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  1. Hi, im just wondering what is a good complexity for jewelry in sl thats made from mesh. ive that people try to keep their own complexity under 100,000 at least, but im over that benchmark because of 2 or more items that have, what seems to be, a bad complexity score. is it normal for jewelry to be extremely high? what is a good score for items such as jewelry, hair, clothing and other things?
  2. using blender the only change to my 1st floor attempt is the physics is actually over the building now vs up in the sky so high
  3. well it was the only other thing i could think of doing besides building a house in blender because of how much of a learning curve it has, if blender was as easy to use as sketchup, i probably wouldnt be trying to use it.
  4. Like it says im trying to make a mesh home and i have 2 problems happening that i dont know where to begin to fix. to give more info of just general info..... I have set the mesh object to Covex hull, Prim, and none to see what happens, all of which did different things to my building covex hull: this is how it was originally and when unchecking the eye next to it i saw this werid blue shape thing in the middle of my building. as well as a building shaped thing far off in the sky that was blue (this could have been because of setting it to none but not sure) Prim: similar thing but instead of a weird blob that was blue, a light green mess of shapes appeared in the middle of my object. the building in the sky changed from blue to yellow with black outlined triangles. (this could have been because of setting it to none but not sure) None: the light green mess of joined shapes now actually became part of the mesh building, the building in the sky goes away when set to none though. None of these changed how i could walk into the building. Rezzing 1st time: when i rezzed it the first time without editing it, i wasnt able to walk into any of the openings i left. and some of the inside walls were transparent. Rezzing 2nd time: when i rezzed it the second time without editing it, i was able to walk in (yay!), but when i got to the stairs i created i couldnt walk up them (#$%*&!>.<). Rezzing 3rd time: no change. Applying physics: when uploading and applying the physics (which im using the same model) it overlaps correctly i think the first time (even after analyzing). after i rezzed it the first time and saw my current two issues i rechecked the upload for a test run. now when i analyze the phyiscs im getting pieces floating all around the base mesh. do not know why it changed how it acted. ' Unsure if its LOD. Method of making building: Sketchup to make the base model > blender to join it all together (if it wasnt already, which it wasnt for some reason) and then change it to the correct file .dae (does it need to be .obj?) > sl upload beta (to make sure everything looked ok) > Sl upload > where i am at now. Please help im sure a lot of people went through the same errors and know where the hell i went wrong. thank you
  5. what if there profile donst give u a common ground
  6. in world i try to talk to people and go to chat hot spots but in the end no one ever carrys on a convertion i dont know if its becase im not asking the right questions or if im doing something wrong. i always start of with hi and how r u then wait fr a response then i ask so what do u like to do in sl then rl till i find a topic to talk about but most of the time when i get to the this point the converstion dies off and nothing else is said so ive been questioning my self what else to ask to keep the converstion going and try to be friend s with others but it seems that most just talk to the friend s they already have and dont talk to many other people. idk what to do or what to change if there is anything to change.
  7. one i know of is london city but u would have to do some looking to find them it more depends on what ur in to just search for places and evently u'll find a few good places
  8. yes and no it really depends on the topic but anothe way to make friends is go to some dance clubs or chat hot spots and try to start up a convertion with someone there are lots of people to talk to in the world of sl
  9. HIII im looking for friends to talk to and have fun with and hangout. things about me i im 18 in RL. in SL i like to go to dance clubs or i like to chat with people explore and meet new people. im into anime,video games and drawing. i like all kinds of music execpt jazz and classic. i dont like sports. i also rp in sl. u can IM me or leave me a notecard or reply or just friend me idc ;)
  10. I got this great idea and tried finding places or groups who do this and found none play dungeons and dragons on sl just like u would in RL or we could try to make better but I looked and found no one so the only things we would need to do this is a meet place dm and players this is only an idea for now but I hope it will change into more then that but it wont work with out people if u know of something like this in sl pls contact me if not and u would like to join in my idea pls contact me (I had no clue where to put this from so I put it here sorry if its in the wrong spot and pls tell me where to put it)
  11. I don't have many friends on sl (rp family but not a lot of friends) im in to anime and gaming .I like to go dancing and chat and maybe shop and im always ok for doing new things i rp as a 14 year old and would like more teen friends but don't mind older pls IM or send a note card
  12. willowdale high is the best one I found I had the same problem
  13. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: lord4571 wrote: A lot of girls replying to this post Hmm, is this is roleplay, why would it matter if a girl replies? The roleplay is pretending. You're roleplaying (pretending) to be a minor, and are looking for a roleplaying (pretend) minor boyfriend. yes I am trying to find a roleplaying 13-16 boy preferable but 17 and 18 I can deal cuz I can always age up a bit and to the lot of girls replying means that there are not a lot of boys looking here
  14. it might when we grow uo but for right now its just g rated stuff and yes im still looking
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