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  1. Amethyst, Thank you so, so much for coming back to me on this. I am extremely grateful for your input and opinion. I will hold off for a bit and hopefully, like you said, someone with more experience with this graphics card will voice an opinion too. Again, many thanks. Marisol x
  2. Is this a better option?? I guess I'm asking, will this run SL? I thought I was OK with computers but laptops have me confused :matte-motes-stress: 
  3. Hi Amethyst, Thank you for responding, I was concerned that this would be the case. I hope you don't mind me asking, but could you (or anyone) please recommend any specific laptops to look at for playing SL on standard settings? Or could you maybe suggest what I'd need to amend my budget to in order to be able to play SL? I miss it a lot.. and maybe it's time to call on my flexible friends, Mr Visa and Mr MasterCard.. Again, thank you for replying. Marisol x
  4. Hi all, I am needing to buy a laptop as I am going to be away from home for nine months, and also, my PC at home is ten+ years old anyway (and has been running SL - barely) and is pretty much dead. I would love to have some recommendations for budget laptops (max £500-600 English pounds) that will run SL. It doesn't have to run on max / ultra settings, I'm not expecting miracles from a budget machine. But I'm looking at a Dell right now and as I've never owned a laptop before, I am beyond confused, specifically regarding built in graphics cards. I'm running out of time and due to my budget,
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