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  1. Hello Jennifer I am more than willing and able to work online with you. What sort of schedule are you looking at? I am in the United States. Please message me in second life if you wish to chat. My username is Rosecullen Resident. I can get started ASAP!
  2. Hello! I would love to help! I have been playing since 2008
  3. Hello! I love to decorate and would be honored to help!
  4. I am interested 😊. I have played second life for ten plus years. I love to decorate and landscape (slightly obsessed lol).
  5. I am interested 😊. I have been a blogger for ten years and have my own small business in real life
  6. I am interested but noticed the link isn’t working 😊
  7. Hello! I would love to help. I have been a blogger for many years and I run my own business in real life 😊
  8. Hello I am very interested in blogging for you, my username in world is Rosecullen Resident. Thank you so much
  9. Hello I would be very interested in helping you model your skirt, and anything else you need help with! I am a blogger: https://glitteringfashionista.wordpress.com/ My inworld username is Rosecullen Resident, please feel free to message me at any point thank you!
  10. Hello My name is Erin and my inworld username is Rosecullen Resident. I spend A LOT of time on facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, wordpress/blogger, and flickr. I love to keep up to date with all these things. I am very inerested in learning more about this, please message me! Notecards and IMs are fine Thank you!!!
  11. Hello! I am very interested in this position. My in world username is Rosecullen Resident. I have previously co-owned a sim and I was in charge of marketing, rentals, etc. I looked you up in world but for some reason it did not come up. Please contact e if you are still looking for a marketing/rental manager. Have a wonderful day!
  12. Hello Evelyn, I am very interested in helping you set up a good roleplay look. I can help you with a mesh body, skins, shapes, makeup, clothing. I am a curent blogger so I know about fashion and the like. I also used to enjoy roleplay so I know about that sort of thing. Please feel free to message me in world Rosecullen Resident. Thank you! Erin
  13. Hey I am looking for a sister if you are looking for that as well In world name: Rosecullen Resident
  14. Hello! We are seeking a family pet for myself and my wife to spend time with us on our adults and our littles. We are open to any pet, we are not picky. We are willing to have out pet supplies that are needed for our potential pet. We live on a platform without a house, but there is plenty of room to roam about. We are bloggers and we love spending time with family and friends as well. Please contact us in world if you are interested, thank you! Sincerely, Shawn Mynx (Izzy Grace Mynx) and Rosecullen Resident (Sophie Elizabeth Mynx)
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