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  1. Hi all. Been messing around on Blender and finally got the jist of texture working, adjustments, joining meshes and making sure to remove doubles. I have been following the methods on rigging with automatic weight sharing on the basic SL rigged skeleton which i downloaded from their template page and did some basic rigging work. The mesh follows the skeleton when i use pose mode. The issue occurs when i upload it to SL, sorry about the amount of gyazo links also. Here is the mesh with the skeleton in place. I am aware of the exposed faces which are glitching around, cleaned them las
  2. Thank you all for the replies and confirmation, as I am used to some services asking you to log into paypal everytime you desire to use said service i was unsure if SL did the same. Either way, i now have clarity on the payment methods. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all, this might be a dumb question but I am currently paying for L via paypal and have noticed it does not ask for any for of confirmation and simply buys said L in question. I am wondering if this is only for my PC? Mostly asking because if i ever lose access to my account down the line, I want that added security that even though paypal is linked to the account, they would be unable to buy L on another system/device. Or does this need to be toggled on paypals site itself? Cheers.
  4. Hi, sorry for the delay, my friend uses a i7-8700k We both used the same draw distance of 128, both on the latest release of Firestorm, and tested it with the same settings on the basic SL viewer. They still get higher FPS count even with Shadows on, (projectors) in this case, while I struggle to hit the same FPS even with shadows off. Thanks for the info, sadly, I have not, As, i have no idea where to start with all that stuff, I can put the current settings here from the Nvidia control panel, what would you need to see, or, what shall i tinker with?
  5. Sorry for the delay, been a hectic week. And well, As on my previous forum post, with the lag issue. I done a comparison test with a friend of mine. Same Sim, looking in the same direction with settings the same. Only difference they have is their CPU. OS, GPU, RAM are on the same level. Yet, while i get around 20FPS without shadows etc. They hit 30FPS with shadows on, and, around 40 without shadows on.
  6. Well, I will tinker a bit more then, and see what I can do, as for some odd reason i still get lag whilst running on MED settings, on any viewer, FS, SL, Black Dragon, Sing. I have done a health test, RAM, CPU, GPU are all in good condition. Maybe the black boxes could be used to improve performance?
  7. Thanks for the replies, I will look into all this options and will update if needed. Right now im going to focus on updating/reinstalling windows 10 without the HDD plugged in and give it another test run and hope for the best. I am wondering though, if a new Motherboard would be a good option for dual Graphic cards, the works.
  8. That might be the case, as the HDD was plugged in at the time, worst case, I will do a fresh install. And for the dimensions, the Heat sink port is a 4 pin connection, not sure on the 4 pins, but the current intel heat sink fan I am using is 9.2 x 9.2 CM Width and height. The current heatsink being used is this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-Original-E97378-LGA1155-1156-Aluminum-E97378-Bulk/dp/B00NVMME58/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1525622626&sr=8-3&keywords=intel+e97378-001
  9. Yeah, that confused me as well, as it was a fresh install and everything was put onto that. Unless, its the fact I still have not cleaned the old hard-drive, and I am getting the Pick what OS to boot on startup, on a windows 10 splash screen indicating both windows 10 and 7 are available. But yes, I will work on the CPU heat sink, just need to find a good 4 pin connection CPU heat sink, possibly with a fan/quiet when idle running as much current still makes a noise when the PC is idle. ((Side question: Would overclocking be worth it at all? As it seems my PC would
  10. Hi all, just got myself a 1070TI and still got some money to spend, so wanting to see what I should upgrade next. Currently, I am running: GPU: GeForce Nvidia 1070ti RAM: 16GB ram (2x 8GB sticks in 2 ports) CPU: Intel i7 4790 (8CPUS) DAC - Intergrated RAMDAC I will also link this benchmark test which shows off all my hardware I am currently using so you can grasp more information than me typing out everything in a DX diag. It is a bit old, so i will explain the edits as well to it: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8530914 (EDITED BENCHMARK: THIS IS
  11. @Lillith Hapmouche Hey, just updating you, got windows 10 Enterprise, along with an SSD running SL, the OS, and other files I want to have on hand. With my HDD running steam and everything else. Secondlife is all fixed, and FPS has seemed to have boosted big time. On a sim I used to get 40FPS on, I now hit a high 70. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Hi all, just a quick question on my CPU temp when running SL when I can get it working on good days while I wait for my replacement parts as mentioned in a previous post. I have just done a deep PC clean, using my air compressor wondering if it was the CPU's fan which was blocked with dust. I am running 4 fans, one on the back, 2 on the front, and one on the side. The 2 front and side are intakes, the back is the rear exhaust fan. My Current cooler is an "Intel Original E97378 LGA1155/1156 Aluminum/Copper CPU Heatsink, P/N # E97378 " when running secondlife, i hit temperat
  13. Will do! Thanks again for all the help, will give updates when I get it all set up and adjusted
  14. @Lillith Hapmouche Thanks for the info, I am hoping windows 10 sorts it out for me, i have ordered the kit none the less for the SSD, new Hard-drive for steam and the works, along with better cables as you suggested and a mounting rack (As i have no spare racks in my case) My draw distance depending on the sim i normally adjusted myself. But, average its around 120 (now using the lowest draw settings now and again) and i do use the inbuilt presets and advanced settings to reduce the FPS loss. With some minor improvements here and there. The home sim is also like this, pondering
  15. @Whirly Fizzle Thanks for the tip, sadly not, even with a system restart with the folder added to the whitelist, I still seem to be getting the same issue, along with the the other purge root i still get the issue. I am using AVAST as my anti-virus software.
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