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  1. In looking at the second link Sassy posted it makes me wonder if there should just be a change to how profiles are set up so that there would be room for showing connections. Maybe more of a form where you can add people add siblings, best friends, husbands/wives, business partners, and such in it's own little section to display.
  2. I'd be interested in watching/listening to such a show. I like hearing othe people's stories. I'm also curious about SL relationships - relationships in general really, and how people make them work.
  3. I tried making a group sort of like that but it focused on RL females with male avatars. I kinda gave up on it, but I'd say be prepared to wait awhile for members (unless you have friends you know will join). The previous posters made some good points. But I wonder why discussing the ins and outs of having an avatar of a different gender isn't enough of a focus. I'll join, if you make it, so it won't close on you. There are some other sort of similar groups out there. Switch is one. I joined but didn't stay very long. Good luck.
  4. I think it's an interesting idea. I don't know anything about running a club, so I'm no help there. But I'd be interested in going to such a club. I use my male avatar more these days. I've been in both of the gender bending categories Amethyst mentioned. With that information on my profile, I'm not sure if it effects how people view me or not. It'd be nice to go somewhere where it could be less of a factor. I'm still trying to find people I can connect with in general on the avatar-of-the-opposite-gender subject.
  5. Hi. This is a bit late, thank you for the responses! I started a group called Guys Like Us. The titles kind of suck right now. I'm not sure if it's too new for the page with the address to show up, but it's on my profile.
  6. Hi. I've mostly seen groups for the reverse (RL males -SL females). I tried making a group earlier but it died due to lack of membership. I guess I could have added my alt to keep it open, but I was going back and forth about it. Would anyone be interested in such a group? Would it be too invasive (mentioning the RL female part)? I think it's fun to dress up my male avatar and decorate a house for him in a way that I think suits him. Taking images is another thing I enjoy with my alt (well both avatars actually). Maybe that sounds odd, not sure. It could be fun to talk about stuff like this w
  7. I like that idea. It sounds creepy, but I like watching my male alt experiencing self pleasure. There just never seem to be enough animations and options for that. I haven't really seen a sim dedicated to solo sex yet. Kinda hope I'm wrong.
  8. Sorry, meant to do this earlier. Tari, thanks for coming into the thread and not writing a response that assumes the worst. Tari and Amethyst, thanks for the constructive suggestions. I talked to the person and showed them this lovely thread. I appreciate the other responses, though they weren't my situation, maybe they could help someone else in the future. And now let us bow our heads and bounce our shoulders in reverence to the chuckle. Note: the last bit was about the thread in general
  9. I am Queen Zee Zee and I rule your instant message window. My throne is made of plush vowels. Heh. The wording on the op wasn't the best, sorry. I am familiar with multitasking and the internet..and life. I'm guilty of it myself. Usually I don't care, but I tend to over think things at times. I was wondering if maybe they were giving me a hint by mentioning the other conversation. Some other meaning I'm not aware of. I don't want to be a bother to them. It is best to ask the person involved. Poster's remorse. I also thought, with the original post, that maybe we could talk about stories r
  10. Does that make anyone else feel awkward? Is it to bring up a topic with me? Get me to react in some way? Is it a dismissal? Being social isn't something I'm great at. Whenever this person does this it makes me feel like maybe I should shut up so they can focus on the other conversation. I tend to leave people alone if I think they're busy, although my default assumption is that everyone is busy and to leave them alone. Ok, I went off on a tangent. How do you feel when another conversation is brought up? I kind of like not knowing, especially if I don't know the other person.
  11. I've seen a retro looking car and some futuristic egg shaped vehicles here and there when I've done random mainland exploring. Exploring the mainland is a downer sometimes. I see a lot of older builds and it makes me feel like I've missed it's heyday, and then there are huge empty grassy plots. I like the smaller islands. Maybe because less space makes them less empty. I still want to see as much as I can. I only had the patience for the 'taxi' once. I had to get closer, and look around.
  12. Oh my gosh. I just read the first response. I was just curious about peoples' tastes in SL. I'm not intending on romancing anyone.
  13. Hi. This may or may not be a personal question. I was wondering what sorts of qualities make other avatars attractive enough to take that SLexxy step with. Visual or personality related.
  14. I got a really nice house by The Domineaux Effect called Old Orchard Cottage. The windows open and close, the details are great. I love my house! Fanatik has some cool stuff too.
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