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  1. Agreed on both counts PERIODICALLY. Sometimes things work fine. I too have at least one item I cannot delete. From testing I have found that things work BETTER if they are in a folder and you drag them over -- rather than just dragging a single item. Sometimes dragging one item will work fine, sometimes it will make a listing with no name (but you can edit in the name by hand so that's OK) and sometimes you get a listing that isn't really there and can't be deleted. So a work in progress -- the new Market. I am just ignoring the stuff that I can't fix. I finally after very many tries just made a completely new listing and that worked.
  2. Thank you. I understand that. Unfortunately I have had VERY bad luck with the JIRA. Not a fan. Hopefully someone with the same issue that likes the JIRA process will help with the issue being fixed.
  3. Well my store is still up there but due to an issue that support cannot help me with, I have one new item I cannot sell and I cannot upload ANYTHING new now. Not happy. So there are issues with the new market system it seems. I am going on vacation. Hope you have / had better luck with your issue. Still nothing in your store so I guess you are in the same boat that I am.
  4. So I got a notice a few minutes ago that a new product I put up a couple of days ago is not deliverable and that it had been unlisted. Everything is there as it should be in the Marketplace folder but testing to myself doesn't get it delivered either. I am guessing this is a MARKETPLACE issue and not me, but it certainly is a hassle. Both new and older items had been selling with delivery up until just now. Has anyone else had this happen? I will try to relist later and see if it is fixed and then send in a ticket if needed. So much for not having issues with the new system :). Later edit. I am continuing to get NUMEROUS emails about non-delivery. Tried updating with a new version of product and that didn't work. Sent in a ticket. I am guessing something is really wrong -- should others be having similar problems, well, you will know there is an issue. Later edit: No way to fix. Cannot delete the existing unlisted items (three in all with two saying unlisted). A bug in the new market system according to support. So beware, not that there is anything anyone can do. Taking some time off. This is a mess.
  5. Just a thought depending on your familiarity with mesh and all the pitfalls. While I don't do work for hire or special orders I was intrigued with your project so I did a test today. I finished a nice looking couch with pipping and four materials etc. It is currently about .6 land impact WITH excellent LOD holding The chair would be less and the tables very little. So when linked they would not come in at what you need but close to 1 WITHOUT scripts. Here is what I wanted to mention. I suggest that when you talk to possible makers you ask about LODs. It isn't that difficult to make what you want if you only want to look at it with viewer LODs set to 4 (typically what many old timers use). I suspect that your product plans will be aimed at newish users OR people who will furnish places for newish users (perhaps you). Many of those will be using the FS default of 2 LOD (1.25 I understand for the Linden viewer). So testing at those settings might be a wise thing. Furniture that falls apart at a medium distance is just not good. Thanks. It was an interesting mental exercise
  6. It goes into your cash account (dollars) in SL. If you want it to actually get to you bank you have to go into your account and forward those dollars to Paypal. Then from Paypal you forward to you bank. Takes about a week and a half to get your money if all goes well.
  7. I have never had any issues. I ALWAYS have png files of the correct size and they NEVER have spaces in the file name (old web page designer). So spaces may definitely be part of the problem. Also there is a limit on the number of characters in a file name sometimes so too many characters could be a problem too. Keep it simple
  8. I hardly ever post here and don't often read but since I make wholesale mesh (not clothes) I am going to add some thoughts. 1. I personally would never buy anything the least bit costly without seeing it in world or having a demo. Even if the clothing mesh LOOKED good in the store (rezzed) you can't tell how it would fit or move with you which is very important to customers -- especially gals and dresses. Once I had bought several items from someone that isn't so much an issue as someone also said, still I would want to know how clothing mesh moved and fit. 2. I agree that most folks and certainly those selling high end expensive items should have a shop in world. I had a big shop in world for about a year until the TOS of August. Then lost all enthusiasm and closed my inworld shop. 3. I actually made just as much with NO shop and with no new releases. I suspect that is because there is a LOT of my stuff out there and people inspect it in other stores and find it that way -- so they have a demo more or less. 4. I just recently opened a shop again. I billed it as a showcase shop (again the idea was mentioned above). It is very nice in a brand new upscale area, plenty big for what I need and costs me less than a dollar a week. I could certainly afford more but I don't need more. I don't have many folks coming to the inworld shop, but it IS there if the people are potential new customers. I have both naked mesh and textured examples there. Not the whole Marketplace store but enough so they can see the quality of things. 5. I have not notice any improvement in sales since I opened that shop. But I feel better having it there and it costs me very little. Two people could go together on a shop even if 50 cents a week is more there style. . I really can't believe folks couldn't afford that. You can make that camping or over on the realms. 6. We can no longer only have an inworld shop, not if we want to be successful. With search being broken for so long people have been forced in many cases to move to the marketplace to shop. I was here when there was no marketplace and everyone shopped in world. That is still true on some platforms, but not in SL. I don't see that changing as search seems to get worse all the time.
  9. Charles Hera


    Object is NOT the same all around. Each leg has been modeled and mapped to be different as it is supposed to be rustic - so not uniform. [Edit: and the supports overlap so that would not work.] I don't see how mirroring would help the triangle number anyway. Land impact is ONE with long holding LOD. I personally do not LIKE textured nails . Most of the high profile furniture designers make their own mesh nails, rivets, etc. These have minimal faces. Hard to get lower than ONE LI unless you are linking to another object.
  10. Charles Hera


    Today was a new day and I decided to continue as it is good to work beyond your "limits" now and then. Day two went much more smoothly than day one and I completed my project. Shot of map included for those that worry about those things. That is the end of the story.
  11. Charles Hera


    OK. I am posting the "fix" here in case it will help someone. I am going to trash this as not what I wanted, BUT: I unwrapped it again AFTER applying the subsurf modifyer (duh) and that worked much better (of course). It was a very simple thing to do as I already had the edges marked. That unwrapping AFTER appling the modifier was the biggest issue. The other which made things seem even worse is that somehow my standard 2048 baking graphic (a woodgrain in various colors so I can see the linear directions of each material) got saved over at 512. Hence a very marginal and spotty bake even if you overlook the stretched holes and such. This is too far away from my typical style and not working for me so it will go down as a learning experience. Hopefully I will be more awake when something odd like this happens next time. Thanks.
  12. Charles Hera


    Actually there is going to be MUCH MORE to the model and that will go in the empty spots . This is just a tiny piece of the build. So it will all be filled eventually. In looking at this again later (I was too tired I guess) I see that the main issue is that I need to remap it now that I have applied the modifier. I don't use those often. That will give a much more even and realistic bake. Thanks for your comments! I may post an updated photo later just for informational purposes. I do have some weird artifacts on the nail heads but I think I know how to fix that also. We'll see. REST can do a lot.
  13. Charles Hera


    These days I can normally solve issues that arrise but this is a real puzzler. The bake looks fine in the preview window but HORRIBLE in the Image Editor window. I have tried baking to another (not previously used) texture. I have applied all the modifiers as well as rotation. location and scale. I even went back to a previous saved blend file and tried baking just ONE of the side panels by itself -- the same issue. Ideas as to why this is happening would be appreciated. There is a subsurf modifier on the panels. Nothing else the least bit complex going on. Not making sense to me but hopefully someone will know. Thanks. PS. I do have backface culling turned on so not a normals issue unless it is a "normals vertex" issues which I haven't figured out how to fix at all. SOME of the parts that are showing black are places where I took vertexes and moved in towards the center SLIGHTLY. Seems odd there would be this much of a problem with that simple thing. Other parts haven't been moved at all with the same non-bake issue.
  14. I made a tutorial a year ago or so primarily for my customers that explains how to get your textured on an ambient map. It would be similar with a UV -- you just don't have shadows built in. And you might actually have the ambient maps too which would sort of be the norm. Still everyone does things differently. http://nakedmesh.blogspot.com/p/mesh-faqs.html If you have 14 then you must have a linkset object since you can only have 8 faces in SL. That shouldn't be an issue. With 14 maps however be SURE and scale the maps down as needed. If you use 512 or 1024 (heartstopping here) on 14 maps they will never load -- or it is go out to coffee time and not a good thing. Good luck!
  15. Here is a simple tutorial I made for my customers. Hopefully it is what you are looking for. http://nakedmesh.blogspot.com/p/mesh-faqs.html Sorry replying to the original post. Hit the wrong button. Don't come here often.
  16. Mostly waterland with lovely view. Small area of hill. Sand platform and trees included. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triggerfish/241/240/22 $6000. $8 month tier if you use your free 512 allotment.
  17. $8 US a month tier if you use your free 512 allotment. Nice stable neighborhood. Includes some landscaping items. $12,000 L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triggerfish/236/233/22
  18. Here is a tutorial that might help: http://nakedmesh.blogspot.com/p/mesh-faqs.html Unless you plan on making your own mesh from scratch, you will not need Blender or another program to customize your the mesh in your "mesh kit". You WILL need a photo editing program.
  19. OK. I just had the exact same thing happen with a roof. Sides were fine but I fell through the roof. I had done Solid, Analyze and set to prim. I had applied Location, Rotation and Scale to both model and physics model. When I looked at the physics it was missing one side of the flat roof part of the physics. I went back in and looked at the physics dae and I had at least one normal flipped (maybe two as there was an edge that was sticking out the side when it shouldn't have been). . I just uploaded the same roof DAE with the new Physics DAE and all worked great. You could actually see that there was an issue with the extra physics sticking out in the upload window. I can never see the preview as well in LL viewer as in FS though. It now works perfectly. I had never had a physics cube flip normals before, but good to know what to watch out for. Rereading the original post, this might not be the exact same thing, but something to check anyway.
  20. Your best bet if you want to stay in your Linden home and decorate is to upgrade to "smart mesh" (my name for it) where a whole to-die-for gorgeous couch is often 3 prims, a nice armchair 1 prims (actually land impact now) and even big collections of items at 1 land impact. Mesh is pretty magical if made well and cleverly. Shop at some of the monthly mesh events and see what you can have for just a few LI points. Those events most often has special prices and if you were willing to pay more tier -- just use that money on new smart mesh furnishings and decor items. There is really no reason to have primmy things any longer. We are FREE AT LAST from that nasty 117 limit. OK, we're not free, but it can go ten times further now with some good planning.
  21. OK. Well not the normals. Same look but happily the Aditi grid is working again. I took the problematic leg by itself, did a quick and dirty map and uploaded JUST the leg and that was fine. So remapping may work, BUT I haven't tested it as a JOINED object. Most likely that won't happen today. Thanks for your help. I'll update when I remap on the joined object.
  22. So I obviously did something wrong here but have no idea what. About ready to toss it in, but would like to know what's going on. This is all one material. While this is now joined into one mesh there were several mesh objects before joining. The top (darkest), the rectangular piece, and the bottom leg (all one piece made from a cylinder). I checked the materials and they look correct. Clicking on them in order shows that they are identical (or at least I don't know what I am looking for). The bottom leg looks better in the viewer but still lighter than the other parts. When I upload it on Aditi and set the texture to blank and color to light gray (all parts as this is now one mesh), this is what I get. Particularly strange is the leg which is simply a cylinder with an extruded cap. This is not just a function of the light. I tried several light settings and it remains a problem. Any ideas what I did to get here would be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. OK. Aside from the fact that I don't completely understand what you are saying LOL, I think this is probably it. I don't make my own LODs so the uploader does what it does. I have never had an issue before. In theory since "I" didn't make any new LOD files, the uploader should have been using the same texture set? Again, don't really understand this. I didn't get any error message when uploading as you mentioned -- so perhaps not; maybe a whole new bug. Whatever, good to know I am not completely crazy. This, or a version of the issue, does sound like my problem. It was VERY strange to watch the texture disappear when you dragged a copy. Bizarre really. Thanks for the info. And, yes, it DID leave the canvas texture on when I dragged it and took the "painting" off, so this seems to fit. Maybe it isn't just when you have fewer materials in the lower LODs as I assume they would have been the same (but maybe not). I hope it doesn't happen again and since I didn't make my lower LODS I'd like to know how to keep it FROM happening . Maybe a hit and miss thing as that seems to be the norm. Happily things often work perfectly.
  24. Yes, only six textures. Two Three seperate mesh objects (one single canvas and two sets of triples). Think the post below may be the answer. All of the canvases were mapped with a separate material face for the front of the canvas. It only "took" on the single.
  25. Ah, that might have been it. At this point I can't remember. I have never had that issue before so wasn't suspecting a change. Didn't realize they might change when joining as that hasn't ever been a problem before. Seems odd that it hasn't been if it is common but I'll go with that theory and be alert next time. TY. In the end the change turned out for the best so aside from puzzling aspects it was all good.
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