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  1. Friday Night @ The Leopard Lounge! 6-8pm SLT Country Classics! DJ BrendaLee. Saddle up your horses, put on your boots and spurs and let's giddy up on over to the Pavilion. DJ BrendaLee loves country and she's gonna be digging out all those classic records from her collection to share with you!! She won't let you down, par'dners. Country or casual attire most welcome. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/198/198/502 8-10pm SLT Alternative Energy - DJ Bebe. Fun, energetic and polite, let DJ Bebe rock your world with the best alternative dance and rock of the 80s and 90s and a whole lot more! She'll be playing a lot of stuff other DJ's don't play. Yay for variety! Join her at the Deaf Leopard! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/201/207/474 Event calendar for other sets (as there are many): https://tinyurl.com/yc4rsjuv
  2. Happy Holidays! The Leopard Lounge will be hosting a Christmas Set 2-4pm SLT with DJ Etoile @ The Pavilion. All kinds of Christmas music will be played, along with any requests one may have! Casual and Christmas attire are more than welcome at this snowy venue Hope to see some of you there! 8-10pm SLT will be The Leopard Lounge Christmas Party with DJ BrendaLee, also @ The Pavilion. Christmas Classics and more recent renditions will be played, along with your requests! Bring some eggnog, put on your sweaters, and bring your Christmas cheer! You do NOT want to miss this party! Here is your ride for both the set and party: The Pavilion Feel free to check out the Facebook page for recent event postings: Click Me Also feel free to check our event calendar: Click Me
  3. Join us for our NEW set with DJ BrendaLee from 6-8pm SLT! It's Country Classics! But wait, there's more to it than that. It's Grand Ole Opry themed! Saddle up your horses and giddy up on over to the Pavilion! DJ BrendaLee loves country and she's gonna be digging out all those classic records from her collection to share with you! Put on those boots, blue jeans, and button downs and come join us for a rootin tootin good time! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/198/198/502
  4. It's our final night of our Bowling to The 80s event! Put on your bowling gear, come as you are, and get ready for a fun Friday night! From 6-8pm DJ BrendaLee will be playing some awesome 80s tunes and will be open to your requests too! There will be a working bowling alley and prize for our best bowler! See you tonight! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/197/206/55
  5. Shaken, not Stirred - DJ Silverwind + Tezla 6-8 PM PST SLT DJ Silverwind comes to us with over 10 years of Second Life DJ experience. Join him tonight from 6-8pm in the Leopard Lounge Ballroom for a unique selection of Martini Jazz! A true music lover, he's quick on the request line and happy to play your favorites. He also has a voice that will put the gents at ease and have the ladies swooning where they dance. So, toss on those dressy or formal outfits and join us for Shaken, not Stirred! See you Soon!http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/215/217/453
  6. Oh, I gave this person ample time to make a conversation after sending my profile to me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't unappreciated per se... The only judgement I had was that this person was being lazy if they really wanted to know more and maybe become friends. All you have to do is start a conversation about whatever catches your interest in the profile, not send the person their own profile and expect things to unfold from there. It's a weird approach to a conversation and just is lazy (IMO). It then became clear why they were being lazy though. They really just wanted to hookup rather than just chat. After it became clear that wasn't what I was looking for, they vanished. It's frustrating inworld when all you want to do is chill and chat, but it feels like no one else does. I know that's not true, but damn it feels like that most days 😞
  7. Put on your bowling shirts and shoes and join us at the Leopard Strike bowling alley Friday, November 16th & 30th! @ 6-8pm for an evening of retro tunes, bowling, junk food and dancing, too, if you wish. DJ BrendaLee will be spinning records for you all night! See you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/197/206/55
  8. Ooh ok. I get that then ? I wish I could see that thread too. I guess I haven't been in-world very often enough to experience a lot of things. So, maybe once I do get into it more I'll have the same frustration.. then again I might not if this mainly happens to women on here (as it appears to, just by going off of what I'm seeing).
  9. Due to past interactions, I'm scared of coming off as a creep for reaching out and wanting to talk to someone. I always have to explain myself I feel like, just to ensure the person I am not IMing them for dubious reasons.. which is uncomfortable AF. I also don't want to give people who are looking for said dubious things, the wrong idea.. and think I want to hook up with them. It's a weird double edged sword, and I'm too much of a pansy to chance either being called a creep, or being creeped because I reached out to make a potential new friend. ? Therefor, it does get pretty damn lonely. I have a house with 3 cats.. and a little side job as a host (where interaction is expected).... that's about it. Oh well. I guess that's what RL is for.
  10. Oh of course, I get that. If someone can't carry a conversation, it IS annoying as hell. What I guess I wasn't getting was how it was annoying if someone does reach out, and they open with "how are you?" and get shut down with attitude like they're a plebe that only is going to do small talk. That's the vibe I was getting from some (not all) of the posts in here. ? I don't mean to offend or anything, I just thought that attitude was a bit ridiculous for an open sim site based around being social. That was the point I was making. How is it annoying if someone is trying to start a convo and actually does have things to talk about.. but some people won't even let them get to that? I get it. No one is owed anything, but jeez. It's hard enough to meet decent people and make friends. No wonder people don't stay online for long anymore. My example of "quantum physics" being an expected opener for conversation is exactly what it feels like some people expect, and is confirmed by some people's posts in this thread in their reaction to someone just asking how they are? Sadly, it's usually the people that seem the most interesting that are like this ?
  11. These aren't exactly lines, but moments that have happened that just irk me. First off. Unpopular opinion, probably because I'm a guy.. But I don't mind if someone says "hi, how are you?" or any other variant. If that's the only way someone knows how to start a convo, then so be it. I open with that if there's nothing to start a conversation with (aka profile is not very descriptive), so I won't be a hypocrite and demand them talk about quantum physics to start a convo (that would be funny though). If it goes in a weird direction, I'll say something or block (if it gets real weird and they won't stop). However, I don't shut down anyone right away if they're not doing anything to deserve it. It's that kind of attitude that made me leave IMVU. Where no one wanted to make new friends and just sat in silence if a new person in the room tried to get a conversation going. ? Like I said, I can see it's the unpopular opinion, but I also can see I'm in the minority when it comes to guys posting here.. Maybe if I was hit on as much, even a hello or a basic conversation opener would bother me. When someone copies and pastes something from my profile and goes "this has me interested"... and it's basically my whole profile. Obviously the profile is there for other people to read (not for me to read again), and start conversations with, but it shows me you're lazy if you can't even pick out a few things here and there to start a conversation with. Either that, or shows me you have no idea how because you know nothing about the subjects I'm interested in. At least try, or even go: "hey I see you're into ____. I don't know much about it, but it's similar to ____. Have you heard about it?" My other issue is when someone assumes I'm checking them out, calls me some name, and then I have the explain to them that I'm gay as hell and have no interest in them. It's just where I happened to stop (usually because I have to do something AFK). OR in the most usual context: me asking you to change into something that covers you for a dress code if I'm hosting. I'm not that guy, so don't assume I am. I don't have many irked moments, since I keep to myself and am pretty chill about most things.. but those are mine.
  12. 5 years. Though I only have used it from 2013-2014 and 2017-2018 aka 2 years in total as far as use goes. So far. I think I'll be staying this time around.
  13. 1) I never expect things to go beyond SL. I know it happens though. 2) For me personally, the other person should be single in RL. If they want to date someone in RL, then they are more than welcome to break up with me and keep in touch as friends if they'd like. Since I don't expect things to go beyond SL and all. For other people I know that as long as the RL partner knows, it's perfectly fine. Just know that my own personal preference does not make me judge anyone else's choice, as it's not my place at all to do so.
  14. ? Hello! My name is SirParadox (I go by Tezla though). I am 25 yrs old. I live in the North East of the U.S. My avatar is 5 years old, but my actual experience with SL is a bit over a year. I wasn't using it on a regular basis until the summer of 2017 rolled around. You see, I never had a draw to use SL. I was totally sold on IMVU for a long time, which I joined that back in 2007. I still have my OG account on there too, and I pop on there once in a while. However, once I got used to how SL worked and ended up appreciating the detail of everything.. It's hard to go back to IMVU, where everything is a stretched out texture or a pixelated mess. In the past year, I have been a moderately active host working two sets a week. I am mostly just looking for people to hang out with and talk to. Which just like real life, is kind of hard to do lol. Maybe I just don't go to the right places? Most people would rather hook up and not actually be friends ? Which is not my main focus. What I'm into: 90s (cartoons, shows, games), music (anything between swing and country so don't ask for a favorite song), anime (DBZ, Naruto/Boruto, Lupin, AoT, Deadman, FLCL, Kuromukuro, etc), cartoons in general which also includes movies, games, painting/drawing/sculpting. Cars/Street racing. YouTube is my drug. Netflix is my backup drug. My real life: It's boring. I work, come home, do errands, eat, go online, and go to bed. Sometimes I go do other things, sometimes I don't do anything, and sometimes things are just a plain ol' jumbled mess... but mainly; it's boring. Which is why I'm even here. I'm just myself online, so there's really not much to say. I won't get too detailed unless I've been speaking with someone for a few weeks and they seem genuinely interested in what's beyond the avatar and screen. Ok this is getting way too long, so this is the end ? Inbox me, IM me, or shoot a notecard my way idk.
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