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  1. RenderMaxTexureIndex set to 0 will solve the pink screen, if you're still having the problem.
  2. Thanks for the concern everyone but the problem fixed it self. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  3. You called it out first! I definitely thought the adverts looked like something that would come out of IMVU. The second one looks like it's targeted to get teens to come here more than anything. We can definitely do better though, thats for sure.
  4. Lol and he has to get arrested to realize he was an Idiot? Does he realize it's not exactly the cells phones that cause it to be Illegal, it's because he's driving with something in his hands. Idiot.
  5. While both worlds focus on building quite alot. Building is basically all you can do in Minecraft, the roleplay is so sucky. In second life however you get to interact with people, you HAVE to have internet to play and you can create new objects, thats not even half of it. Basically the only thing minecraft and second life have in common is building, which a lot of people I know, don't even do that anymore.
  6. ---- I'd be Junior Linden, because I'm sure I'm the youngest person that even takes the time out of their day to browse these lovely forums Or I'd be the Linden of run on sentences.
  7. (Post's oblivious guy answer) Maybe we need some pictures.. But being serious, it happens, even before your top or bra rezzes people will see your boobies, so why care even after rezzed. You have that confidence if you know what I'm saying. That "I'm hot and I know it".
  8. My settings are set to high, I don't have the balls to set it to ultra. @Venus Bingo! Maybe I had too much fun.
  9. So I like prim hair, I live for the bouncyness m'kay. I wear mesh hair but never as much as flexiprim. I've noticed starting today that my hair had little gray strings poking out of it and everywhere! (I would post an Image but it would literally look like a hairstyle with untexured hair poping out left and right.) So I try on another hairstyle (blonde) and it does the same, another hair which just so happens to be blonde, it does the same. So I'm bemused, and just try to go with my red hair, and that works perfectly. No gray strings, no nothing, just perfection. So is SL discriminating blondes, or? I just want to be blonde!
  10. I agree with the person before me. They lost me as a customer weeks ago. I remember it took me a week to get the skin I spent 1000L on (which I would never do casually). They don't have any appliers, their little customer service account never answers you back, the best way to ask something is to rant on their facebook page even then it make takes weeks to get a respond back. I know they don't mean harm but it can be frustrating. If you don't want a mesh head and would like a really nice face for dark skinned avatar's, I would try glance or vive9. Edit: So they don't have appliers, however they do have free mesh hands and feet that they made to match skin tones, which is alright for me if they fit slink shoes/gloves/accessories etc.. However no mesh brest appliers or hairbase or booty.
  11. I used to use lush on my older account. I never really liked lola's. Besides lush were also cheaper I think and came with some nice tops, and options.
  12. What is wrong with you? I really didn't see the problem. Also to clarify, it doesn't matter if you have a 100,000 computer, if your computer can't connect to secondlife servers, you won't be able to play. Second life isn't a game, tbh. I'm saying that because with games you can just open them and wait for them to load and play, even without internet most of the time. I've never gotten this exact message but similar messages. -Check your windows firewall if you're using a windows computer. Check your antivirus. -Unplug your router for a minute, or reset it and turn it back on. -Change viewers. (clients, for example: the official secondlife viewer that can be downloaded via the website.) -Try a wired connection. -Try it at another location. (EX: A friends house. If it works there, it's definitely a problem on your end.) -Let the problem die out, usually secondlife problems just die out. I used to have a non-stopping clouding problem, it eventually just died out.
  13. I agree with everything here. If you have a really good skin, you can make your own shape easily. I feel personally your skin is 90% of what makes your avatar look good (with the exception of tattoo layers, hair and etc.), while your shape is only 10%. To OP: I won't say it's ripping off exactly, but I wouldn't call it ethical. I definitely don't see whats wrong with including a lousy stylecard in the demo. Hell, a good percentage of shapes out there don't look good without the shape. I remember buying a shape just to get the style card, and when i opened it, it said I didn't have permission. I contacted the owner and she never replied. Basically, just get a really high quality skin, and make your own shape. I usually just buy a "decent" 50L shape and tweak it up.
  14. Thanks guys, however nothing seems to work. I'll test out mesh eyes and if those don't work out, then I guess I'd be eyeless.
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