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  1. I don't see any valid reason why I would trust a 3rd party, web based, vending processor. Especially if you have hundreds of products. They are not immune to hacking, or simply just walking away because their ex-wife took all their money, or who knows what.... I mean how many times you need to re-deliver or update products? you can do all this manually. The sad thing is, their products are still available for sale.
  2. why would they halt it now if they are the only Linden $ Dealer? buying low from merchants and selling high later to customers is a great deal.
  3. This would not have happened if Linden Lab allowed third parties to sell and trade Lindens like before, a free market with fair competition. Instead now we have one Monopoly trader who dictates where Linden Dollar should go, or who is dumping more volume for their own profit. or who knows, could be based on "insider" information. Increasing prices for Quality products is way to go. Just like real life, there is Walmart like someone here said, there is Macy's and there is Neiman Marcus, each with their own customer base. During the recession prices actually went up.
  4. You don't have to be afraid, if you sell quality products that people want. But also I don't think it will be a temporary phase because it's a technical break down, unless the major stake holder backs off a bit, and you know who that is. If I was a merchant I would naturally increase product prices, for example if the devaluation drops 10% increase prices in accordance to the drop. It happened in the recession, and it's part of capitalism. People who have crap products unfortunately will most likely be flushed. It does not seem to have anything to do with Linden buying power, because a bird told me merchants still maintain the same, if not increased, buying volume. It might have to do with the recent change in fees, which makes mechants hold on and wait to get the best bang for the buck before selling Lindens, thus selling larger periodic volumes or chunks than before, and making the market's controlling authority capable of offering whatever price those "panicky" merchants are willing to sell for. I don't blame the merchants, they will panic because they have bills to pay, and no one else, other than the controlling authority, will let them sell lindens for less than what the authority wants. This wouldn't have happened if we have a free exchange market like before. After all, I'm not against SL making a fair margin profit, so long as it's fair and equitable, complies with exchange matket regulations, and they invest it in things like updating their game engine, VR integration and other up-to-date innovations.
  5. Well that was out of context, but since you brought it up. it's not only that some creators are allowed through the interface to upload bad stuff but also updating the severely outdated game engine is much more urgent than anything else. Just the other day I bought a tie from a Chinese merchant on eBay, guess what? when I tried it on, it didn't rezz eBay still reported great earnings in the last quarter, despite whining about chinese products by people like you.. ponder that!
  6. Seems like, for some unknow and curious reason (other than the change in the fee schedule), the Linden Currency is being devaluated in the last month or so, and that devaluation is accelerating at an alarming and unusual rate. Having a monopoly trader that submits buy "offers" at whatever rate they want is not fair market. Nonetheless, I believe Merchants increasing product prices accordingly would be a wise decision.
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