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  1. So.... this is rather ALLARMING. i deleted the old listing and re-uploaded a fresh folder, tried to list it and it's NOT taking the picture now either. What on earth is going on here :matte-motes-dont-cry:
  2. What would be a way to go about this because obviously these listings arn't going to work anymore. i've randomly tried a couple, and they all have the same issue, i'm affraid all 100-some items from that same period of time. Did anyone have this same issue and how did they fix it? The only way i see how to fix this is delete the corrupted listings anr re-upload them with the merchant outbox. Anyone?
  3. my listings begin with listing dates, not with nr's, i have no way of retrieving these numbers so i can't check. i do remember taking all my stuff down when that disaster happend with all the corrupted pictures and i couldn't get it fixed then and i can't get it fixed now. my NEW listings have no problems at all, just the old ones i had to deactivate due to the transition/picture issues.
  4. It doesn't give me a message at all, the yellow strip where the uploaded picture should be is blank after uploading and a preview is active but is missing the picture. Really weird eh?
  5. Hi all, havn't been here for a while, trying to update my MP listings.... again. I just can't seem to get it right and i've dropped trying a couple of times now and about to give up on MP alltogether. I've been trying to use this merchant out box for at least a year now, been trying to upload pictures for just as long but i'm getting tired of trying to use this site. It's demotivating. Finally figured out how to work this associated item thing so i can update my folders. Last time i tried, i converted all my pictures from .tga to .png but it still won't take them. They're the right size, the right dimensions, the right file type. What could go wrong, right? It really is time for something thats EASY TO USE. I've been in here for 7 years but the MP is the most user-unfriendly thing i have EVER used and i'm not exactly dumb either. Is this maybe the reason why there are so few products on the MP nowadays? You're missing a lot of revenue, LL peeps! Can anyone help me, please? Do i need to convert the pictures to yet ANOTHER type? I don't know anymore, i would really like to get this done now, i have deactivated everything since the new marketplace system came and i havn't been able to get it right since.
  6. I have a tiny niche i work in, a verry small community i design for and a little group of dedicated followers. I make mermaid outfits, not a lot, i only build when i feel like it. I have a main collection of about 250 items now after a year or 3. I think the main point in the beginning is building your group of followers. Mine is only about 100 unique residents so not a lot but they mean the world to me and i know many of them personally. My main awesome tool is the newsletter sender, its a sort of subscribo but verry simple and verry cheap. I tend to not bother my customers too much with all sorts of advertising and treat them the way i would like to be treated. They will find that subscribo and killit! if you constantly flood them with thissummathat. Only a new release or some special will be advertised. Keeping good relationships with your following is key. Quality and moderation go a loooooong way. A much much longer way than you would expect.
  7. Gosh, what a pain swapping the box for the merchant outbox. I know its prolly going to work much better because you don't need to empty out the box every time you need to update something in the boxes. Still have to fix this stupid glitch too that put other people's pictures on my stuff. Main reason i totally quit and just deactivated everything when the changover happened, waiting for stuff to get fixed. Had no time and didn't feel like editing 300+ listings again and again. How are things here atm? I didn't keep track at all and just took a break from it all.
  8. I missed putting something in the description. All fields with the red star are mandatory.
  9. Ahh thanks. I missed a field, duuh. The old listings gave you a warning popup when you missed something. Listed! Thanks again
  10. I just listed a new product in the new merchant outbox. i list it as usual, save blaah blaah, but when i then look in my listed items, its not active and when i try to activate it, its not activating it. I can't seem to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas? Eth
  11. I upgraded to premium after almost 5 years of basic, can't access a premium sandbox or other premium areas, i could buy the 512 sq.m. land but didn't get the 1000 ld signup bonus. My page says "welcome, secondlife resident" instead of my name and when i try to go to the sandbox or premium gift page, it is blank. What should i do? i waited a day now and nothing changed.
  12. one minimally animated stand and one simple walk animation´╗┐. Please contact me in-world ONLY for the details please, if you are interested in doing these for me. I'm not often on the forums so i don't check messages here. Please don't first make and then offer them, i've had that happen before and ended up with things i couldn't use. I'll take them both full perm please.(no mod is fine) I'm still building but i will need both finnished within about a week. Ethie
  13. I don't have much of a business model but there are some things that clearly WORK. Here are some tips for any size store/business. Be available!!!! Be SEEN MODEL/CUSTOMIZE ANYTHING they want, show PERSONAL care Be patient with people Never say 'NO', say 'i'm sorry, but time does not permit me' or something, but say WHY Never say 'YES' either and risk dissapointing your customer Your customer base is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your business FIX items IMMEDIATELY, NEVER WAIT, they have payed you for a perfect product, and thats exactly what they will get. have giftcards handy as a bandaid Some people will NEVER have the lindens to buy your things. Make SURE they can get their hands on your things with luckychairs, freebies and random gifts, they are walking, free advertising too, just like all your other customers Don't send them unwanted advertising, make sure you give incentives to make them WANT to join your group/advertising mill Give small gifts of appreciation to your group Give LARGE gifts to random people, they will remember you forever Be overly GENEROUS in EVERYTHING you do Appologize PROFOUNDLY if you make a mistake, If not, they will remember you FOREVER too! Newbies are NOT a nuicance, they are your future customer base, shower them with little gifts and tips and take time to help them out, hang around untill they are utterly satisfied Have a HIGH QUALITY, permanent store freebie, DO NOT CHANGE THIS ITEM! There is a constant flow of NEW people that will want it. Have a lucky chair/board, mobvend whatever only collection, not for sale anywhere else Create curiosity, build in your store or somewhere near, send random people first versions to make them feel special and involved Send out a survey to your group, make sure you ask questions so they can see you are actually deeply interested in what THEY want Never EVER hover above your customers, get involved! Yes, sure you're special.... just like everyone else. Having a store is NOT about pushing stuff on people and making tons of monies. Stick to these rules with abandon and even a small group of customers will make your store a success Ethie
  14. I'm an SL merchant for the 4th year now, its like every summer. Enough sales to keep paying the rent on everything and thats about it. It usually picks up around the end of august/september. It doesn't really worry me. Same thing every year and across all types of merchandise.
  15. Lately, i have been growing a resentment against buying things on the marketplace. It seems every other merchant adds your name to some advertising database and these are verry hard to get rid of. They are mostly located on roofs and in inaccessible skyboxes and MEANT to be hard to unsubscribe. The best i can do is IM the merchant and rant at them, wich is not my hobby. At least put a kiosk where i can unsubscribe -.- Is this something that more people encounter? because, quite frankly, its beginning to annoy me verry much. I'm also betting a few dimes on the fact its clearly against LL TOS. Ethie
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