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    I have been enjoying watching SSPE1179 behind my log home start to get built out, magically a mountain range with a river appeared, then waterfalls, then houses with little blue arrows pointing to the front door. Very fun to see it all come together, can't wait to see what happens there tomorrow! 😃 Looks like some really beautiful regions are going in...
  2. Yes that is the one looks like some green spots going down to a sandy beach, very idyllic...Also for log homes, behind my house on By Jingo on SSPE179 the moles built a beautiful mountain range with a river and 2 waterfalls! The houses are in, no landscaping yet. I'm not moving, but I can see some fabulous locations coming up !
  3. You need a "Cat-MEOW" alarm clock set to go off at 5 am SLT, I have 3 lol. Lionel Crossing seaside house was beautiful, it is a nice area...I am checking out the SSPE region below that has a few green parcels going tdown to a sandy beach, looks intriguing
  4. Lionel Crossing released, I believe. My alt will be releasing a waterside Vic shortly with a view of houseboats
  5. Ha! I did that with Emmy's Cathant seaside Vic,it was a Linden Home for a bit, I went and checked to be sure it was truly in maintenance, refreshed and refreshed and missed it by half a second "drgdrg" got it ! GOH those are the breaks lol
  6. My alt abandoning a nice "sideways to the lake" and next to a park Victorian in Poole at 7:15 am http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poole/168/227/24
  7. Hi my alt Billy picked up a beautiful landscaped Victorian in Leonine News, it is on the cliff (channel of water below) and from the back of house you see the green cliffs across the way and the tip of the roof of one very lucky duck with a traditional in a very secluded spot! There are double flowers in front (inside and outside the brick wall) plus small rocks, and many trees and a weeping willow. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leonine Mews/232/184/52 Will abandon at 9:15 am SLT
  8. Picked up a nice Victorian in Caladium with river at the back, peaceful! I would keep it if I wasn't looking for a certain kind of coastal Victorian My alt Billy will let it go at 9:20 am http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caladium/232/68/23
  9. I believe the Victorian region Ayerdale has been released
  10. Hi just picked up a nice seaside Victorian in Tilting Meadows, green yard and all pretty flowers in front (no brick walls, kind of different!) with a nice park across the street. I already have a seaside Victorian (still looking for the elusive green yard that slopes gently to a sandy beach, my neighbor across the street has one and now I can't "unsee" it lol, should not have looked around!). My alt will release it at 1:40 pm SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tilting Meadows/116/61/23
  11. I have a beautiful Vic that I can walk out the back door onto a sandy beach and into the water....but the front flowers are kind of...so so. This week I hopped for fun and landed a gorgeous Vic in Swithins Bridge with the nicest landscaping I have ever seen....but I can't walk out onto the beach from it...if only I could merge the 2 parcels together they could be the perfect Victorian
  12. I abandoned a Vic in Cadaceus about 15 mins ago and it is still a Linden Home, just a heads up for those not looking for a non-water setting...http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caduceus/187/222/29
  13. I have used all the models except for the Hardy. Usually I go with the Doyle because it is a good size for one person. If the parcel has an outstanding view, I try out different models and look out the windows to see which one has the best view of the view Yesterday I accidentally picked up a lakeside Vic with gorgeous willows and a park view, but the house is oriented sideways to the lake (bummer), so after some back and forth I picked the Shelley because it is centered on the lot (the Verne is positioned way to the right) and has an add on for a side deck on the right side so now there is a good view from the deck. Hope you find a model that is just right for you!
  14. It is in the middle on the side edge, not a corner, am loving the landscaping (am in an online class so only had time to take a fast peek!) Very pretty
  15. I upped an alt to premium and tried for this, didn't get it but got some really nice consolation Vics lol, one by a river, one by the lake with the island in Poole, then just got a seaside one at Swithins Bridge! Nice ones are coming pretty regular today
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