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  1. Did anybody see the original poster around?
  2. My suggestion to you is Annie, fill out your profile first. Most people look at it for learning a bit more about you. An empty profile can be a turn off , while a profile where you nicely express yourself may bring you more friends, jobs etc... Good luck & Enjoy your SL
  3. As much as you have right to remain human, he has got right to spend his life with a permanent furry. Just as you don't want to change yourself for him, he doesn't need to change his desires in the name of accepting you as you are either. So he is not the toxic one here. He persues what he desires, and you are following your heart as well. It's good for both of you.
  4. See people say LL doesn't pay attention to forums, but people's reaction on the forums got noticed afterall.
  5. jwenting wrote: Muletta wrote: Thank you for link, I don't understand all it says, so am I wrong about the changes have been made because of new rules from the Goverment of USA, or have I understood it right? yes, LL would have been legally responsible for any and all money laundering and other transactions with money gained from criminal enterprises through their systems. IOW if someone used a one time debit card bought using cash gained from a robbery to buy L$ from say Virwox, LL staff could have been arrested and put on criminal trial for that. Money laundring measure are not against for small thefts, but for the big organizations moving great amount of money around the world bypassing the legal banking system. If somebody steals your credit card and uses it for charging few hundred dollars on SL there is nothing LL can do about it either, unless the financial instutition they are doing business with flags the transaction. If you rob somewhere and buy a debit card with that money, you can't prosecute the shops that are accepting the debit card. Neither SL, nor TPEs, nor the deli down to street has any way of knowing how you bought that debit card. They treat all the cards issued by the financial instutitions same. In this case the bank has no way of knowing where you got the cash either. The example you gave is like suing a restaurant because they served food to a robber and accepted his cash, or suing a car manufacturer when the same person pays cash and buys a car. If you steal somebody elses debit/credit card, then the procedure is different. That person needs to report the theft immediatly. Once reported the responsibility is on the bank. Not on the customer, nor on the shop. Plus even when the card was not stolen, if the bank's system finds the transaction suspicious, it's still banks responsibility to flag the transaction. On top of that, all banks are insured against fraud, so there are already multi layered measures against these problems. Except the extra book keeping, and transperancy load put on LL's shoulders by the new regulations, this issue doesn't have much to do with the risks of e-commerce.
  6. <Sarcasm> I don't own any rental company. I had people coming to me and telling the same story. I got their last penny in advance but didn't offer them anything in return. </Sarcasm> On a serious note: Opt to make weekly payments if the land size you are renting is above a certain level. Then even if you lose one weeks rent you can just get another place very soon and keep on going. There is always this risk of losing money, and limiting your losses to one weeks rent is always better than losing the months of rent at once and not being able to afford a new place. I hope it works out for you
  7. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: My question for you is why are you not mad at the TPE's? They had access to the same information about the pending regs as everyone else. Why didn't they warn you in advance or take steps to stay in business? Either they manage their business very poorly and were asleep at the wheel or chose not to do anything but continue to squeeze every last bit of profit out of their customers as they could. Either way they have proven to be inept at best and I wouldn't trust one of them again. You are right TPE's are not neccesarily the good guys here. They are doing what they think is good for them, and LL is just being LL, while the customers are being squeezed in the middle. The problem of the LL is, and I think thats why most people are angry at them not just in this issue but in many things, they never want to recognize they are not in beta anymore. When they first started SL it was an experimental thing. It was a vision of one person. Nobody had done it before. It was a big risk to take for it's founders, and there wasn't a multi million dollars business around at that time. LL was making many mistakes, and people were keep forgiving them because hey, it was a new era and everybody was in the same boat. But then business started to take off, and they kept taking advantage of this behaviour. I remember the days RL world brands, and universities being present in SL, but they were not as patient and forgiving as individual customers are. When they realized LL is acting like a company who run by college kids at somebodys dormitory, and refusing to build a solid business they left. It should have been a wake up call for LL, but No. Instead after 10 years, they are still this company that always expects its customers to take the burden, and forgive the every blunder they make as if this is still somebody's pet project. So this is not the issue of regulations , and TPE's. This is about people spending a good money on a product, and never getting the quality of service they expect from a company of this size. Of course posting on the forums wont change anything, but I guess some people feel better when they share their frasturation and we keep talking about it...
  8. Eileen Fellstein wrote: Turn off pute Go to local 7-11 Meet someone if that don't work, buy soap, it's in isle 3 In the meantime, c;mon in the water, it's fine! People can use SL for whatever they prefer to use it for. You can come to the forums and freely talk about how your way is highway, and their road crosses by isle 3. World keeps turning and life goes on. Thanks heavens for all these freedom.
  9. I am sure you and your friend are quite a match to each other. But be careful with what you put on your avatar, there are some items in SL that are known to control your mind in RL.
  10. If you post this to Role Play thread, or it gets moved there, you can get more feedback from RP community on how the school are set up, and what their expectations are from such facilities. Good luck.
  11. This is a multiplayer environment and since there are no NPC's around human to human interaction is a big part of SL. Do you think maybe people are too quick to assume they are being hit on? If the person is still around one week after the first hello, you may start to think they carry an interest. But how often any interaction lasts a week in SL?
  12. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: RiiCassidy wrote: I didn't tell anyone to get a job, but if they are going to complain about all the changes and all of this and that they can't afford for their family because of LL, then they need to not only get one, but also need to get a reality check. I've known a guy who had only one hand and on that one hand he had 2 fingers and he drives to work and home EVERY morning. And a 65 year old woman who was homeless in a wheelchair but she went to work everyday. Not only that she set up a christmas tree outside of her little corner.While theirs others complaining they can't do this and that anymore while their are disabled people out their working, which is what you forgot to leave out. Secondlife to me should not be your ONLY source of income meaning you should have a back up job, and if you are saying they don't need one, I hope you are ready to take care of all the people you are telling this to. Yes you did and I quote: RiiCassidy wrote: "....They should already have a job in rl and personally secondlife shouldn't be your main source of income, it can disappear tommorow and they wouldn't get any notice to be honest. I mean I don't really sympathize for them, If you actually make a million dollars off secondlife a year then thats okay. But if you are only making about 15-50 thousand a year, you need to get a side job, to keep up with the REAL economy." Secondly I am aware that some partially disabled people can and do work, and that's great. I didn't 'leave' them out because they are not the ones that I was talking about. I was referring to people who so ill they are confined to bed or have health issues that prevent them from doing any work. What about someone with cancer that is undergoing chemo and radiation and throwing up all day long? I am sure there are plenty of jobs for them. What about people that care for these people and have to be with them all the time? I am not saying these folks don't need a job, i am saying it is impossible for them to get a job in RL. You are must be very young and/or naive or have lived a sheltered life to think that people like this don't exist.. I dont support OP, everybody can make their own financial decisions, there is no need for a riot. On the other hand do you think we need to support every decision of LL or SL economy because there are disabled or unemployed people out there? Content creators put their product into market, if there is demand they'll make money, if there isn't they'll be forced to look for other means of income regardless of their RL situation. SL economy is not holy grail of anything. Even if not a single more item was created in world, there is enough of everything. Plus nothing decays. Most of us have enough clothes, body parts, vehicle's furniture etc.. Except the new residents who needs to build their inventory, most people keep shopping because of their addiction to consumerism, otherwise nobody needs that 5th car, 10th skirt, and 20th shirt. As I said, I don't support OP's decision, but I am supporting his rights to boycott. As customers we have got every rights to boycott the companys that don't meet our expectations, or serve our best interest. And stopping to support them financially is the most civil way of doing it.
  13. ImaTest wrote: Now, if people are really exaggerating those claims and these companies don't actually cash out that quickly, money sitting in limbo makes much more sense. But try asking someone who says their money is hanging in limbo, and I guarantee you'll get the same kind of head **bleep** to the side I have gotten. Or worse, they'll tell you to eff off as you must work for the lab. Yeah I don't get that one either. No one seems to know the answer, it seems. No one can seem to answer why, an exchange that works within minutes, has money sitting in limbo for over 24 hrs. I'll try to answer your question. TPE's trading system is built for accepting deposits, matching the buy and sell orders and processing withdraw orders. If you are a TPE you probably are handling a high volume of transactions and these transactions are managed by an automated system. It was their in world terminals that were connected to the trading system they were running out world. They are told to disable the terminal system and remove it immediately. Once they comply with it, and some of them claim they did, the only remaining way of returning customers money is doing it manually. Now when their activities are put on hold if they were carrying a thousand active orders, they need to examine all the transaction records and transfer your L$ or money back manually. Even if they are do gooders, and willing to return every last cent of the customers money, sorting all these out and processing reimbursements one by one is a very time consuming thing. So unless TPE's trading SL account is canceled the customers money shouldn't be lost, but it waits in the TPE's account pool, and it may take a while till people get their money back. What people are complaining about (in this matter) is LL could have given them advance notice for the removal of the terminals, and they could have stopped accepting new orders, only letting the remaining account balances to be withdrawn by the customers while the terminals were still active. Thats being said I don't know what would have happened if TPE's delayed removing the terminals till their customers got their money back. Did they just use LL's move as an excuse or did LL threaten them canceling all their accounts if they didnt comply immediately is not clear. Edit: Typo
  14. Dresden Ceriano wrote: ...because, LL took a rare peek into the forum and decided it was too boring. So they changed the TOS and got rid of TPEs to liven things up a bit. Thanks, LL. ...Dres If that was true they would have banned the alts :smileyvery-happy:
  15. Perrie Juran wrote: *ETA, because the Regulations (pops) are actually only "Guidance," they did have a choice. They could have chose to challenge this in Court should they be charged with violating the actual laws as written. That would be one lengthy and exspensive legal battle. These are not few month's old laws. Fin-Cen just publishes a guidiance now because the virtual currencies are getting greater attention lately. If L$ was really used for criminal activities by the real world crime organizations LL would have been contacted by agencies long before these guidiances. You are correct about these publications not being the law. As far as I know no major players in virtual currency world are taken to the court yet. And just like you mentioned it wont be clear how the law applies till it's challanged in court. It's understanable that LL doesnt want to take further risk, but there are many other ways to handle this issue. This is just LL being LL. After ten years they are still acting like being run by college kids instead of a multimillion dollars international company. This was more acceptable when they first got started because what they were trying to achive had an experimental quality, but after all these years one would expect it to become a solid company.
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