka, now I know I'm not the only one who twigs to things like that. I'm not ALONE!
  11. I think mainly the Voice Verified crowd are folks looking to use SL to find a Real Life romantic (or sex) partner and they want to make sure not to Trigger themselves by stepping on one of their personal taboos. I try not to judge. If they have a phobia about not getting the "real thing", their taboo is VERY real to them. I spend most of my time around roleplayers, some of whom shift genders, races and everything else as they create different characters for different roleplay stories; so this is only an infrequent issue within that crowd. SL is different things to different people, and some of them want to closely link their Real Life to SL; the trick is to make sure you have well-aligned notions about that when you get involved with other people.
  12. I'm mainly here for roleplay, so having a backstory kind of goes along with that. I'm up-front that my "backstory" is fiction, because creating Story is why I'm here.
  13. What times of the day would you be available? When looking for SL employment, that's always an important tidbit for potential employers and clients.
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