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  1. Ugh, what morons. Thanks for letting me know Dilli, I'm listening to the town hall at the moment, but had expected it to be in the terms or the FAQ And Yea Fiona, only at Linden Labs. They also banned someone I know, and are refusing to say why, and telling him not to contact them further. ONLY @LL!
  2. Nowhere in any place I've seen is the amount of the fee listed. Is it a percentage or set rate?
  3. I've been in Second Life a long time now, and worked various clubs. If I had one suggestion to all of you posting jobs here, it's this: Put the shifts you're looking for in your post! I normally get jobs more by word of mouth than here mainly because digging through each listing only to discover your club is dead during the hours I can work is so pointless. Even some of the better postings here have the same failing, saying they need DJs but not when they need them.
  4. Really glad I'm semi-retired from DJing if clubs like this are still being made. To the owners of this club, you really should seriously reconsider all of this. Even the most professional clubs I've worked never had such ridiculous requirements.
  5. Your right boob could get a job as a metronome at least. Upside?
  6. Actually you aren't screwed, you did receive an email with support documents before you were premium. Likely the issue you were having was more advanced than the basic help entails. I did contact SL at one point with a problem and they did resolve it, and I was not premium at that time. Basically premium entitles you to a higher level of support. Instead of generic email answers, they will do further research and resolution for items that go beyond basic failures on LL's basic services. So no, free members are not screwed out of basic support, they are screwed if their issue goes beyond that.
  7. Actually... The real issue is that online sales in the US are, in fact, taxed. However, it was the responsibility of the purchaser to file the taxes. Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/06/tech/web/internet-sales-tax To quote: Wait, aren't we required to pay sales tax already? In most states with sales taxes, people who buy goods online (or over the phone or through the mail) from another state are subject to a Use Tax. They are supposed to keep track of everything they purchase and pay sales taxes when they file their tax return. Many consumers either ignore or are not aware of these requirements, and states say it is difficult to enforce. So, whenever someone online, depending on state of course, purchased something and their state had a use tax, they were supposed to voluntarily pay the taxes. Now, physical retail outlets are sick of getting the shaft, and the US will soon try to nationalize some rules for the sales tax issue. Linden Labs never factored in any form of sales tax on its pricing... because there is no unified sales tax on anything. If they did, it would need to show as a line item on the receipt. Likely they did not charge at first (and others don't) because they are operating on the current US model for sales tax for internet goodds, IE that it's the user's responsibility to pay out that tax unless the home state for where the service is located is required to collect that tax. So yea, sucks that England already legislated taxation via internet, but that's the breaks. US is going to follow soon enough, but it will be interesting to see how as sales tax is state controlled...
  8. Can I just say that I love your ad?!? I've been scanning these forums to prep for a run about the clubs for extra gigs... And it's been FRUSTRATING to not know the basics (when the DJ's needed, where the club is so I can go see if I would enjoy working there, et cetera) Club owners, please look at this ad and just copy its style... makes my life SO much easier. I'm sure other DJs/Hosts/Dancers would agree.
  9. Here's a link out to the HTML version of the email. http://link.secondlife.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?a=DiZJSeuA-xqz_RJtqjIaKzsK&msgVersion=web These are obviously NOT the starter homes that are offered now. The link used to lead to a style selector with a LOT more options (basic style of house, some additional options and arrangements), but now leads back to the Linden Homes site. However, the offer has expired: The promotion runs from 12:00 PM (PDT) April 19, 2012 and ends at 12:00 PM (PDT) May 18, 2012 and is subject to a limited availability of Starter Homes. After 15 days you decide whether you want to keep your home or not. If you do want to keep it you will need to pay for it pursuant to the applicable terms of service. If you don’t want to keep it or if you do nothing you won’t be billed for it. I assume that's why the link is now referring back. I wish I had said yes now, but I was already renting a wonderful 1/4 beach sim with my girl, and they did not list the pricing for these lots. They had a few styles (the images show what they offered), as well as just renting you an empty lot to rez a house in. I had thought the email was mass distributed...
  10. Woooow terrible weekend for the music community. Both of them were very talented.
  11. Oh Honey it's not hard to behave a certain way in text. You can go for the whole "mentor" thing, but just keep your distance from doing anything like giving away large amounts of L or gifting items that cost you. They could be playing you for free stuff. It could be a16 year old playing on your need to protect her, or could be some 40 something playing you.. or some guy.. or... You get my meaning. If she really is what she says she is, she does need a friend when she realizes that SL can mess with your head at times.
  12. Colour me jaded, but how do we know she was 16 and not just some perv looking to PLAY a 16 year old.. I am just a little suspicious about the constant "I WANT SEX" mindset. Sure, teens are amourous to be sure, big ball of hormones that they are. But she seemed a little... eager. Now if she was seriously 16, and seriously wants to cyber.. she will. Nothing you will do will prevent that. If you do not provide the info, some guy will. You can tell her to wait, but she won't unless she decides not to.
  13. It's a paid service. https://secondlife.com/my/account/voice.php That will take you to your settings. Costs1500L/month for what amounts to SL Skype. Voice mail, it seems, is 500L/month, but offered for a free trial period of an indeterminate peroid as far as I've seen...
  14. Dillon - Yup, bored to tears. No L, didn't really find too many to chat with that had similar interests. My time to login was bad, mostly non-english users most places I found. This time around is... WAAAAAAY different. Have some disposable income to set up a life here... met someone... Found that I love DJing... I have 20 or so really great friends... Finally hit on the live music scene here... Just took hitting the right sim and being able to be on at a better time of day. So far I've yet to be bored at all. I'm also looking into building, texturing and scripting. Just because the first time around I didn't see the point of SL doesn't mean that there isn't one and that I will find it boring later on Phil - Perhaps they are looking to move the information from here. I agree, as long as this place exists, they need to ensure that they are feeding information to it. However, most companies are outsourcing their communications to social media because most have a small buy-in for maintenance (here, they need moderators and servers to maintain, on Twitter, they just need to have one guy to occassionally fire off a tweet), but still provide the interaction with their clientele. I know, for example, City of Heroes heavily leverages Facebook and UStream now, even though they have an extensive forum and internal communication system. And, honestly, I find myself seeing more of what they do BECAUSE of that. Do you know why I came to these forums in the first place? For scripting help. Not to socialize really, because I do that in SL. I didn't look for information because I can have that sent to me at my Twitter account if I so desire, or Google SL info when I need it. It's an older mentality that a game community requires a forum for it. I know, I am a part of that community to some degree. But media is shifting away from specialized resources like single-game sites and forums. Many people hop on Facebook first thing in the morning, or even check it throughout the day. It just makes sense to meet your customer where they are rather than asking them to come to you. I agree that they do need to support the forums so long as they exist, and some forums are really needed to be here (Employment, Scripting, Classified, et cetera). The level of support will likely not be the same in the heyday pre-social media, but yes right now that support does not seem to be there.
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