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  1. I hope you are right about that. I have nothing to object to a proper and valid identification. Actually, I'm for it because among other things it's a good way to fight money laundering. My concern is just the "inactivity fee". Does that apply to all those who convert L$ to USD or only to the ones who actually process credit to take money out? You see, at some point I might drop the premium membership and thus no longer have the need to exchange L$, so the Tilia account would be indefinitely inactive. Would Tilia take some of my money, then?
  2. Not entirely true. Yes, L$ have no value for them within its own circuit, but LL makes money selling them and again when L$ are converted to USD. And taking some out of Marketplace sales. No matter how much competent a pixel farmer you are, you'll never grow L$ in your fields. L$ originate from one source and one source only. So they actually do have value to LL in several different ways, and I estimate that the overall value is considerable.
  3. Of course it's not convenient for them. 😉
  4. The reason may well be the fee they charge us for exchanging $L to USD. Really, I'm not trusting LL much these days, after their recent price and fees changes and the (poor) justification(s) for them. They didn't come out very well in the picture, in my opinion. It seems to be all tricks and more tricks...
  5. Possibly, no one cares about what I'm going to write but... I've never taken any money out of SL and I never will. I only exchange L$ to USD to have my tier paid. Now, wouldn't it be nice that I didn't have to do that? Currency exchange, that is. Why can't we pay tier with Linden Dollars?
  6. Now all their talk is about keeping SL economy healthy. Well, if you want an healthy economy, don't mess with it. The truth, however, is that LL is trying to squeeze from everyone as much money as possible. Which isn't wrong, as LL isn't a non-profit organization, it's a company and needs money not only to keep their services running as also to feed their share holders. But please don't take us as idiots with that talk about SL economy. Charging everyone more money will only leaves us with less to spend on the grid's businesses. It's always funny how some economists do the opposite of what they should do when prescribing more taxes and fees.
  7. Whatever today's roll did (yes, I read the release notes) Nuggy's performance became ridiculous. It's almost impossible to do anything, as scripts run are around 3% most of the time, when they were around 90% before the rolling restart. Support ticket filed requesting a new restart to see if that fixes whatever went wrong. [EDIT] A new restart fixed whatever the problem was. Still not the performance it had before today's rolling restart but much, much better than it was before I filed the ticket.
  8. I'm still to know why my events only show for me on the dashboard — no one else can see them. My events are rated Moderate in a Moderate region. More: I don't even allow any nudity there or anything related to Adult behaviours. - - - By the way, all the "perks" mentioned are uninteresting. But since the prims allowance was raised, and land prices dropped a bit, I've been waiting for a counterbalance, so not really a surprise that premium membership prices go up. Those two changes won't be an increased benefit for premium memberships anymore, as in the end we are going to pay more for them (possibly the same as before they were introduced — I haven't done the maths yet.) I'm sorry, but it all sounds like a magician's trick to me. I don't believe that raising the premium membership prices will help SL's economy in general, nor will an increase of 100% to the credit processing fee, but it sure will help LL's own economy. I just wish LL uses the money to actually make SL work better because, you see, it does look better than it did when I joined, almost 7 and an half years ago, but the only thing that I notice working slightly better than it did by then is the inventory system.
  9. LL's post about it would be laughable, if the whole thing wasn't so sad... Increasing the premium membership prices has nothing to do with SL's economy, but it sure does with LL's own economy, possibly for funding Sansar which is very much needed (what for? is it going anywhere?) Really, I can't see how raising the prices will help Second Life's economy, as that will leave premium users with less money to inject into the grid's economy. Also, creators/merchants will take less money from their SL businesses, as the the credit processing fee is raised 100% (was 2.5% and will be 5%) and surely some will start thinking if it all is worth the hassle.
  10. I couldn't log my alt account with the SL Viewer, either, so it wasn't only Firestorm. But logins are back now, at least for me. 😊 [EDIT] Oops! I shouldn't have read you in a hurry, sorry. And also should have read the whole thread before posting. 😄
  11. @Aishagain No disconnects while sailing, either, but had a few detachments from the boat. What really impressed me was that I could always do something that used to fail 9 out of 10 times: teleport to the next sim by double clicking the mini map. Before, doing that would have ended in a disconnect after some time, but not anymore. So yes, I believe that some good work has been done, and for that I'm thankful to the LL team who did it and to those who decided it had to be done. We'll see if this is a lasting condition — I'm hoping it is.
  12. Right. But what I mean is that when you were there you didn't know what was happening with the other regions running on the same hardware. Anyway, your conclusion may be right. One of the things I've been wondering is that the issue (if it really is an issue) may be caused by the simulator code itself.
  13. Today may not be the best time to check that, as there are rolling restarts and it's possible that they partially affect the region.
  14. I am curious too, but not enough to spend my time in-world doing what Lindens are supposed to do. Also, I'm sure that they gather more and better data than any people from forums. Knowing technical details about how SL works wasn't the reason I joined it in the first place. Learning a bit of it is just a consequence of being a user. If I wanted to know all the deep stuff, I'd rather spend my money on a programming course or something, and certainly wouldn't be in SL. This is what I mean when I write that "I'm only interested in functionality" from the basic user's point of view. I have far more interesting things to do in SL than spending the time I have available for it "getting my hands dirty". If it will ever gets buggered to the point that the things I do aren't working, I'll simply stop paying it.
  15. Yes, Qie, I believe that's what they have been doing. But I do understand that properly changing the method would have serious implications, not to mention the time it would take. Nevertheless, I'm amazed that after so many years they admit they don't know why sometimes it gets so bad. I can only guess that they never gave it the importance it has for many, many users.
  16. It is worrying when a Linden says something I've known for years by mere observation... Yes, it is cyclic, "it comes and goes." And even more worrying when they admit that they don't know why, as it's something that has been happening at the very least since I started sailing, over 6 years ago.
  17. I think that there are some confused minds around here, certainly more confused than my own. When I go to the doctor, I tell them what I feel, what symptoms I experience. It's up to the doctor to find out what is wrong with me and eventually prescribe a cure. The very same applies to SL. I don't have to demonstrate anything, it's not my job as a paying user trying to go above my abilities to find out what the problem is — that is the service provider's job. All I have to do is let them know about the symptoms, and that's it. What happened with the rental at Warrumbungles was something like going to the doctor and being told it would pass if I''d return home peacefully, while in fact I am suffering from a serious disease. And that went for about a whole year, so it means the simulator had been hosted in several different machines during that period, supposedly. [EDIT] Now, how many more cases like Warrumbungles are there that we don't know of? Yes, I may be speculating, but the fact is that there are other regions with identical issues... Unless it's a new feature and it's now how things are supposed to work.
  18. If only it were just that I'd be a happy sailor. Crossings got noticeably worse since the last time I sailed yesterday, and yes, I just had a crash while crossing from Blake Sea - Hawser to Blake Sea - Jones Locker... I was sent flying high "thru several sims" till I was logged out.
  19. @Aishagain I hate conspiracy theories, which doesn't mean they don't happen, both conspiracies and theories. But I truly believe LL hasn't done what some people in this thread seem to think they did, as that would be too stupid, if there weren't other reasons. And I have to agree with @CoffeeDujour that if it were true we'd feel and see it in more areas like, for instance, building two cubes and link them. Now, as far as I know, the scripts "thing" has been happening at least for about one year in some regions. I followed closely the case of Warrumbungles because my partner rented there, and I know that despite many attempts from the management to get it resolved, all LL did was restarting the region on demand, so very recently the business owners decided they couldn't cope with it anymore. But maybe LL didn't fix it because there was nothing to fix, because it's the way things are supposed to work now, and also that's why the JIRA was closed and people are being directed to Support to have their region(s) restarted. All this makes me ask a sort of an opposite question to the OP's one: considering that it's going to escalate, as there will be more and more scripts to do whatever, and more complex code on the server side, shouldn't each hardware server have less simulators running? Maybe not immediately, but in the near future? Yes, that means a considerable investment but you can't make omelets without eggs, and if it comes to the point that cases like Warrumbungles become frequent...
  20. Or that, yes. They already knew regions would need to be restarted more often due to whatever they have been doing (the new features?) Not long ago they set a 14 days cycle, and then it changed to 10 days. Gotta wonder why... Anyway, just for the most skeptical here's a practical example of what is happening: a few days ago, a rental business moved all their tenants to other regions because at the one where they were most stuff wasn't working anymore, and apparently LL was unable to fix it. The region is Warrumbungles and is now for sale at L$1/sqm.
  21. I believe that LL has acknowledged the issue, but internally. They didn't set regions restarts on a 10 days cycle just for fun. But if this is to continue, at some point many mainland regions (not all) will need to be restarted daily. Most private regions already are, so what about those? Will some need to be restarted every couple hours? From the users perspective can we call that functionality? I know, I know, a dozen years ago it was much worse. Seriously? Oh well, too bad I only joined SL in 2011 and missed all that fun...
  22. That's why I'm agnostic. (sorry, I couldn't resist putting a bit of humor into this thread) [EDIT] Now seriously: I don't care about what background monitoring says, as user I'm only interested in functionality — and that is severely affected no matter what "geeks" say or think. Also, it's none of my business the reason why it is happening — that's up to LL.
  23. Nope. The boat hits the border, travels a few meters ahead into the new sim and then there is a slight jump back to where the sim begins, as usual. OK, it's smoother than many times is, at most crossings, but I don't see anything new. If you keep an eye on the coordinates, you'll see that happening... in numbers, too. 😉
  24. It's more or less obvious that something is not right with SL. Or should I say several things? But there is something most people seem to forget: between our computer and LL's servers there are several networks, networks that neither our ISP's nor LL have any control over, and networks may have fluctuations, so I think that is a major factor to take into account. Does it explain current issues? No, but it adds to them, and sometimes that may even be the sole responsible for issues that some users experience while some others don't. [EDIT] The ping to my ISP is never more than 5 ms, while to Tucson AZ (Login Inc.) is usually around 160 ms, but to SL it's never less than 178 ms, and usually around 185 ms (at least the times I've checked it.)
  25. Like I wrote several times, it comes and goes without any apparent fix. Too many variables... Vehicles/avatars traffic, networks, regions running low on resources, you vehicle and your own connection, your avatar's complexity and scripts, and who knows what else.
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