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  1. It seems I am not the only one and what this resident did is just fair! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MG-FULL-PERM-SCAM-Semi-Exclusive-Asian-suit/5778494
  2. I think there is always a way to justify a relisting, like fixing a problem etc. One of the products I've bought it no longer listed. Next time you need to make screenshots of your stuff/MP represäentation if you notice there is a problem with. If that person would be serious he would not have act like that, refund me if he don't want to fix it... but hey in some countries you can live well with 17.000 Lindens for MORE than a day. Fraud seems to become a common practise at the MP..
  3. Problem is you can't post here names even not the store link, thats annoying....no demos but the new handbags who this person released are with demos....If we can't post here who acts like that others might have similar issues. Result will be I won't buy mesh templates if there is NO DEMO especially if they are so expensive.
  4. for two mesh template outfits. The funny thing is, I bought two sets and in both were the same cheap dress inside. I passed a note with my concern to the creator, NO response. In meanwhile the creator relisted the two products and added three new products but still didn't response to my note. I IMed this person and asked why I get no response and his/her response was only rude: Hello Miss " Cant Wait " ((I mean I did wait for few hours now right...o.O) ok send a report so i cant help you... if a report can help , feel free , bye you are been muted. For those who work with mesh te
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