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  1. I haven't had any teleport failures since yesterday's rolls, either. Also crossing regions had no issues at all. Still, I remain cautious and will wait a week before I finally shout "yay!" in my mind. I don't think LL had any significant losses. I'd bet that most of those staying away from SL because of this latest issue are freebie users.
  2. A bit too early to know if it's better or not. Yesterday, I went through more than 50 regions at very high speed on motorboats without issues, and only two of those regions had gotten the latest server release.
  3. I just went through the same route as yesterday (Nuggy->Von Luckner->all sims North of Nautilus City->Blake Sea - Crows Nest->Honah Lee Trudeau and back) on a motor boat, again at very high speed, and had no issues at all. The speed was so high that the next sim was only showing on mini map right when I was about to cross into it. Yesterday, I was silly, and only checked which server channel the regions were on after finishing the testing. So, it happened that only two of those sims had gotten the new server version, but still it all went fine. 😄 We'll see how region crossings and teleporting work in the next few days. I'm running Firestorm, always. [EDIT] Some more testing, this time from Nuggy to Ahab's Haunt via Venrigalli, then a bit to NE through the passage at Dooknock, all the way South to Blake Sea - Travertine, East to Blake Sea - Crows Nest, and South again to Honah Lee Trudeau; then back to Nuggy, via Blake Sea - Crows Nest->Blake Sea - Azimuth->>>von Luckner, etc. Again, no issues at all, and I had someone racing with me from Blake Sea - Jones Locker till Nuggy on my way back home.
  4. @Sayrah Parx The same applies to textures scrolling and objects rotation, unless the script works as a switch to set them on/off. [EDIT] Sorry about the double posting. 😞
  5. The same applies to textures scrolling and objects rotation, unless the script sets them on/off.
  6. It would be possible to test it more or less properly if the new code had been rolled to RC Magnum, at least for me, as there are quite some contiguous Magnum regions I cross daily.
  7. I just went from Nuggy to Honah Lee Trudeau (as usual, via North of Nautilus City and turning South at Crows Nest) at high speed — and I mean HIGH speed — on two different motor boats and back without any issues. Actually, crossings were quite smooth. Many of the sims I went through were restarted afresh today with the new code, so it's early to know if it all going so well is due to the new server version or part of it (no idea to what extent, of course) was due to the fact they were restarted. [EDIT] Running Firestorm, as always. [EDIT 2] Oops! No, I was wrong — most regions I went through are on the Main Channel and RC Magnum. I just hopped around them to check. (laughing at myself now) So, I went at high speed through more than 50 regions and only two of them got what was rolled today. As I wrote above, no issues at all, and crossings were even quite smooth.
  8. Support person didn't know what they were talking about — something that used to happen quite often. I haven't contacted support for over a year, I believe, but since LL's CEO changed Support got much better. The increased number of ghosted avatars is due to an increased number of crashes/disconnects crossing regions. This is an issue that never went away, so after some point I started taking it as a "normal" thing. Nothing to worry about, I think.
  9. Ghosted avatars are fairly common after a crash. That's something I've always took as "normal", as it's something I've always seen around since I started using vehicles. What's not normal is the crashes rate crossing sims on a vehicle these days. But that is something that's always happened in cycles, it seems — it comes and goes away without any apparent fix.
  10. Well, as I wrote a few posts back, I seem to be having less disconnects on teleports during my daily time in-world, but crossing regions got noticeably worse. Still, in both cases it's random/intermittent. For example, I can sail over 50 sims without being logged out and hours later I am disconnected while trying my third crossing. One thing is sure, even when not being disconnected, sim crossings are quite rough. As for teleports, I'm am having much less disconnects than I had before the last roll, but sometimes two TP attemps out of three fail. Of course I'm just guessing, but most probably LL's "workingonit" is browsing logs for the moment. So, it's important that we keep trying to do what we usually do (sailing, flying and teleporting around, in my case.)
  11. As you pointed before, it can be a lot more than a bug. Also as you and others pointed before, SL regions suffer from a performance problem that I've been noticing for a few months.
  12. Hmmm... A bit too early to enter panic mode, I think. For the moment, I'm just in upset mode. And angry, at times.
  13. No idea. And also no idea why no one else mentioned that.
  14. I just hope you are right, Qie... And yes, I was overreacting back there.
  15. If what Fluf Fredriksson wrote above is true, they are now paying for not having fixed some long standing bugs. And maybe some of them should go back to school. As you can tell, I'm very upset with all this.
  16. Teleport failures are striking hard now. Just got two within less that 10 minutes, trying to do the CarperTech Eggs Hunt. This is going to kill Fantasy Faire, as crossing sims isn't working there most of the time... 😥 [EDIT] And another teleport failure... So, 3 in about 15 minutes.
  17. The thing is, whatever was rolled yesterday to the whole grid didn't fix the issues. Only made it a bit less bad, maybe. We'll see how it goes till the end of next week. The funny thing — not — is that teleports seem to be working better and crossings got worse, at least for me.
  18. Making short what you wrote there: they don't know exactly what they are doing. 😞
  19. @Fluf Fredriksson What is really worrying is that they don't know what they have done... Or if they do, why have they done it, then? It doesn't hold much hope for the future.
  20. Yes, it may be a little better, but issues are not fixed.
  21. Yep, I already got a couple disconnects. [EDIT] Crossing sims just walking was one of them.
  22. Interesting... I attached a new item but didn't save it to the outfit, and went hopping around till I got disconnected. When I re-logged to the last place where I had been, supposedly, I was placed where I had first logged in, but the new item I added was still attached, despite not being saved to the outfit. How about that?
  23. Exactly. I bet that changing a texture or a worn attachment shape manually won't be saved, either. Anyway, I'll keep testing stuff.
  24. The disconnect is during the teleport, or so it seems. It gets stuck on the TP screen and logs me out after a while.
  25. Oh, something just occurred to me... Let me explain what happens exactly. I start a new session and change my outfit. In most cases I have to change the body alpha cuts for the outfit I changed to. Next, I change the shirt's texture from the HUD provided by its maker, for example. Then, I try to teleport somewhere and the system logs me out after a while. When I log back in, I am wearing the outfit I changed to but the body definitions and the shirt are back to how they were before I changed outfits. Thus, it seems only definitions changed by scripts or whatever are being affected...
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