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  1. Bill created a passive RP group for those that wanted to opt into rp into the Bella lands: secondlife:///app/group/dcf3135c-e739-5a42-1be0-7a2effad2b37/about
  2. Bill created an awesome rp group for those that wanted to opt into passive roleplay. As in rp when they felt like it. secondlife:///app/group/dcf3135c-e739-5a42-1be0-7a2effad2b37/about
  3. So... I'm one of those people that got their premium home after they'd been all picked up. I got mine after 12 hours of alt-tabbing and clicking refresh every few mins or so while I was in-world. I immediately tp'd over and ran smack dab into the woman that had just abandoned the parcel. I even thanked her for it. This was after the initial release. I don't remember if i was a day later or two days later but I have been seeing on my facebook feed an increase in people getting a Linden home.
  4. Totally going to admit my place is only half decorated because I keep changing my mind on what decor items I want to use and oh look what dust bunny released at Fameshed oh and over here at uber and then oh what's this over here at Kustom 9.... and I've been spending a fair bit of time between the work I do in SL (yes I do some work in SL that I'm able to cash out and treat SL as work) but I also have fun on there and do some role-playing or I end up meeting someone and have spent time sitting and talking with them while both of us have a coffee irl. But yes, my house is only partially decorated due to that oh and taking pictures and setting up themes which then have me buying more items. See the cycle? Then I'm also working on a mail system and expanding on it after talking with others. My partner is doing the coding on the system and I'm currently stress testing it and have made a few alts to test if people have very similar names or the same name just one with Resident and one with a Legacy name. One of those only so many things to do in the day... I take a long time to unpack in real life too. >.> So this is just mirroring my RL at the moment lol.
  5. I hope everyone has had a good holiday that celebrates it. I've read most (still have some things on this page to read since I was gone I'm technically still on vacation and don't get home til late us Central Tuesday Evening) and one thing I wanted to say... I pay my premium subscription with lindens. What I do is just cash out the lindens needed and leave it in my US balance and then there we go. I have my premium membership paid. One time I forgot to cash out my lindens and SL just did it for me but I normally just like to have it there because they only auto did it I think cuz I was more than 3 days late on it? But yeah, you can cash out lindens and pay for the premium that way. On another note. I'm in the middle ground on this. So far, I haven't had to deal with issues that I know of in regards to the reason why I used it before. Also, it only became recently known that I got one of the Linden homes and I didn't do the direct to SL screenshot so the lm isn't there. The people I've had to deal with before A. Can't rez stuff and B. Still have to find me. I've only told well two people which region I'm in exactly. I'm also waiting to see if the linden supplied orb will work. I don't already have an orb because well I thought I had one, I remember using one before, but I am just plain NOT finding it in my inventory. #slproblems Still, I'd jump at a beautifully landscaped, community with the option to if I needed it can't access unless you're part of the access list, group, etc. I'm not sure that the Lindens would even have to go half & half and likely more like 70 with the current layout and 30 percent Secured laid out but I could be wrong. Going half and half might be easier? Though I agree to make sure that area is widely separated from the free travel areas. For the travel Concerns on travel sims: In the traditional homes at least with my parcel, it doesn't go over into the protected land roads so travel that way should be safe. I've now seen how close the boat parcels are and that they do go over into what one would think would be open waters so that might need to be rethought out or perhaps have open harbour areas for those that wish to travel by boat to come and dock in at with a reasonable object return time for them to get their boat back after deboarding. Preferably next to an open rez area so people can also rez out their vehicles and the like to go and travel these nice roads. May also be a good idea to have the sim crossings clearly marked, maybe with stop signs or stop lights? So people can know they need to slow down and that they're about to cross? Might add to the immersive feel or with one of those caution yellow signs that say sim crossing. EDIT: ((Adding in quotes from the rest of the page I read and wanted to quote/address)) Not a closed box no!!! lol sorry got my mind going on that one. I really do like the layout of the current new mainland. If the old mainland was staying and they offered a way for individuals to change their current linden homes and parcels to the same 1024s or 512s with the same houses and have them not count against your LI count I could see people going back to the old method where it's not laid out like a neighborhood at all, it would be sad to leave the beautifully landscaped version but people would do it. Except... they are phasing out all of the old premium linden homes for these new models which yay (the old houses did need an update) but they don't have the option to have the privacy they want so we're back to square one over here. Now I kept a Linden home instead of going to buy mainland because that is still an added expense and unless you get REALLY lucky you are going to pay anywhere from the cost of a yearly subscription or more for the mainland and then you are also just another plot near other people and then you still have the downside of having to use the prims to buy a house instead of getting the 'bonus' prims so to speak that you'd get from having a Linden home and then using those prims to decorate. This was a very interesting read. Thank you for posting it. I haven't met any of my neighbors yet but again... still on vacation lol.
  6. Yes this would be a great option and then both sides could have want they want. Fully support this idea. Edit to Add: BlackBlade is from the camp of not wanting to have ban lines but also agrees having two areas separate would be a good idea. I'm a moderate, that has been debating for the side of pro ban lines and I'm in agreeance with it too. Blush is also a middle ground person that has been debating pro ban lines as well and is also in agreeance. This could work.
  7. I'm personally in the middle of the road on this. I personally want to try it without the ban lines but I mostly stepped in to start debating when I noticed some things starting to get out of hand and decided to try to calmly debate the side of those that are pro-banlines. I can see and sympathize with both sides of the issues and I'd love things that both sides are wanting. I do actually like and enjoy exploring (despite accusations that I'm not an explorer because I was arguing the pro side.) I just make sure to account for lag when I'm going to cross a sim border but that's because I'm not used to my new computer that handles the sim crossings super smoothly even with all photo and windlights setting maxed out. My old pc just could not do this. That being said I have also dealt with situations for being on the wrong old linden home sim at the wrong time because of a series of griefers. I've also dealt with this on mainland as well. I am hoping that SL has changed again and gone back to the beginning of the circle. When I first joined SL it was a very community-oriented place and I have been missing that feeling. It feels like for a while it moved away from that and I am loving that shift back to it.
  8. I admit I ran into this far more on my old account than on my current one. Though I have also run into some that have translated into some rl stalking as well. The rl stalking was handled with local law enforcement and is in part one of the reason I made a new account and started over. I did at one point have a semi-popular place I managed for a while with that account and when it had a high traffic number the most. Then there was someone trolling linden homes a few times where it got to the point that it was happening daily and I do know others have as well. I've even known a few people to get trolled and then end up in youtube videos on the internet. I've thankfully never had to deal with that and have been able to avoid ending up SL Youtube famous for it but i can get other people's concerns with that.
  9. That was suggested but the problem with the ban lines is that they will impede some travel if they're run into and can break vehicle scripts. Thus finding a middle ground/happy medium is being discussed and attempted.
  10. I do like your idea with that. I would love to see script calls implemented like that.
  11. ^^^For this, the rest of the grid doesn't have these linden homes. If they did an option to choose one of these homes, in a 1024 parcel in the old linden home set up with that it would be great. Having regions where they can have this. Some have already gone back to the old linden homes the only problem with this is that the old linden homes have been announced that they are going to be phased out. Soon they are not going to have these options and instead for the same amount of prims they'll need to hope they can find and BUY a parcel on top of their subscription to do so. This is a linden home you're given, on a size, plus prims to decorate versus just the prims to decorate and now oh yeah find a house, and find this and ... not the same thing. As a person that is hoping the ban lines that aren't needed. I am debating this because while I personally don't mind not having them I can see the reason for them and would love if I run into enough problems that the option would be available if needed. Looking at it for a community as a whole. I see why the anti banlines don't want it and I can see why people also want the ban lines. If you can set it up so that anti concerns are met and the damages mitigated so that those that currently do want it now and it was originally implemented with have it. That would be great.
  12. The rez zones are needed because after you decorate your house/vehicle, 9 times out of ten you won't have the remaining prims available for the vehicle. I definitely that for the community areas to have these would be great.
  13. I do enjoy map making actually. I've done it before for other games. I'm on a vacation visiting my SL Partner in RL (we're one of those sl to rl love stories) but when I return home I'll have more time to do so before we make our move in together in July.
  14. Except that people want to have it with Linden Labs with the linden homes. Going to the Mainland doesn't solve it. Your suggestion was for them to go up into the skybox. That's the resistance if that was a misunderstanding I do apologize for misunderstanding your intent.
  15. Wait no! that's not good. These people that want privacy options still want to have a community. They want the Linden homes on the ground too. Just they'd like to be over in a courner where they can if they are in the minority for the secured areas. They want to be able to walk over to their friends that are in an access list or in a group that's shared. It's not that they don't want to have a community they just want to have these lovely landscaped areas that are private too.
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