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  1. If only it was imagination, it is actually happening. thanks for the info I think i will join in the other thread. Personly i'm discussed in any one who difiles an AV with out permision.
  2. Lets beat it to death again and keep going untill some listens. Eventually may be some one in the media may pick up on it and then they may take notice.
  3. thats my point you don't get a choice there are no requests. and they are not on rolpay sims they can go anywhere they choose
  4. As some of you may be aware and for the one's who are not, there are certain role play games that allow people to hunt and feed or kill you without your knowledge. Only way I can see you can tell so far is they have to get so close to you, so your constantly being followed and your space invading at clubs malls etc. I feel that this is abuse of your AV and freedom of choice, as you get now choice to join there little games. It is coursing trouble at many Sims, it's like a pyramid game more they recruit more they hunt more harassment happens. I have filled many a abuse report and even tried contacting LL direct. they don't seem to care as I have not had any response back. It would be a thoughtful gesture to contact me. There is protection you can get from the creators but they are unwilling to share this as it reduces there best hunting grounds. these protection items should be on the market place as free items so anyone wanting no interference has the choice to get protection from these people. COME ON LL step in and make sure your residents are protected Where will it end? what other things are out there that they can do without our knowledge? god help the women and child AV's
  5. ♬ We want Experienced Industrial, Darkwave, EBM DJ's ♬ Est 2008 we are the premier Gothic vampire club, Please fill in and return your application inside the club at the terminal and we'll contact you soon as possible. Hopefully soon you'll become a member af the EOD Family
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