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  1. ...thanks very much, , but I´d like to place my apartment
  2. I did it, hadnsome. I´d like find one soon. Thanks :))
  3. Necesito plataforma minimo 45x45, sobre 300 prims para mi nuevo y encantador skybox :)). Alguna oferta?? No muy caro, por cierto :)) Eve Breen xoxo
  4. I need a platform for my skybox 42x37, so i need a espace 45x45 or more, and about 300 prims. Any offer? Not much expensive. thanks much, Eve Breen xxo
  5. i don´t mean the ‘hand bag’ lock feacture from Vista. I need specific poses and they can block my arms.
  6. Eve Breen

    poses for bags

    Which are the best poses for wear and go with bags? some ao or nice poses?
  7. Grácias!! Lo comencé yo misma
  8. thanks...have they applier for all (face, hands, body and fee)?
  9. And mine.. i don't see appliers for hands tmp...i´d like use them, with the same tone skin for body mesh and animate face mesh...so i´m using slink for my hands and fee. So i want found something for all.
  10. Cuan el esl mejor skin para tmp (cuerpo, cabeza, pies y manos), o combinacion??
  11. which is the best skin tmp (with body, head, feet and hands) ? or combination?
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