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  1. Met my partner on here almost 3 years ago while out boating on the Blake Sea. We will be getting married irl next month.
  2. Indeed. Hoping for a houseboat. I had to give up my dream houseboat due to being harrassed daily by a someone with a sim crasher. The community in general around this continent is amazingly polite and friendly.
  3. Good luck to whoever got it. Didn't realise there was a limit on throwback per day so rip. Oh well the hunt for the perfect home continues. :D. Thanks again.
  4. No sadly. Either the sim went offline or my client crashed
  5. Hmm definitely gonna try for West ivory. Good luck to all, and thanks for letting these go.
  6. Just managed to snag a houseboat after a few days of trying. Persistance pays off I guess. Got a nice corner parcel in Sailfish.
  7. Thank you so much for the speedy reply.
  8. So my account is in the process of being downgraded back to basic user at the end of this month; I was curious as to what happens to the groups I am in above the basic user limit? ( premium gives extra group slots and I filled a few of them with new groups). Will SL randomly pick groups to remove me from or do I get to stay in the groups I am already in above the limit? I was wondering as there a few I have to be in to maintain access to group permed items and sims. Thank you in advance.
  9. Application Age:20 Experience: I have currently only been on SL for 8 days ,but already grasp the basic function required by the game. I am willing to learn new things. I have experience in public relations. I get along well with people and am normally good at solving conflicts. Currently looking for employment as security or some form of public relations ie: host/personal greeter. I can give employer 5 hrs a day and am very flexible schedule wise. I am also willing to do interveiws if necessary. (if interested in giving me an interveiw PM me on my second life wall and i will reply asap with my skype contact information.) Thank you for your consideration. Silverwaves.
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