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  1. Thank you for the reply. It is much appreciated! I will ty it!
  2. I am trying to create a simple award hold pose for a medieval joust podium using Animare. Every time I try to upload the bvh file I get a message saying cannot load file I get a message that says "Unable to read file. Premature end of file". All I did was add the code Animare gave me and I see nothing in the empty bvh file after that code.
  3. I am opening my home today and am putting it on the Home and Garden Tour. I opted for less clutter and more garden and still have 21 prims left. As you walk in, to the left, is a small white bench and a picture above it that I created. They are linked and set for 0 L's so if you would like to have it, feel free to take a copy. You may also unlink them if you just want to use one piece or the other. (photo attached) Here's your taxi: At Last
  4. I was finally able to snag a house in last Fridays release and have spent the last several day decorating inside and out. I really love the community feel here...so much better than the old houses, where most may have been occupied but you never saw hide nor hair of an avi! It appears I have used my landscaping prims mainly in the front and one the sides. I have 30 left to do the back with and am using all 1 prim plants...but they do add up quickly. I got Blush Brevins patio extension and added one of my own making to the back of the house. The water feature is Skye's Water system, filled with plants from Botanical. The gentle water sound comes with the water system and is very soothing. I could use 100 more prims in a flash, but this will do for the moment!
  5. Yes, I did... and have spent the last 2 days decorating. I will take a look. Thank you! Yes, it is there!!!
  6. I noticed that the second life.com page still has Choose your Home... and not Go to Your Home. Is this a problem? Or does it just need to catch up? Any clues?
  7. Arghhhh! This is so frustrating...I was clicking away between 7 and 8 am and never saw one come up
  8. I have clicked nonstop for the last 4 hours and nada....zip...zilch - just the same old homes as always. There has to be a better way to distribute the new homes or houseboats. I am a patient person... but my patience is wearing thin after several months of trying of get a home ☹️
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