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  1. What about uploading real world pics? and use them for texture Like tree bark or fiber from backpack or Leather. I had plans to go around with Camera and take photos and uses a editor and making textures out of them
  2. I am thinking of start up store and selling textures I making. I have a few questions what is a SKU? is there any fee for put a item on marketplace? is any guides for starting up something like a store?
  3. so about to download firestorm for the first time and I wonder what is different between each version of viewer For SL 32bit Havok: For SL & Opensim 32bit: For SL & Opensim 64bit:
  4. been Remove
  5. is this place real or no longer active
  6. Greeting I am thinking getting into making textures . like to find a guide on how to get started with this.. Maybe making walls window door ways
  7. This remind me of other space station or starbase I maybe willing well tryout Abductor or be victim of aliens
  8. I know this has been done in the pass but i want to ask if there is still ways to earn line Like Fish Hunt or something like that. I know i could look for a job in sl or use real cash to buy Lindens Note got bad english