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  1. Hi all... I own some mainland. I have enlisted the help of a designer to terraform, landscape and otherwise improve the property. The designer has add suggested that the best thing to do is create a group, add the designer as a member and then give edit, rez terraform and other rights just to the group that was created. Then deed my land to the group. I would be the owner in the group. I have no reason to doubt her, but how do I do this or what else should I do so that if I sell the land in the future (something I have no plans to do at this time) I receive all the proceeds. Also I am a p
  2. Rolig, Thanks for your response. However, the waterfall I am looking for needs to be standalone I think. It would come from the top of a cliff that is in place, fall t the bottom, and would allow a walkthrough where the visitor would encounter the cave entrance and ascend some steps where the cavern/hollow exists. Your alternatice suggestion might be simple, but the effect would seemingly be poor, and I am not interested in that. Thanks for your thoughts though. Jen
  3. Hi, Not certain this is right spot to ask. However, with the assistance of another (I know nothing about building really), I have managed to hollow out an area beneath my land. There is an entrance through a cliff. I want to hide the entrance by a waterfall through which visitors can walk climb stairs that are there now and enter into the hollow area, which I will convert essentially into a dungeon like area. Is there a pre-made waterfall that anyone knows of that will allow that? If I need to create/build one, how do I do that? All assistance appreciated. Thanks!!! Jen
  4. I know that I have read a person cannot ordinarily give terraform fights to another except in a group or to all. However, if I do not allow access to my property except to a single individual, can't I give terraform rights to "all" since only that person and I go have access to the property? I want to give this individual (who I trust totally) the right to terraform since that person is helping me with a specific project and we live in considerably different time zones. Once the project is complete I will remove terraform rights and allow access to all. Am I missing something?
  5. Does anyone know a way to look for something you may have purchased without having to go page by page in the shopping history. And I know that I might be able to check my inventory, but many items have been deleted over time. It just seems that there out to be a way to sort from the history. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Parhelion. I would want some water as well, but likely not 3/4 of the homestead sim. The issue for me is Prims, and I am getting mixed messages. At some point, I need to just jump -- on way or the other. Thanks gain. Jenn
  7. Wow. Amazing. I talked to another landscaper last night who strongly suggested that the Prim allowance would be too slim. She also stated . She stated that homesteads were previously "open space) and were designed to be a quarter sim surrounded by water. That seems to make sense, based upon full sim allowances etc. The idea was to lower lag between sims and that unless you use it as an island with 3/4 of the sim underwater, it does not really work. A quarter sim is not big enough to me for what I think I want to do, besides, I already have abutting quarter sims on mainland. This keeps g
  8. Thanks again Syn. I am seriously considering this. And I understand the control issue.
  9. Thank all of you for your insights and suggestions. You have been very helpful. Klytna, some thoughtful suggestions on 3 adjoining 1/8 parcels. Everyone's comments on the prim allowance (land impact) are interesting, I would have thought that 5000 would be a bit short and that 7500 would be about right, even with the mesh builds/landscaping. Syn, if that is the case, then it seems that a full 256x256 homestead sim would work, especially given that I want it to be a forested area, with maybe my home there or in the sky. A full sim forest with streams wildlife niches etc, if seasonal, could
  10. Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate them. At the end of the day, I am trying to weigh what would seem to be the ideal option, given what I am trying to do. I am struggling to find an answer. I thought/was hoping that those whose experience and knowledge is far better than mine, might offer some thoughts/suggestions that I should process.
  11. Hi all. I am hoping some can provide advice/counsel. I own two abutting parcels of Mainland (albeit in 2 separate tiers). Because of the texturing and leveling restrictions, I am considering selling the Mainland. I am not interested in profiting from the transaction, although I wouldn't turn it down. I am wondering if there is a suggested "best" way to conduct the transaction. If I were to sell the mainland, I am thinking that I would probably want to rent a homestead full sim, although I would really like to have about 7500 prims and that does not appear to be possible. It looks
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to delete matters from one's personal order history? I would like to get rid of items that were demos or inventory that I have trashed. The idea is to preserve in the order history only those matters that I have purchased, still use etc, so that it becomes easier for re-delivery, and not having to page through everything from the past. Thanks..Jen
  13. Jewell, I have tried to make the case for that in my submission. Thanks to all for your help!...Jenn
  14. Hi...I own a quarter sim mainland. There is a parcel similarly sized that abutts mine that is owned by lindens. I am interested in buying that. How do I get that done. Can anyone help me? Thanks...Jenn
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