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  1. Well this seems fun...this was taken around march i think. photoshopped a little too I tried doing my timeline thingie i did for fun a while back it didn't capture everything tho
  2. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Devlin Davis wrote: Huzzah for Vanty Threads! Heres an attempt of a selfie pic lol. What is this? New blood? Is this what new blood looks like? ...Dres (Who the hell knew new blood looked so damn good?) LOL thanks! I can't believe it took me almost 9 years to get active on the forum ^^But it does kill a lot of time while pretending to work
  3. Urzul wrote: it not a game ...so what it is ? if it reality,some people look like weird thing in real ... so now in sl every got to look human ,have a toilet ,and need to feed and pie. some people make real money playing game ,it still a game you know. Its been mentioned somewhere but I think we should say its more than "just a game" depending on how to treat it right? If people are in for the socializing aspect where there are no goals, no monsters to kill, but to shop and chat, then maybe to them, it's just a glorified chat room. if designers are in only to make money or bring ou
  4. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Eve Breen wrote: which is the best skin tmp (with body, head, feet and hands) ? or combination? To expand on what Amethyst said... Does anyone make skins for TMP. I have found one store on the MP and none inworld. If they are making them, they aren't advertising them. Hey Drake, For us males, it's rare, I know of two.in world and three in MP. Clef de Paeu is featuring their new skin in TMD for April event and is also on a lot of avatars on Male Fashion Feed. Tableu wasn't really my taste. I haven't checked any of the MP selection though. MP: - Swallow
  5. not trying to argue with you man. Just sayin my experiences have been better. I'm not saying TMP is perfect, shoot I recommended for the OP not getting it since its barely visible unless you get undressed constantly. Even I kinda regret buying it, but since i invested, i'm going to make it work. Besides IMO its still the best looking thats not a muscle bound avatar. if you like walking around with pants with no shirt constantly then i can see the issue, i do have some pants that work well with my shape and alpha hud (casa del shai works well, gabriel worked for me as well, and razor (some
  6. While all this is true. It is probably the only best option for men's mesh body that isn't bulky and has some quality. while there is only lke 1 skin in MP, there are multiple stores in word that have skin options, which sadly they escape me since i'm not at home at the moment. While the apha HUD may be limited in its options, for guys, we don't need something too complicated really. Yes, some clothes have issues and alignment is off a little, but mens type of clothes and setting alpha save points to those type of clothes isn't complicated. I just hope future updates will fix the minor
  7. Hey man, yes, I feel the best choice right now for mens is TMP. I currently use it and love it. It's really expensive though, but IMO it has more support and flexibility with clothes. About 85-90% of my old mesh clothes is still wearable setting the right alpha points, and the face is fabulous. Get the deluxe version for future versions as well as the alpha hud (it's needed for clothes to fit right) heres some pics of me or friends who are not bulky mesh body peeps
  8. Thanks Saraya, everyone has great pictures. Makes me want to learn photoshop better
  9. Huzzah for Vanty Threads! Heres an attempt of a selfie pic lol.
  10. Oooh it's Saturday and sometimes sleeping in is the way to go!! Put on your cute pajamas or wahtever it is you get comfortable in bed and join us!!! 500L on the contest boards for best male and female! Tonight features a debut DJ Jacky in his debut event in AH!! Hosting along is the very beautiful mirage!! See you all at 7pm!! Here's ya ride: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asia%20House/169/64/1303
  11. House Party at Asia house with DJ Stillsky mixing it up for us hosted by Kennin at 8pm-10pm SLT. Here's your ride below! Come as you are! have a chance to win 500L for male and females! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asia%20House/…/64/1303
  12. Yes its Monday, in case you all have the case of the Mondays, take it all off and join us at Asia for the best in swimwear event! Join DJ Stillsky spinning it and hostess with the mostest Kennin at 8-10pm PM SLT in your beach/swimwear! for a chance to win money! $L1000 for best male and female. Here is your limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asia%20House/169/64/1303
  13. The last one kind of looks like the Hermony Skin Kyu.
  14. Last night two of our staffers were married in a small ceremony and now they would love to celebrate with their Asia House family! Join DJ Stillsky and Hostess Kennin Latte by getting all gussied up and partying tonight from 7-9 PM SLT in your best formal wear! Best man and Events Manager Devlin Davis is putting up 1k on the boards for the best man and woman in formal attire! So dress to impress! Here is your limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asia%20House/169/64/1303
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