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  1. If you are asking about the cabin house in the photo, I think there are a few log cabin styled community areas in the camper theme areas, like a little park, but as far as I know there are no cabin style "Linden Homes". Not yet anyway, who knows what the future will bring
  2. Mine is at Arvee (24, 222, 33), there is no security orb and the doors are wide open. Feel free to come by any time, I recommend climbing the rocks in the river in the front yard to see the waterfall and at the bottom of the waterfall the moles have kindly placed an inner tube to ride the river There are trails all around for walking or riding bikes/horses and you can see a wide variety of camper models. It is really beautiful!
  3. "All The Kitchens" Sylvia is correct ha ha, there is a cabinet style fridge with the Cape set (not shown in my trailer pics) that I used too. One thing I look for now with new kitchens is if the top cabinets and backsplash can be removed, so they can fit around windows and squeeze in the tiny abodes we have with houseboats and campers. The Bazar Toronto kitchen is pretty awesome in that regard also, since the backspash is removable and resizable There was a super cute kitchen at Uber ( I think ?) last week with an island and a whole soup making animation series but I didn't get it because it was very tall...
  4. My Williamsburg model camper in the Arvee region, was in the mood for fall forest earth tones so the decor is pretty low key for now. I love it, I can fish from my front yard, and the river drops down to a big waterfall, it is so scenic. (I'm not quite sure how multiple images will work in the posting so fingers crossed!) My favorite camper enhancements are the Jian owl and the lighted camp tower from Goose, the tower is resizable, scaled back the height a bit so it is not too obnoxious and from the tower there is a stunning view of the river sunset and the ocean. The room divider thing is made from prims, I'm hoping someone will make a nice skirted wood deck thing for the outside and put it on MP hint hint
  5. LDPW sent me a new one and it works, thanks to the speedy Moles
  6. Hi, the Click-Add of the one of the gifts gives me a Item Name Error and does not unpack, I mentioned it to LL chat Support in case anyone else is having a problem Maybe it is just me LOL
  7. I have "moved" several times since April, always to a Winchester, and have happily used the same upstairs split bedroom add on, plus have used the LH Great Room Wrap Around (which was very nice, but I did not have the prims to fill it with furniture), an Addon Winchester Sunroom (11 or 12 LI) which I decorated like an outdoor space with deck furniture and a reflecting pool, the wood Winchester Rear Deck with the white railing, the Bellisseria Winchester Front Porch (with fence and no fence options), and now currently the Linden Home Add-On Winchester Porch which is like a Widow's Walk for the front, I use it as a front upper deck for the second story to take advantage of the view. Currently using the Open Porch-Carport with windows (12 LI) as a sheltered outdoor patio with a pizza oven. Also have used the Pergola for Linden Home Balcony - Traditional and the Winchester Pergola Patio. These are all nicely built in my opinion. If you want to come see any or all of these rezzed out with a Winchester, IM me here or in SL and I would be happy to show you
  8. My insignificant other (my alt LOL) has a oceanfront house just 2 down from Marianne, I think the new island is beautiful and am happy to welcome our new neighbors to the Bellisseria community. Now...back to see what new cool thing Marianne is building for her Winchester (that Crow's Nest view platform is amazing!). I put Chic's addition on mine (think it is called a Widow's Walk), for a fabulous ocean view and awesome sunsets.
  9. There's an open source train available to all in the Belisseria Events group, I rezzed it yesterday at SSPE260 and was able to be an engineer woot! It says it can take a few passengers, very fun to try...it looks like the yellow train in the pics above that says MOLE on it.
  10. This morning I made coffee and somewhere around 6:30 am SL time logged in and brought up the Land page and it had a Bellisseria house on it! I fumbled around typing in a parcel name then had to make the window bigger to check the terms box and I got the house even though I was very slow. Logged into SL and chat said they just released new region Cat-hair lol. My new house is an abandon in an older region, set on a hill, directly overlooking the ocean (and a couple houseboats fairly far below) with a lighthouse view, and if I crank up the draw distance I can see the fairgrounds! The yard is green and looks easy to landscape. It is everything I was hoping for in a location, with a killer ocean view, so I abandoned my previous house a few hours later (this is my 3rd house location since April, so I am a mild house hopper using an old premium alt lol). Bonus: the daily 4 pm boat parade goes right by the new location Anyway, to those still looking for a house, keep looking and someday the timing will be just right!
  11. I really like the beach houses in Axim, there is a really sweet one in a bay with a U-turn and rez zone next door, however it has a sideways tot he water orientation... then some more houses to the right that "back" straight to the bay which would be easier to decorate for the view of the water....the landscaping on the new island is just beautiful...
  12. Hi, this worked great! I used the script from your porch, put it in a Yachtline 420 boat, and it zipped right to the spot. The only flailing around was operator error, I kept trying to re-use the boat that was freshly "returned" in my inventory and could not figure out why the TP script went away, then re-read your explanation and saw that it automatically deletes itself LOL. Thanks so much for providing this
  13. Tried to get into the Mole Appreciation Party earlier and it was full, wanted to say THANK YOU to all the Moles for their hard work and talent, I really enjoy exploring the new areas and each one seems to be special and different from the rest! Yesterday I found a tiny swimming surprise in Porthole You all are much appreciated!
  14. Hi, am feeling very happy with Windlass houseboat, still need to "prim down" a little, learn how to link items properly to reduce impact, and add some clutter for modifications I used part of Blush's Windlass add on, the Monoceros pergola for the Winchester traditional house, FAYDED Sky Deck, psy.flow Nero Inside Skin for Windlass to cover up the navy wall, and Lovelace Resizable Wood Deck with Pool for LH. And modified the Coastal Sunset environment setting to move the setting sun to the best spot! Thank you to all the talented creators who are making things for the new Linden Homes and Houseboats...
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