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  1. I have tried every thing and still no Voice! I upgraded to the newer firestorm and lost my voice some one said go back to the old and i did it worked for one day. and now it dosen't work.....one day on then off then back on...... help me ...
  2. Looks like both world have collided . Probs in real world drove me to secondlife. What a blissful 4 years in sl. For the last year things have changed alot in sl for me , what I do, how much time I spend there and my money that I spend there.O well its time to move on I guess, there is nothing we can do to change the laws, they are laws to control and as long as I have been alive thats been how this world is run. I have fought agains change at times only to have it run over me..... giggles So at my age I have learned go with the flow but cover your own ass. I truly have loved my sl experenc
  3. Hi .... I did the same when I came to me 3rd year. Thined out a lot of people the didnt fit the friendship Description....Giggles . Just keeped the real friends..... then another year has gone by ... those friends are gone.... and I have gather all new friends this year.... So for me its been live and learn and enjoy them when they do cross my path .... for life and sl life are the same ,always changing.... I loved what you wrote... you sound like a sweet friend... and Know that you are the good friend.. Onewith
  4. Giggles well I know people are passionate about their beliefs in sl stuff.I enjoy it all even if some one has had a beer or two.
  5. Its all great even to heated ones they make me Giggle too.
  6. Thank you love it. Love having coffee with you Valerie Giggles.
  7. Omg I love the forms.There isnt a day that you all dont make me smile or giggle.Over three years and you have not let me down. When I have had a problem with some thing you always have the answer."Smiles' ((( High Five))) to you all ! You make my coffee time in the morning fun. Onewith
  8. Thank You~ Very Beautifuly said ! In my class this week the question for us was what defines You? Funny enough I'v been think about all the thing that defines Me~Giggles Thank you
  9. Iv been having problems the last few weeks cant upload pictures from my pc. Any thoughts on this or what I could try?
  10. I think its the normmmmm for Sl Giggles. I know a lot of husband and wifes in rl play sl and have other partners on sl. I think back in the day it was called swinging in rl.
  11. Mine is all the ceatived .... OMG I am amazed every time I go exploring and seeing what people have done here....all the wonderful people from all over the world bring their creative to the table called sl..Please tell me what is your favorite part or place in sl.I love all the photographers toooooooooo OMG ((((((Just Awesome)))))):smileyhappy:
  12. Thanks ! For all your responds I so agree too... with you all.I have been trying to deal with this in real life the best i can.We have decided to keep our avis partnered in sl.do to that we have a great partnership in all we do in sl .But we are going to be friends in rl. The thing about life is we cant stop who we fall in love with. Good or bad. But we do need to think of all the others that are effected by us falling in love. And do what is right by them. That is our full plan at this point. Thank you agin
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