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  1. Maybe I misread it weeks ago, although I could almost swear that's what was on the GSP then... If that's the case, thanks for correcting me. But the GSP post has been changed since last time I saw it.
  2. Maybe it affects economy a bit but I don't think it's significant in the short term (and even less in the long term) if it gets fixed sometime soon. I'm more concerned with the overall performance, things like slow rezzing and assets loading, teleport failures, regions unusable for half a day, group chat not working when you need it, etc.
  3. I don't see why would someone drop SL and go look for games just because the world map isn't working... I never use it when sailing or flying, as Firestorm's mini map is good enough (unlike the Lindens viewer one). Yes, it's annoying when you want to go sim hopping around mainland but just that. However, I wonder why it still isn't working when it's said that "a fix has been implemented". Is it possible that they don't know how to do it, as someone sort of suggested some time ago?
  4. I know there is a bake service maintenance but this doesn't seem to be the same thing. [EDIT] ... and like magic, I just logged in. 😄
  5. This is becoming ridiculous... [EDIT] I can login to the dashboard, though.
  6. Better late than never... But the login system is unstable right now. I couldn't login in multiple regions, including my home one, which had already been restarted about one hour ago. After trying several regions, I finally logged in at home just to see that there wasn't any other restart applied to it.
  7. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/q0rm976cfdgz
  8. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/q0rm976cfdgz
  9. Right. What caused the error for me was a notecard from Cosmopolitan. Besides that, I remain a grey oval no matter where I try logging in. Outfits won't load and inventory keeps fetching forever.
  10. They are improving, though... From the 30th December 2019 to the 2nd January 2020 I had my home region (Nuggy) more or less unusable, as no scripts would work there. I filed two support tickets that never got a response, not even after the issue was fixed. [EDIT] 12 hours was half a day in Australia and New Zealand (OK, it's half a day everywhere but you know what I mean).
  11. Oh, I just tried to login twice and outfits couldn't load... And even started a thread because I didn't see this one first. Inventory keeps fetching and fetching and fetching but clothes aren't loading.
  12. Happening now. Happy New Year, yeah...
  13. It's getting worse, then. I was at Vinyl earlier...
  14. Not likely, that would be quite some people owning stores. [EDIT] Also, I got the info that Slink owners noticed the issue around midnight SLT and filed a ticket.
  15. I noticed when I tried to teleport to stores. Slink disappeared from the map. Same for Ison. Also, when I tried to TP to Lock & Tuft got an error message saying the teleport was routed to the wrong region, and I was taken nowhere. People are complaining in several group chats. When will LL start taking seriously that SL is a global thing? Isn't that one of the cloud purposes? So why is Support off?
  16. Let me wonder a bit further... Are region restarts due to hardware reboots or most times they're just a software restart? Because if it's software restart, then I don't think Amazon is allowed to do that. [EDIT] When I used to run a couple Opensim regions (offline) on my PC, and needed to restart some, I never rebooted the PC itself.
  17. Maybe, maybe not. My home region (Nuggy) hasn't been restarted since the 11th this month.
  18. [EDIT] It was just posted on the GSP: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/5vdtmywr6g3s
  19. There was a maintenance on the login system, I guess they screwed-up...
  20. @Solar Legion Some additional info about yesterday's late restarts and the GSP: my home region (Nuggy) went down for maintenance right after a contiguous one returned (Jorondip) and the GSP had no mention about restarts being underway. The restarts were performed on due time, as the notice was they would begin around 2:45 SLT. I was annoyed for having everyone leaving my place but it was for the best, so that was OK. But yes, as you suggested, someone forgot to update the GSP, which isn't something new — it was the GSP being the GSP.
  21. Nuggy was restarted during my weekly event, around 2:50 PM SLT. All neighbouring regions were restarted too.
  22. The GSP says that rolling restarts are underway for the RC Channel. But Nuggy is being restarted, and it's on the Main Channel... Unless it's been moved.☹️ [EDIT] Nuggy still is version 553120 after being restarted.
  23. Yep, I read all that alright. I was just kind of reporting here what happened to me this morning (couldn't login for a while, and when I did couldn't TP anywhere; and then the inventory database issue). Of course the whole transition must be quite complex, and I'm not really expecting it to get much better before the end of this year.
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