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  1. Since we are paying forward the thanks on our camper plots, I'd like to belatedly thank whoever left the Beaver Lagoon parcel with it's own dang national park and waterfall lol! (Parcel and house is on the right, I named the parcel "Beaver Falls" ha ha)
  2. says the house is still a Linden Home....so it will pop up eventually I do the "refresh manually a bunch of times then quit for a while" method so am not on the 78 second automatic refresh
  3. Hi Chloe my alt just picked up a Vic in New Farthing, did not keep it since I am still trying for that elusive Coastal Victorian so don't click right now ha ha)
  4. Interestingly, when my alt went to her just released parcel in Leonid there was no house on it, and they were saying in chat the parcels were empty all thru the region and to use the mailboxes to rez, it worked fine (I did not keep the parcel, despite the very nice landscaping). So this region was in stealth mode prior to release !
  5. Well if I ever run into that adorable kitty with the bandanna in your profile pic, it will be hugs and cat treats and more hugs I am a sucker for a cute kitten
  6. Leomund was releasing homes as of about 5 minutes ago
  7. The About Land initial screen, besides showing the Land (parcel) owner, also shows a Date Claimed field I believe (SL is not letting me log in right now to check) so you would be able to see when the current owner became the parcel owner, and get an idea of when the switch might have happened. Best wishes for a speedy resolution for this issue...
  8. Your home is beautiful! I am very curious about the pared down LAQ kitchen, because it has been a struggle for me to get the LAQ to fit in many homes, especially the island...finally succeeded in the Doyle Victorian home, but would love to see a pic of what your kitchen looks like [tries to crane neck around corner there but can't quite make it out...] the shelf part looks awesome above the breakfast bar!
  9. A little off topic...other places to get RGB values for palette ideas are the larger paint brand sites, when I first got the Victorian I found a Historic Colors collection at Sherwin Williams for example which had a set called Late Victorian - played with those and wound up with a Queen Anne Lilac shade for a custom living room color which I would never have thought of on my own... https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-collection/historic-collection/interior-historic-colors
  10. Love how you turned that little nook into a bedroom, and the nautical rugs and wallpaper! I hope you have a fun day off work with the houseboat
  11. Re The Stepford Bots, if anyone sees some recently created avatars dressed in starter outfits lurking around in parcels in Belli, named BelliVicky and BelliBunny, (highly suspicious!!), they are me and I am them we have done a mind merge they were my Xmas present to help me land a new Victorian home because "I deserve good things. I am entitled to happiness. And dog-gone it, people like me". This is the affirmation me and my alts repeat every morning while gazing adoringly at our lovely selves in the mirror [our role model is Stuart Smalley]. The unfortunate thing is after landing the Victorian in December and playing the Game of Homes for other types of housing, my extra alts have been very patient and persistent and wound up with a couple of stunning abandoned parcels which are going to be really hard to give up, don't want to abandon in haste and repent at leisure...New decisions for the New Year!
  12. I am your neighbor on the side with that amazing fountain! (although, if you are giving it up, maybe not neighbors for long). I love walking down that little street to the ocean.. <waves to you from front porch>
  13. Wow that looks great! Just beautiful. I have a dividing partition for the back bedroom that is just 2 prim walls with a space in the middle and some beams added. <squints at your partition> is that a prim with some kind of shear-shape to it, or a mesh divider? If it is a prim I might try to play around with making something similar although my building skills are fairly rudimentary...thanks for showing us your idea!
  14. Well that was fun, logged in to check what all my furniture and bathtub rezzes, used the Pussycat "check object to see if it has temporary checked" method and Sakura's mini-map search for temp rezzers and learned a lot, everything is good even my over the top bathtub...and now I have some more tools for my SL toolbox I appreciate Beth passing along info from the Mole she cornered ha ha. Will check on Nika's particle butterfly test next time I log in!
  15. I'm trying to understand the temp rezzer thing and how to be a good neighbor in my Linden home, a lot of my furniture will rez props things, like a coffee cup or a laptop and when you stand up it goes away. But then there is furniture that, for example, will rez a candlestick and table runner, it counts against the parcel LI and stays on the table looking pretty until you tell it "clear away". Is the table rezzed candlestick possibly more of a drain than if I just rezzed my own 1 prim candlestick and put it there? I get the concept now of temp rez emitters, like a candle rock I have will emit butterflies in one wave after another lol so I no longer use it in the garden..although when I first got a Linden Home last April I will confess it was out for a while due to ignorance.
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