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  1. Thankyou Dora :smileywink: i think i shall also join your group then i can walk around displaying the tag all the time, haha :smileyhappy:
  2. thats some great advice dres, im not going to change to please others so yes anymore unkind comments and i will just hit block and then derender them, haha
  3. Hi iCade, if only size didnt matter, maybe i have it bad because im male, everyone i have met is so anti my size, when they see my realistic size avatar, they are either very rude to me and call me names or are telling me my shape needs sorting out that i look like one of snow whites friends. im happy with my choice and i only wish i could fit in as i am, i dont want a 7ft tall avatar.i actually think i look better this way,more normal looking,when i tried the larger avs they looked kind of freaky long legs huge shoulders etc theyre just not for me, and i wouldnt feel happy looking like that, but because im not a giant, i am already finding my confidence at going out and about meeting others is becoming more and more difficult just because im not like they are and the way they react when they see me, unless there are other avs like me i really dont feel i fit in when everyone should be accepted for who they are.
  4. I decided to have a normal sized human avatar when i first joined SL, i like to be realistic and wanted to feel like me in SL. I couldn't find a normal sized shape anywhere, they were all over 7ft tall, i'm 5ft 9 in RL and thats the height i wanted my avatar to be, thats just me, of course i have nothing against being a giant but i feel happier as my true self. well i couldnt find any realistic sized shapes and i tried on lots of demos, so i created my own which i have to say im very happy with. but heres the problem now, i feel like i dont fit in anywhere as i feel and look tiny, haha, but surely it shouldnt be like this, and the reception i get from others is either to be completely ignored or to be picked on, called names because im not over 7ft tall, hurtful names and even being pushed around. surely we all come here to be able to freely choose what avatar we like, and i respect other choices but it seems very few respect mine, im only tryibg to be my rl self but it seems so many are anti realistic size and i wonder if someone can tell me why they think this is so? and why does hardly anyone or even creators make or use realistic size avatars?
  5. According to the TPE im using this is what they have been asked to do by LL: As to all the other third party exchanges Linden Lab has summed us to end all our exchange activities by Monday morning San Fransisco time. I have been told by the TPE that their ATMs are back online at 10 cet time, so i'm holding out hope that they will indeed be back online, and that i will still find one available to wthdraw from. If there are any linden dollars left in the account after that they have said they will refund them.
  6. Hi everyone, thankyou for all your help amd advice with clearing up this matter. After one last attempt at getting my L$ either paid into my exchange account or refunded to my bank, I'm pleased to say that my final ticket was delt with immediately at the TPE and the L$ i was missing have now been credited to my account, so all i need to do now is get them out of an ATM as soon as they are back online. :matte-motes-grin:
  7. Hi, thankyou for your replies. The reason i chose them was because they were recommended to me by my friends who all used them and told me they were trustworthy, they were a very popular exchange with ATMs all over SL, including somewhere they had their business premises so you could visit them inworld, maybe i was just the unlucky one here, because i didnt get a response by sending them a ticket twice, which had an automated reply that a representative would contact me very soon.both tickets just disappeared and i had a message telling me to start a new one. no one contacted me, i went to their premises inworld and of course it is too late they have packed up and gone already. although it isnt a huge amount to lose, it couldve been worse, it equaled to 3,500L$, i have still lost it, and its something i desperately needed to pay my rent with. when i paid for the L$ on the third party exchange site it said the transaction had failed, so i tried again, second time fine, money immediately credited to my exchange account. a few days later in my bank statement tells me the transaction that was supposed to have failed actually didnt it went through,so i paid twice for one amount of L$, and i didnt get anything in return so thats when i contacted them, i was too late the TOS had just come into force. the only option i have left now is my bank, i paid using my bank card i dont have a credit card, i shall tell them the situation to see if i can get my money refunded. Its sad that even exchanges that were popular and supposed to be trustworthy can do this. Even if the TOS hadnt changed i still wouldnt have purchased L$ again from a third party again, not after that experience.
  8. just my luck to use a third party exchange for the first time a few days before the TOS changed,I lost my money to the third party exchange and although sending two tickets asking for a refund i got no answer each time just the tickets removed, so im glad the TOS have changed, to protect anyone else from losing their money like i have, its too late for me of course they are now closing their business down
  9. Hi Dres, thanks for you reply as well, these things are always useful to know :smileyhappy:
  10. Hi Valerie, yes i am using the new Firestorm viewer and so far its been very good apart from one or two crashes but i think that is my internet provider, which isn't always so good :smileysad:. Thankyou for the information, I shall have a look at the links you sent, it certainly sounds like a useful feature should you need it, I love the derender part ive tried it on a bot,lol have a great day :matte-motes-smile:
  11. I've heard of blocking another avatar like muting, but what does blacklisting an avatar mean? Does it mean that they are placed on a bad list that all residents have access to? Or is it a personal use list you can add to of your own? On my viewer it not only has block, but block , blacklist and derender, i guess if it really necessary you would use this for a particularly bad avatar that you want to blot out completely.
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