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  1. I was told it was a very creative platform so I joined in 2006 to take a look. Being a designer in RL, SL was ( and still is) and extremely interesting concept. I only stayed for a year in the beginning, met great people, and had already a little store selling system layer clothing. At this time the workload became too much and I left. A couple of years later I came back but mainly to meet people, to role-play and just enjoy some time in a fascinating virtual world until a friend convinced me to open a store again. It turned out differently than I had expected or planned and eventually became my RL job allowing me and gifting me with an incredible flexibility in my life. What I love most is certainly that I was given the chance to meet beautiful people that I grew so close to. Some I was able to meet in RL , and let the friendship grow even stronger. Some I still have not met but consider them as my closest friends in both worlds. I do enjoy working for my brand and pouring my heart and creativity into it ❤️
  2. the poll had remained open and we gathered roughly 1800 responses with no significant changes . for those who asked where the responses where coming from... the poll was spread in various groups inworld, on FB and flickr. this is the last updated one:
  3. correct, though Legacy was not out yet in 2018. And it picked up very quickly
  4. as for FEMALE bodies, I have made a poll. This is the result after a bit over 1K entries, the poll is still open and has roughly 2K entries but without any significant changes of the results shown if you still would like to vote, you can do this here (doubles are getting deleted) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckoLJvMOBkyut9VnE3DN0EhAsAByybJShD8tCBr3vCCckuag/viewform
  5. @Red Goddefor a dull almost non shiny fabric you will need a very dark spec map with very very little highlights and even those should look dark, only a tad lighter than the rest. then you adjust the value of glossiness and lower it . this number will also depend a bit on how dark the spec map already is. by default it's set to 51 and you will most likely not need higher than 30. when you apply the spec map, try a few wind lights and see if the value needs to be adjusted. you can also adjust the colour of highlight in edit mode, default is white and if you would like it darker, set a grey tone and try how dark you want it to be, or even a lightly tinted grey, for denim you could use a bluish grey to achieve a nicer look
  6. @Grumpity Linden maybe you could post the official FAQ post from here on the original announcement post, so people don't have to scroll through so many pages to actually find it.
  7. it very much depends how your group is run. if the chat is not active , a subscriber will just work fine. There are plenty of perks you can give with a group that no subscriber can. But nothing absolutely nothing beats an active group and the direct contact to your customer base.
  8. maybe it sounds funny to you, but not everybody is on FB or on flickr. the group still is the most important for many as it is also a nice way to directly chat with the members. The groups are extremely important for us creators. it's also about communication with people, not just about posting an ad. you can give perks that are group related, discounts, gifts.etc. I can not stress enough how important groups are
  9. decreasing the group does not take the inactive accounts out of the groups. it affects those who are active. For creators it's the main advertising tool. Now it will be even harder for especially new creators to bring people into their groups to get the word out and to bring more content to SL. As a premium myself I would rather not have more than 60 groups and therefore the basic accounts maybe could keep theirs. As @Blueberryxx already mentioned, maybe there is a way to fix those group issue as many jiras have been filed. The impact on cutting groups is tremendous for SL population I also would suggest to have different levels of premium memberships. having a basic cheap one up to a more expensive one with more perks that will allow some who can't afford full premium to at least have a more basic version of it and LL would still get a small fee for it.
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