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  1. A Lovely Traditional Home in a very nice location will be up shortly as I am cleaning mine out and letting my premium membership go. I have had it as long as I've been in SL and though the homes are lovely as well as the communities it's time for me to let it go. I just cannot see the point of paying for something when I am so rarely on anymore. Good Luck to those who will be watching.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laroux/192/18/39 Kasi
  2. Another look at some of the gathering places... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hartnell/79/171/22
  3. Still waiting on one of these Starter Homes *coughs* Retirement homes please... any idea when the new area will be open and wouldn't it be pretty bloody awesome, if they had a long bridge to drive across to get from one community to the next!! You guys know the type, long flat just a little ways over the water!! Please Sir, may I have some more! (may I have a house)
  4. As it turns out, every home is advertising then. Because the ability to cam into homes, that you are not invited to, offer the same potential to create a desire to buy a particular item or items, that are seen, as it is from a home that is open to visitors. Just sayin.
  5. Okay, I'm probably missing the whole point here, but I still would like to offer this. I am glad for those people that have decorated their homes and allowed us to visit, to get ideas of how to decorate on few prims. I do believe that was the true intention of those that said come take a look. It inspired me to take time to go through many stores to find low prim items that were not only functionable, but lovely to look at as well. I am sure there are those that may have also abused it to a point. but as long as they don't have a sign outside their door that says ( Shop @ ***** ) then it's
  6. THis is terrific! Thank you. It is along the lines of what I was trying to get across the other day. In wanting to bring our communities together. ❤️
  7. A New thread has begun and it great! Take a look at Bellisseria Happenings ❤️
  8. I agree, if there was some type of control over it... it could work. maybe if it was simply the Lindens, setting out the items that could be used instead of allowing rez rights to the masses. As the picnic tables are grand and I am glad they are here. (but they don't account for "families").
  9. But you can be anywhere and a griefer can arrive and create mayhem. I may be new to posting here, but not new to SL. Experienced this, I have. We can all focus on negative possibilities. But they can happen at any time and anywhere in SL. I am sure that there are a dozen reasons for the 'nots", but it's not the only way to look at things. This is only one of many ideas that will come out. All I ask is for people to keep an open mind. Cheer's from England, Kasi
  10. I can appreciate having things tidy and clean. But I am thinking of a bigger picture, we live in |neighborhoods now, verses tiny houses crammed together. It's a huge improvement. but if only premium members are allowed to rez (like the premium member sandboxes) if it is auto cleaned. Then why not allow for the neighbors to gather and have a good time. Auto clean should not be "needed" but we all know things get left behind. The the auto return would be a means to tidy up if it is needed. So I could say.. we are at the Laroux picnic area... come on down and hang out if you'd like to.
  11. It could, however, if it is auto cleaned say every 4 hours like the premium sand boxes do. Then there would be no mess left.
  12. I was able to get a house this round, with a sweet little picnic area just down the road. However, we cannot rez there. Is it possible for these areas to be set up like a sandbox where after a few hours everything gets automatically returned. I think it would be incredible as the community comes together, the potential to have cookouts (BBQ's) a picnic on a blanket with families would be so much fun. Any Ides if this is possible?
  13. I got that several times, but people are leaving the ones they have and Patch has said they have now released the next group of house boats. Just a busy server. Keep trying.
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