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  1. Hello, I am looking to hire a landscape person for a full region which has 20k prims. Please message me if interested.
  2. Hello, I currently have 2 beach front homes with amazing views. I am looking for dedicated staff such as personal chef/cook, security guards, waitress/waiter, event manager, and DJ for party events. Message me on here or in private if you are interested. Thank you
  3. I am hiring for maid, waitress, personal chef and personal assistant for my beach front home. message me if you are interested.
  4. Hello, I am planning to buy a full region 20k prims soon to build a luxury residential community with unique homes to rent by the lake and ocean. I am currently hiring for personal assistant, landscape designer, property manager, and interior designer for the homes.
  5. Hello we are looking for a landscaper/designer for basic landscape job. Please message me if you are interested.
  6. Hello, I am currently hiring a real estate/apartment building manager. The hired candidate will help me rent out the 32 units I have available in a 16 story building fully furnished on a private island. Also the candidate should be willing to market the apartment building to bring future clients. Please message me if interested.
  7. Hello, we just opened up a brand new condo/apartment building on a beautiful private island with ocean views.I have 32 ocean view fully furnished units available for rent. All units have ocean views. You can also decorate the units with your own furniture. The whole building has elevator system. Each unit also comes with home security. You can send me a message on here or you can send me a message in world if you are interested! Thanks for looking! Prices: 32nd and 31st unit (top floor): L$150 per week with 100 prims limit. 30th-15th units: L$100 per week with 75 prim
  8. for a 5,000 prims homestead 1/4 on a private island/beach i pay $80 a month to rent it.
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