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  1. On Firestorm it looks like this, if you click on a home it will say Linden Home (no one has taken it) or My Sweet House etc. etc. if someone has claimed it and named the parcel.
  2. Visser and Otter Limit On Land stilts are going...
  3. There is a really cute Peacock Chair rattan set at Cosmopolitan, 2 LI for each chair including the pillow and other items are 1 LI, comes as a set. I looked at the triangles and LOD but am not knowledgeable enough yet to provide an opinion...
  4. I think Tiki Twilight on land is going, or started earlier today...almost full and Twisted Palms on land stilts has started
  5. In addition to Jasper Beach, Windrift on land is going...and it is a clone of Jasper so if you missed your fav spot at Jasper go try Windrift
  6. Strait Home On Land stilts are being claimed...new
  7. OK here is a hint for the newest On Land stilts that are being claimed: what would you put on a Baja Taco? MANGO SALSA
  8. On Water stilts in Twin Anchors, Twisted Palms, and Windrift are being claimed, these are the last regions that were "untouched" according to my personal list which could has errors...(ok probably has errors). Still lots of virgin brand new On Land stilts out there in many regions...
  9. Seasalt Chip "On Land" stilts are being claimed...
  10. Lifeboat On Land is going!! wheeeee it feels like a land rush
  11. Just rolled an On LAND in Treadwater....3 out of the 4 houses are taken, the northernmost one is dated June 30 (unclaimed)...as of a few mins ago. New On Land!
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