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Found 11 results

  1. Well, I asked about OpenGL driver but again, I'm already fixing it by myself bc it seems to be something nobody is sure how to fix LOL. So, I was thinking about something else.. This avi isn't old, but I've been in SL for years and I've seen everything or almost everything. What I haven't seen, I have heard. It seems to me that ppl can make friends, a lot of us have each other's numbers, have each other's FB and some meet in RL too. Making friends is ok. Now, do you really trust someone to be your partner? We all say it's just a game but I've known ppl who left with a broken heart. Most of the times bc 95% of ppl have alts and just... lie about everything. For some SL is just a place to find sex partners or more than a gf/bf, where you can be male or female, even a unicorn if you want. Literally. I don't mean to serioulsy discuss this at this point in my life bc we all had all kinds of experiences, but I want to ask a happier question: how many happy ending have you heard about in SL and actually know about? You know, ppl who quit and go RL or log on together to play together and visit friends or whatever but you know they're together RL.
  2. Hey My Names is LULU ( LULU6kat ) i am a Designers & Builder in SLi Designers/Build Anything from: Full City SIMs to Dresses to Tress to Arcades to Fairs and Many otter tings... i have 10 year of experience in SL Building & Running: Shops, Club's, Parcels, City's & SIMs & Set Up & Run Small & Big Events And i am Currently working one: ✿ Project LUNA City & Community ✿ My Project LUNA City Blog: LUNA City (lunacityandcommunity.blogspot.com) LUNA City & Community is a New City i am Building And i Am Looking for 4 to Minimum 2 Partners for this Project But the More Partners the Better ;D ( Dreams Nets Many People Working Together ) i Expect to be don Building & hop to have Found Partners Mid or End Next Year = Finally Getting a Sim to Rezz it on... if you are interested plies se: Become a Partner LINK: LUNA City (lunacityandcommunity.blogspot.com) Her you find way you sot become My Partner And wat i am locking for in Partners ( And Plies se the Blog for More info on Project LUNA City ) You Can Contact Me hear: My Twitter: twitter.com/LULU6kat My SL Profile: lulu6kat - Second Life ( i dont Get of Line IMs in SL so plies Send a NC- Notecard ) My SL Community Profile: LULU6kat - Second Life Community And you can se My Build in LUNA City,s Progress hear: Building of LUNA: LUNA City (lunacityandcommunity.blogspot.com) ( i post the newest Photos at the Bottom of the Page ) Kiss Kiss From LULU ( lulu6kat )
  3. When sending a request to partner with someone, should I use the Display name or the Legacy name of the target of my affections?
  4. So, I've looked at a few of the threads and this question was not asked that I've seen. I looked at the land ownership tiers and monthly expenses. But it only goes up to the region. My question is, is that the maximum tier or is that per region. For example. If I decide to own multiple regions will I only get charged the $175 per month or is that $175 per region per month? Also, I am willing to invest in some profitable endeavors if there are people looking for partners on running a sim. I have limited knowledge in building, but I am a great decorator and have been getting back into working on photoshop as well as have financial backing for this. Although, I can invest some hundreds per month and not thousands at the moment, but am willing to grow as we grow. I want to be a business owner/partner and am trying to figure out the best way about it in secondlife. I feel that buying and renting out properties while having multiple financial adventures on the rented lands would be the most beneficial way to do this. I rent land and can show my skills that I have as of now and we can grow together 🙂
  5. Hello my original name is KiLL4ViX3N and my new tag name is showing FELINE9LIVES .I love my virtual kitties and i share in the 9lives ,that is assumed or were led to believe. I love SL but not a social butterfly who feels comfortable in real crowds or SL crowds. I'm more of a wall flower who observes,dances and enjoys music. I would love to meet new friends. I am bi-sexual and hoping to meet my SL partner in love and my bestfriend. Message me or IM me. Avatar must be updated and you must care about your avi appearance. PLEASE. I do know what i want in AND we all have preferences. Thank you and hope to meet you all soon. I am not perfect and i do have flaws. Thank you for pointing them out. I do believe love has no boundaries and everyone deserves to find love. I should have took more time and thought before writing this. I apologize if i offended anyone . May we all be kinder to each other .
  6. how do i add someone to my linden home and give permission to rez furniture?
  7. a good idea would be to have a history of all the partners that one has had. ¿Or maybe not ?
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm looking for people who are interested in learning English. My level is about intermediate. I hope we can find a lot of activities here to make our English better.
  9. My husband and I left SL in 2009 and just recently returned. A new friend asked how long my and my RL husband's avis had been married in SL and I couldn't find any information on it. It's not on my Profile and I can't find it from my Dashboard. I'm almost positive this was once available, so am I just missing it somewhere or is it truly not available?
  10. I play in a medieval fantasy sim, and I am looking for someone to be my play partner. This would be an IC arrangement. If you're interested in writing a story, taking your time and really developing a plot line with me - please contact me. I play a Mystfolk Queen and have both a true form and a glamored form. You need not be a mystfolk yourself, though it'd be a plus. If you think you can commit to a long term story line, contact Cy Tamalyn in world.
  11. Hahaha I don't know what I was thinking choosing that title. Seems to sum it up well enough . So anywho, I'm looking for someone interested in having a relationship on SL. If you're not looking for something long term or meaningful ruuuuun *giggles*. I need that special boy in my life.. that special person that I can talk to hours with... be silly with...a best friend. Someone who most def wants to do the norm RL stuff on SL... go out on dates.. be exclusive... have a family.. I'm pretty good at roleplaying if thats something youre into.. Iam very open minded so I could easily join you in your adventures... Why am I on the forums looking for partner? Well it just hasn't worked out for me inworld. I tried Dating agencies... I'm crazy shy to message people and thats weird because I'm really social and positive in local its just that privacy box..gosh such a killer haha. Maybe I'm scared of rejection. My personality/likes? I think I'm pretty friendly, I like to be nice to people everyone deserves a chance. I love being girly.. love glitter and sparkles and pastel colors...I love watching movies... horror movies are my favorite... love all kinds of music... I like video games a lot..all types... shopping... gachas... events... I can only write so much on here lol SO if youre interested please feel free to message me and dont bother looking up my profile on SL , this is an account I usually use for modeling..asking weirdo questions..posting on forums haha... not my main account. A meeting on that account will be arranged though I also have no picture posted here because I guess only the risky type will still message me...
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