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  1. Lol... Loving the above posts. Thanks everyone for giving me your point of view. It has really opened my eyes. I had been debating putting this on the forums, and the only reason why I chose to was only because I wanted to warn people so it doesn't happen to them. It's one of my many faults. We can debate all you like on our difference of opinions, though it is just that.... a different opinion. Apparently banning someone for wanting to advertise that they have a similar looking place is common practice even if it is a place I frequent and donated not only to the SIM but to the hosts and DJs that perform there also. I guess I have lost a SIM but they have lost my donations. Thank you all or your kind messages and your time for posting a response.
  2. No I didn't. I advertised a place for couples to get away in a small place. Nothing about clothes because it is a mature sim an not an adult sim. Oh and a side note, the reason it was created a few minutes ago is because I don't usually post on the forums, I was this ticked off by it that I decided to make my first post So please don't compare this to the popular SIM just because BOTH have sand and water. It mentions nothing about Dj's or nudity.
  3. I originally wasn't going to write this post, as I had thought better of it and even though I wasn't treated with respect and business practise I thought I would take the moral high ground. However, the reason why I changed my mind is that I have just discovered that I have been banned from a popular SL place and decided to warn others in case it happens to them also. As of a couple of weeks ago, I decided to design my own little parcel which is a retreat for some people to get away. I started up a group and managed to get a small group of people interested. I thought it was best to start up some advertising to bring in a little bit of traffic into the place. This is where the trouble started. I set up in one place and paid for 4 weeks rent, no problem there. Then discovered that the highly traffic popular SIM were also requested advertisements. FANTASTIC! It's a highly traffic area and it's as soon as you zone in. Great spot to see the ads, so I thought 'Why not?' I looked at the price which was L$700 per week. Very very expensive. However, I thought I would trial it for a week and see what would happen. It came with T&C's which is to be expected and one of the rules to advertise was that if you are advertising a place it has to be in no way similar to the popular SIM. Which is fair. However the property that I own is only a small parcel, it couldn't be compared with the popular SIMI! Since I had placed the ad within my evening, it wasn't until I was on my way to work the next day that I noticed I had received a couple of emails. One was that someone had clicked on my ad (one of the owners of the popular SIM) and another was that my rental with the popular SIM had expired. I signed in through my phone and sent a small brief message to the owner that had clicked my banner basically saying something along the lines of... Hey, I noticed that my ad expired. I hadn't received a warning about anything. Can you tell me why this is? I figured there was an error and they weren't aware of it. As they had been offline I didn't expect a response right away, but in about 15 minutes I received a response saying, and I quote "the photo and name looked exactly like (insert name here)". I was furious! My little parcel compared within a huge sim like the popular SIM! I should be thrilled that the tiny little parcel of land is any way in comparison to this huge sim. And the photo! My little screenshot done with paint is also being compared to their work of art? Just one word I had.. 'Wow!' During this whole time I had noticed I hadn't even been refunded. So I responded as pleasantly as I could with how ticked off I was at this time, basically saying that I couldn't believe that my land was being compared with theirs. Especially without a) a warning that it may be taken down or maybe even change the photo (which would be completely stupid considering how little effort I had put into it) and b) not even prompted a refund right away. So I asked for a refund which I received 4 hours later! So be warned people if you decide to advertise your sim at the popular SIM even with a small parcel and an artwork done through paint, you'll not only have to find the owner to ask for a refund, but you'll be banned from that place also!
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