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  1. Brilliant! Thank you so much. Do you know why they may have happened or what I can do in the future to prevent it?
  2. oh but in second life it has brought the back with it? just not the collar?
  3. Thank you, got the image. That has taken away the other face, the collar.
  4. It looks odd? The back has dissapeared. Sorry I dont know how to post pictures here yet, http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q696/CricketTheConure/help1_zpsb7227a4d.jpg
  5. Hi guys, I'm really grateful for all the help I have received while learning blender, I find it very difficult to source online content which applies to the problem I seem to always have so posting is really the best thing for me, I just apologise if it's annoying to always get questioned like this. I have built a garment similar to the last one I made just to keep practising with the tools and programs I am new too. In blender my piece looks like this: http://s1354.photobucket.com/user/CricketTheConure/media/help1_zpsf23aa236.jpg.html It has two faces, the collar and the body of the dress and these are set to two different materials. When uploading, the preview window shows this, http://i1354.photobucket.com/albums/q696/CricketTheConure/help2_zpsdf324b94.jpg that my back is invisible? Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?
  6. How do I reference the textures for SL upload to find them? It's like I'm doing textures but they aren't saving or actually going onto the mesh?
  7. Hi guys thanks for posts, I managed to texture the garment I have made however upon uploading it to sl the texture hasn't come with it? I have followed the Online tutorials but nothing seems to work. I'm sure I have textured correctly. I have ticked SL Static sim? Any help, any available for a voice call who could maybe talk me through it, discussing over keyboard is sometimes difficult
  8. I think my mapping is off, the dress I made has been amped into a circle with a lot of the map in the middle then fading out, this is why my texture goes from blurry to clear, but is there a way to remedy this?
  9. Hi, So far I have made the mesh in MD, imported it to Blender for sizing and finishing and now I need to texture the garment. I'm finding blender really difficult for this stage, I can't seem to get the texture map to go over an image well enough that it doesn't make the quality blurry at the top and then spread out near the bottom. Can't anyone help?
  10. If I play as a male character, without any female characters, how can I rig in blender? Is there not a way to get a female character into blender if you arent that specific gender?
  11. Thanks for the post, I finally managed to get it right after a few hours work. Made my first very simple dress. Now to move it into blender and then create me a texture haha.. this should be fun
  12. Hi, I'm a little new to marvelous designer but after getting my copy and playing around I somewhat feel I have the jist of how to do most things. The one problem I have run into is that I have made a collar which I would like to sit ontop of a garment I have put together, however sewing it all up doesnt seem to be working, I get a mess at the collar. I have tried looking for tutorials but I really can't find any, I have changed the fabric, the pressure, the fold, fold strength, I have reverse arranged vertically and bashed my head into the wall all last night trying to figure it out. I would really appreciate some help, I'd love to finally get it to work. Not so much for the finished product but just so it doesnt bug me to death. Thanks in advance, Brodie
  13. Hey, At the moment I use photoshop, I didn't know you use any other program's?
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could maybe help me, any groups that create together and sell together? I create clothes in my first life and would love to get into making clothes within my second one. I have designed a beginner skirt just to get used to everything but I'm a little lost as to how to upload it? Etc. If anyone would like to chat in game I'd love to make some friends within the second life fashion world. Would really appreciate anyone's time Thanks
  15. Aah I'm sorry, I usually say my first life and my second life but I just didn't think about it while typing. I meant no offence, I understand it's much more then a simple game. Apologises to anyone who may be offended.
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