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  1. irihapeti wrote: BASIC, C, Pascal and x86asm and 5 C derivatives, 3 BASICs, and 3 Pascals add i have troubles with them all (: But, unlike here, you probably don't complain at debuggers when they point out errors in spelling, syntax and punctuation.
  2. If by chivalrous, you mean treating people with compassion, kindness and courtesy, whether male or female, old or young, of any political or religious persuasion, and whatever their mother tongue, then I am extremely chivalrous. Unless they are stupid, and insist in behaving in a manner that publicly demonstrates their stupidity, as is the case with many participants in this forum, in which case they are undeserving of such gracious attention from me.
  3. DejaHo wrote: Enjoy watching, Derek. I shall enjoy watching this evening too, enhanced by the six continuous hours of BBC coverage being uninterrupted by exhortations to buy insurance, off-road juggernauts or post-apocalypse bunker properties. I shall replenish my supplies during those longueurs when they interview those who went out early without a chance of winning and shot a round which might have put them into contention if they could have substituted it for the one where they found Rae's Creek a couple of times. I hope and expect Spieth to hold on, and trust that afterwards he will attribute his success to his fearless putting rather than the goodwill of a benevolent deity, who for some reason might have selected him particularly from the rest of the field to cause his ball to rebound.from trees back on to the fairway rather than deep into the dogwoods.
  4. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: "Days" in the New Resident limits description refers to days since first billing transaction with Linden Lab. Yes, Griff, but what does that sentence really MEAN? Oh, that's right; it's so obvious that you would have to be really stupid not to understand it.
  5. I speak four languages, but two of them are dead, and one of them is good English, which is continually being murdered here by those for whom it is their mother tongue even more than ESLers. If you used the forum's built-in spell-checker then, even if it's the wrong word, at least it's spelled correctly. If you are serious about wanting to be considered courteous rather than ignorant, then you should consider using After The Deadline, which offers intelligent grammar and style checking as well.
  6. Caitlin Tobias wrote: Thank you Caity! I knew I could rely on you, especially on a Saturday. My, she IS scary though...did she fail the audition for Game of Thrones because she frightened the rest of the cast? ETA My daughter - a connoisseur of the genre - thinks she looks like the female form of Marvel's Loki ought to.
  7. Dresden Ceriano wrote: CleoSertorii wrote: It seems as though anyone who participates in this forum, but doesnt do it in exactly the way you (or LL, or Dres, or...) approve of, then somehow they are stupid, or immature, or lazy, or unthinking, or "fill in the blank with some derogatory term". The fact that you people cant see it makes it even worse. Awww, you thought of me... how sweet. I didn't know you cared. ...Dres I can't imagine why she would think that you, Derek and I might be considered to be associated with each other. And I am concerned that DejaHo might be upset to think that we were having a threesome without him making up the foursome.
  8. I have been asked to explain what I mean by "ghoti". It is how "fish" might be spelled by a clueless but too clever by half ESLer. "gh" pronounced as in rough "o" pronounced as in women "ti" pronounced as in hyperemotional Put them together and you get "fish". Maybe you can work out for yourself what ghoech would mean. (Hint: laughter does echo)
  9. Muletta wrote: Okay then, but promise me to be careful and take care of yourself, not to get a heart attack, or to let your blood pressure rise too high, during practising your sadism in this forum. Don't worry about that sort of thing; my personal physician has informed me that apparently I don't suffer from stress, although I am a carrier of the disease
  10. Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: I think you mean duotone. Spot color is literally a spot of solid color as in some coloured text or a logo or something. Duotone is printing the black plate and one of the 3 other colour plates out of a 4 colour CMYK set. The colour of the ink that you actually use is up to you. Maybe the English printers I have worked with were lax in their application of the term. Or maybe they weren't, since the definition I have seen (supported by the often unreliable Wikipedia) is: "a spot color is any color generated by an ink (pure or mixed) that is printed using a single run." which pretty much seems to match your own definition of duotone. It's pretty irrelevant anyway, since I think my question has been understood thus far.
  11. Muletta wrote: Aren't we all here in the forum, and in particular in this thread, a kind of masochists gradually? Not me. I am a master sadist. Which I would have thought obvious to even the dimmest bulb on the Christmas tree.
  12. Muletta wrote: Don’t you know that you should never close a door completely in life, but always let it just a bit open? You have obviously never had children . . .
  13. Muletta wrote: LlazarusLlong wrote: Muletta wrote: To be honest LlazarusLlong - I would much more prefer some posts about ghoti bearding, rather than these "be-perfect-in-this-forum-campaign-posts. Then you are perfectly at liberty to go and participate in that fish breeding forum. Close the door when you leave. Don’t you know that you should never close a door completely in life, but always let it just a bit open? Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm here still, sitting with a smile, and enjoying all the interesting posts and funny images that smart people have put into the thread, to show that not all of us applaud your principal manners, or support your sisifos-job as your personal claqueurs. Ah, you're a self-professed masochist then.
  14. bebejee wrote: Oh well atleast i got to flaunt my self. Congratulations! With that attitude you should spend more time here in GD. We need contributors here who are enthusiastic without being up themselves, who have a sense of proportion, and who allow bigoted criticism to slide off them like water off a duck's back. Although maybe you would get more enjoyment out of posting your photos over in the Vanity Thread - narcissism is not considered a mental problem in SL, remember, except by those with a diminished perceived self-worth and the denizens of that thread would enjoy your "shiny" immensely there, I reckon. Marianne Little, who is THE style guru as far as I am concerned (although my opinions in matters of style and taste are not particularly prized by many, as you will have noticed) hangs out there, and I am sure that you could have a constructive discussion there with her and the others who enjoy blending the boundaries between real and virtual fashion and body image. As I always say, be proud to be yourself, and if that isn't good enough, be someone else.
  15. If your graphics card went wonky and you were stuck with a monochromatic (that's black, white and shades of gray for those of you with hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - but NOT THAT "Shades of Gray") image with just varying degrees of one hue (I believe that printers call this "spot colour" when they offer it as an option in adverts in those free local papers that nobody reads unless they are really bored, or are featured because they caught the biggest fish in the local lake) which colour would you prefer to have left to you? I am expecting Instagram enthusiasts to say "sepia", and ladies who lunch to say "pink", but I am with Frank Miller and his "Sin City" illustrations, and Nic Roeg who directed "Don't Look Now" in loving blood red. I know that some players intentionally equip their avatars with wardrobes of only one hue (most men just go for black on black, as we have discussed at some length in regard to sock selection) so perhaps tell us why you think your choice suits you, or your SL environment, or your monitor. The more adventurous of you might want to post (vanity) images demonstrating the effectiveness of certain colours. I am also resurrecting a challenge I made a little while ago to Caity, to provide an image associated with a song, in this case one associated with a colour; rather than "Paint It Black", I would suggest "Green Green Grass Of Home" or even "Mellow Yellow". PS "Shiny" is NOT a colour.
  16. Ren Toxx wrote: But next time you might fall for any of several actual scams that unfortunately plague Second Life, from those that do sell useless items having nothing to do with the vendor description & picture, to phishing schemes, etc. And when you do, please return here to the GD forum to bewail your misfortune in emotional detail. So we can point and laugh some more.
  17. Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: aww, sorry to the academics. For the rest of us it was just a bit of fun teasing you for taking yourself too seriously. You have definitely got the wrong end of the stick; it is others that take me too seriously . . .
  18. Recommend him a good psychiatrist, pay for a course of therapy for him, persuade him to change gender, create an alt and woo him, marry him and then leave him for a bisexual furry, which will cause him to leave SL after being ridiculed in these forums for posting a pathetic hyperemotional complaint.. That'll sort the problem out.
  19. The principal difference between animals and human beings is the ability to plan ahead, to foresee the consequences of actions and predict reactions to them, in a complex and flexible manner. Like going to another supermarket if the first one has run out of beer, a strategy which even the most intelligent dolphin would struggle with. Unfortunately, some human beings take this to extremes and allow their imagination to create scenarios such that their multiple nervous systems (you have at least 19, did you realise) overload their rational cognitive systems with disastrous impact on those who have to deal with them; these people may be termed hyperemotional women.
  20. A difference that makes no difference is no difference.
  21. I once had a death threat from someone in alt.fan.bladerunner because I used bold to emphasise ONE word in a post. Apparently for those using 2400 baud connections it slowed things down unacceptably . . . And I recently noticed some complaints because an acquaintance with a similarly consonantly complex name habitually uses multiple different sized and decorated fonts in his posts here. Plus ca change . . .
  22. Kenbro Utu wrote: Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: ....If I have said anything that understates the truth and indicates my having a patience that allows me to settle for anything less than reporting as best as possible the facts and circumstances surrounding LlazarusLlong's headlong tactics, I beg God to forgive me. Excellent troll Ohjiro. For those who got trolled, this was created by an automatic complaint letter generator. Plug in a name and it spews out meaningless diatribe. Very amusing. Amusing? Perhaps for those who aren't used to plugging pretentious prose into plagiarism checkers, but it's just as tiresome for academics as having to review semi-literate papers which obey Microsoft's "grammar" corrections and select the most polysyllabic of the options for simple words which an online thesaurus suggests. You might not even have needed to google the text to identify the words of an extremely well-known plagiarist which Ken quotes above.
  23. bebejee wrote: Is this look of a person with no taste? Since you ask, no, they doubtless have taste, but it's execrable. Why is she wearing the bubble wrap from the box her shoes came in?
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