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  1. try check inworld events like we love roleplay and fantasy gacha they sometimes have items for tmp male too (sadly most standard sizes wont fit due neck part) good luck
  2. a screenshot of me uploading rigged or ticked off weights unrigged should not be needed hehe it's just when ticked off, materials assigned as in blender are the same just the facenumbers are different (from the same file) example metal face 0 on rigged on unrigged suddenly face 4 same amount of faces but different numbers will just upload in parts...
  3. Hello forum members lately ran into problems with uploading unrigged mesh The issue is that the faces are different while it's the same rigged file with weights ticked off Uploading on FS or the LL viewer made no difference Any ideas what it could be?
  4. For outfits def fashionnatic https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/124075 usually combine their stuff with my own slink shoes hoorenbeek is indeed great https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49237
  5. is it your first time? then it might take a bit longer as it did for me is it a high amount? then you probably have to fill in a form (think they mail this to you) if not, best to contact support
  6. pretty sure she ment the mesh with "shape" not the fit best to do is just notecard the one you bought it from SearchAlt if unable to find it elsewhere
  7. weird I do not see any posts accusing on this forum towards you. and seen people accuse others before just because designers use the same templates. bit silly. just leave a clear calm statement under it if you see any, to show in your defence its all legitimate. either way the title is a bit misleading of this topic bit like you suggest how to steal it haha good luck with your business antumbra!
  8. Could just be someone who's competing Keep in mind not all full perm mesh sellers are selling things they actually made. So if you ask that person which of those would be stolen according to her and you could link them here I don't mind checking on them. sidenote: might want to change price here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vitrimi-Tina-Dress-Demos/6075562
  9. Since I dont really have a good overview at orders :D is there any way to redeliver to all in one click?
  10. Tried on different browsers all have the same issue even tried turning off a adblocker but seems it has nothing to do with it
  11. Mila if you want some demos to try give me a IM inworld oh btw dont look up fitted mesh on mp but fitmesh filters a lot more out.
  12. Have send you a private message containing tutorials and links to information about cloth creation in SL
  13. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Second-Life-Tech/Partly-Grey-Avatars-not-being-fully-rezzed/m-p/2556132#M166 not the only one haha. best to take a break from sl till they resolved it.
  14. just logged in now my face went grey aswell haha I'll check it later again
  15. The keyword Fitmesh should work There's even a free template dress (only march gift) if you want to texture some yourself or just to try it out I'v got some on my store aswell but as told by sassy we are still in a early stage of Fitmesh
  16. Good to know it's not only us haha I bet they will resolve it quick then
  17. Since this morning both mine avatar and of my woman have issues with not being fully rezzed rebaking,relogging,tps,clearing cache didn't help Any suggestions?
  18. really... well darn good you told me i'll update it then guess they don't want to have that 5% go away
  19. Agree with suki on - Morons with cow-sized butts and boobs complaining mesh items won't fit their disfigured bodies - Creators who buy their own product and leave 5-star ratings - Garbage that's years old that was popular in the previous decade with high star ratings that are totally irrelevant now, but somehow still exist today Also agree with others that you should be able to rate items inworld after purchase Tend to keep a lot of colors/designs inworld only and I will keep doing this in the future it might affect my sales but in the end it's good to have people inworld looking at your store and other stores around it
  20. even if you leave the 0 out there are a lot of demos priced i do not see the point of the demo being listed at all as a seperate product should be able to look on the product page itself and pick demo there if wanted as some are pretty bad labeling them at times which makes it misleading often ebbe if you read this! it would be a nice change for the marketplace
  21. as a shop owner i'v found this free script great https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/sac-Unpacker-Script-for-Creators-free/4703016 basicly allows people to either wear or put it on the ground to unpack it the unpack script automaticly offers to give the objects great for new people like laurell who only haves to detach the bag after and won't even need a sandbox for it
  22. sluniverse seems a good place to name and shame but they should really make a exception on naming and shaming for these type of cases where multiple persons get scammed as it's bad for their reputation having these kind of people around not banned for so long
  23. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lolas/146/77/37 if you use the search function for the board there's another topic about it
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