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  1. I was going for a red theme. I should have done some horns with it too.
  2. All i had recently was a snapshot of my face. I dont change clothes as often as i use to honestly.
  3. If you are on flickr i suggest joining some of the groups. There is one called My Kawaii World SL, also Kawaii Time, and Kawaii Elite. You can see blog posts and stuff featuring cute kawaii styles. This would help you alot in search of new stores.I hope you find what you're looking for.
  4. This happens to everybody in SL at some point. Its more common when you have been around Sl for many years like i have. I have taken breaks for several months at a time before, Going on 13 years here i sometimes need to get away and do other things for a while. So give yourself opportunity to come up with new ideas for things you want to do in SL. Find some inspiration and pick up a new hobby such as blogging, photography, maybe even creating some things. Getting involved in something new and interacting with others that also do that thing create a whole new experience for you. You will find y
  5. I only fairly recently returned from a break so i missed so much of new bodies and new heads. As soon as i heard TMP i was thinking Oh no this wont go over well. I just cant get past how things were with them before, So I'm very cautious. The body looks nice but that price is way too high for something that has such huge issues.Its not omega compatible ( atleast not yet), so thats a huge turn off.I need to watch some review videos and really see the full details of this body and the hud to fully know about it. There are better bodies with better prices on the market already and with tons of su
  6. I couldn't respond as i was busy moving across the country and had limited use of the internet. I only just got back so there has been little time to check in on things until now. As for your questions and curiosity. I probably didnt word it the right way. No it wasnt the exact trademark that was purchased it was just applying for them. But none the less the process was started and thats what matters to me and is worth every cent. I realize there is no guarentee but i couldnt not try. I didn't work this hard on everything for nothing. Even though its a long wait i just felt even notifying he
  7. wow the assumptions from you people. I did not come here to advertise. I never once mentioned my new brand name i created. Ive had it less than a week, so advertising it right now i spointless as it does not exsist as a physical store or even on marketplace. So you are 100% wrong on that. I didnt expect much of any real advice as the forums are usually filled with people assuming things and being jerks. My post was mostly to vent my frustrations over the situation hoping someone else that had been through something similar may have had something helpful to share themselves. No longer matters
  8. I did move on and start a new brand, but that does not make it right for her to claim and use what i created now does it? Its pretty low and crappy considering most of the work for that brand was mine. I find it funny now that thats all she has left is claiming the brand name and using my pictures. She doesnt however have the products i created. I took all of that with me. I guess i can consider myself lucky she didnt get those too. All she has left is in inexperince that shows in the new items shes releasing. Im not worried about that. I know people can clearly tell the difference between my
  9. Yeah i had considered these things as well that they may not be able to do anything because i didnt get the name trademarked or anything in RL. I had also thought that nothing would be done about that. I had just hoped she herself would come to realize what shes doing is wrong and stop. Only hoping though. I have already created a new brand which i am in the process of setting up. So no worries there.
  10. I left my ex business partner recently because of her unpredictable explosive episodes she would have. I thiink she got angry that i left her so shes relaliated. After the conversation on FB that made me decide to leave, i decided not to even tell her because i knew i would deal with yet another one of her weird freak outs. So to avoid it i decided to log in quietly and not even say a word to her. I teleported to the sim where the store sat, i picked all of my decor,, all of my products in the store, ejected people from the groups. I thought doing it quietly would avoid drama from her but
  11. I'm sorry your first experience with SL was so disappointing. Its always sad to hear that a new user didnt get the guidence or help that they needed and gave up in frustration. I have been here sense 2006.It does take time getting use to and understanding how things work. I dont just mean how the viewer works ect, but how SL people work and the general etticate rules when meeting people. A lot of new residents dont even know these things at all and they can come off as a bit rude or annoying. This leaves older residents not even wanting to respond and give them the time of day. It happens. H
  12. You may want to try the Kemono mesh av. Its a very small chested av. I have been seeing more and more people making appliers for it. You can find it on the marketplace.
  13. I just recently closed down my own store due to focusing on photography but i would be happy to offer any help. I made a post on my blog on how to retexture a shirt. It may be of some use to you. HERE .
  14. I do photograpy and editing. I have been working as a photography in SL sense 2007 ( including years on my other av). have examples of both my edited work and my raw snapshots from my blogger posts so you can get an idea of the quality. you can find these on my flickr.HERE . I have an inworld studio. You can find the tp in my profile in the classifieds tab. This will lead you straight to the offiice and you can grab a notecard with full details of my services.
  15. I made a post to my blog for a simple editing tutorial. I do plan to do others soon to go into even more detail of how to edit SL photos. You are welcomed to check out out and see if its of any use to you at all. HERE
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