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  1. Chronologically I qualify, but I can never act the part......
  2. Whats interesting is that not ONLY is the guy a jerk, but he tried to sway you into acceptance of his jerkishness, You met an actual Asshat Evangelist........ Clarity: All evangelists are not asshats. THIS guy was evangelizing for the Gospel of Jerk making him (specifically) the Evangelist of Asshats.
  3. Now maybe if he showed up using that line in a LEATHER fireman's outfit.....groveling at my feet...... It would give me something to punish him for :-P But that's a completely different kind of roleplay :-)
  4. I really like "casual interaction" roleplay quite a bit were the interaction sort of develops on its own. Is your sims RP more event-based or "free-ranging"? Also (I'm full of questions), from the list of occupations you mentioned, it sounds like a lot of First Responder roleplay. Is that the main focus or does the sim look for ropleplay that ranges into all areas? I'm not asking to be a pest; I'm interested in finding a casual RP "home" that's not "urban blight" themed.....
  5. Heh, as I have Real Life, Second Life and events in a Second Life Roleplay to keep track of.....I end up taking notes on the important stuff :-)
  6. I -just- made the Bento-jump and I really love it. The idea of using gestures to "express myself" with my fingers is probably going to get me in trouble :-)
  7. Well, there are a lot of folks using gestures to spam emoji-like stuff into the ether in SL; but that's a lot of trouble to go to :-) I'm of a generation that -generally- does not include emojii in text based conversation (excepting the occasional smiley), but I do understand that we have a growing population of folks who consider emojii "normal punctuation". There is probably some generational commentary there :-) SL skews "older" in many ways, meaning the emojii significance would be largely lost on people like me, (I have a hard time deciphering non-standard titler-fonts some folks
  8. With some Poly groups, they just create a SL group to represent the Partnership and place a blurb in their public profile (or not).
  9. I'm trying to ignore, but I keep thinking; "That's a nice "O" his name starts with." I'll try harder on the Ignore thing :-)
  10. This kinda goes back to "SL is different things to different people" For some, its an anonymous cybersex hookup place, a game. For others its like 3D Facebook. Still others are seriously looking for the love of their life. That's why its good to be clear on how YOU view it with potential partners.
  11. Unfortunately, SL is powered by human beings. Humans can be possessive butt-heads even in a virtual world, others can be careless with the feelings of others in ways they might hesitate to in RL - because they consider SL a "game". Consider, a large segment of SL Residents have a large chance of being like me or "as I used to be"; someone who's geeky, sometimes relates better with hardware or stuffed animals than with people, someone who had an awkward teen-phase and was not very people-savvy. People who have not had a lot of experience with having to "move on" in Real Life (socially
  12. I've been part of a Poly Family before, and it worked best when we structured it the least. Poly works when -everyone- wants to participate and has access-times that work for all the members. Our Family had one member who was on mostly in the US morning-to lunch timeframe, Me; who was on in lunch-to-afternoon and a Third who was on noon-to-evening. We all over-lapped at mid-day and had two or three "couples" slots on any given day; so no one was routinely left out. I loved it and we lasted for about three years until one of us passed in RL. I miss it :-)
  13. I love the sentiment of the Original Post; unfortunately there are many who would take that lovely concept and try to drag it back into the mud. All avatars start out equal, but there are still way too many people who *insist* on knowing whats behind the avatar as a pre-condition to friendship. Still for many of us, SL is a great opportunity to meet and interact across the boundaries of race, gender, age, Identity and other factors in ways we never could IRL. I love it that my "leveled-up in years" self can mingle with much younger people and exchange both *bad* humor and ideas
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