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    Mesh Texturing

    Thank you all for responding, They are all helpful. I do have the product and can't wait to get started creating nw textures. I really appreciate you responding!
  2. Martizza

    Mesh Texturing

    I started a new thread because I am having difficulty finding tuts and the answers I need. I have purchased full perm items, and wish to create my own textures. In the files I usually have the UV and the AO map, and I have not purchased anything yet with the dae files. I am still learning blender, which is a totally different thread. Anywho, I am not sure where to start. I am assuming I upload the UV map into Photoshop, gimp or PaintShopPro. I have all 3. Then thats it..... What do I do? I have read make layers. I know how to make layers but I am still slightly confused. In photoshop I take the pen tool and and select the pattern and make it a new layer? add layers to add my textures? In photoshop do I pretty much do the same, select the entire pattern make a new layer add my texture? Anyone have a step by step guide to help me, please. Forgive me for forum etiquette, I rarely post for help in forums. Marti
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